Now we know why the Herald won’t cover local body politics: no clicks

The NZ Herald has a revealing article today that explains why they aren’t spending much time covering local body politics. There are simply no clicks in it for them.

Aucklanders are more interested in Kim Kardashian than local body politics, if their Google searches are anything to go by.

Postal voting for New Zealand’s last local elections began on September 20, 2013 and voting closed on October 12.

Auckland searches for the term “elections” relative to total searches reached its 2013 peak between October 6 and 12, according to Google Trends.

Google rated levels of interest from low at one, rising as interest levels go up. Search interest in “elections” went from 22 to 100 in one week.

However, election interest fell short of the relative interest in reality music competition X Factor NZ three months earlier.  

Prince George also attracted more attention than local politics when he was born in July 2013. Searches for “royal baby” at the time of his birth exceeded “elections” searches at their peak.

The America’s Cup attracted more relative interest than elections the month before voting closed, when Emirates Team New Zealand narrowly lost the competition to Oracle Team USA.

Mayor Len Brown was the most searched for Auckland mayoral candidate in 2013.

However, Google searches for Mr Brown peaked after the elections, following revelations about his affair with Bevan Chuang.

In the lead up to the elections Aucklanders were more likely to be searching for New Zealand singer songwriter Lorde. Her single Royals topped the charts in 2013.

Auckland searches for American socialite Kim Kardashian also trumped searches for mayoral candidates in the months leading up to the election.

Candidates for this year’s local elections will be officially announced in mid-August.

Voting papers will be delivered between September 16 and 21 and voting closes on October 8.

What they are saying is that they aren’t going to cover the elections because they don’t rate according to Google and therefore they won’t get the clicks that they are touting to advertisers. No matter that this coverage is important, and ratepayers want it. In their minds it is less important than Kim Kardashian’s side boob.

The NZ Herald fails in its role as a member of the fourth estate when they are more concerned with the size of Kim Kardashian’s arse that the rapacious appetites of our council when it comes to raping the pockets of ratepayers.

It may well not be as interesting as naked photos of Miley Cyrus or a side boob from some celebrity or other but it is of far more relevance to our everyday life. This article shows how far the NZ Herald has fallen, when the only things that make the news are those guaranteed, after some analysis of Google traffic, to give them more clicks.

The NZ Herald is now an entertainment site not a news site.


– NZ Herald


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  • R&BAvenger

    Another nail in their coffin. We need to be FREED from this nonsense. If only I had cash to spare as an investor. It would be on the list of things I’d invest money in, if I ever one Lotto, not that that’s much help.

    They wonder why their readership is falling, well they’ve outlined it in their article. I’m sure the growing number of middle aged and retirees don’y both with such trvia as they’re touting.

  • StreuthCobber

    What about journalistic integrity and their role as the fourth estate. Useless. Are they really not covering the elections because they don’t get enough clicks? Or is it because they support the candidate with the current highest name profile due to his existing role and therefore see no merit in covering ideas, topics or new candidates?

  • johcar

    If they pander to the lowest common denominator, they’ll get the audience they deserve (I suspect they have already got that audience, which is reflected in their circulation/subscriptions)…

    • Boondecker

      And thus, watch for the Herald to take a huge dive in terms profits (and hopefully longevity) once they try to impose the presumed upcoming paywall for website content. None of that current “audience”, bar maybe a few, will be willing to actually pay for reports of KK’s side boob or reports related to the latest love interest of The Bachelor, because they don’t and won’t pay for anything now.

      The Herald will no doubt continue with the online update social media postings to try to attract likes and links, but their even less-informed social media audience will be left debating the pros and cons of each post’s headlines only.

  • MrsAverage

    So, people are still googling these topics rather than visiting the newspapers website directly..

  • D-Rad

    In the last month I have found more informative and newsworthy than NZ Herald. Thats saying something. For “entertainment news” I go to for actual stuff I go to BBC and CNN.