She obviously never banged Turnbull’s head that hard

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff has spoken out and said she may have banged a few heads too hard.

She clearly didn’t bang Malcolm Turnbull’s head that hard.

Tony Abbott’s divisive former chief of staff has declared her support for Malcolm Turnbull but praised Bill Shorten and questioned government policy on superannuation in her first television interview.

Peta Credlin, who worked as Mr Abbott’s top adviser in both opposition and government, began an  interview on Sky News on Saturday by admitting “I’m out of my comfort zone.”

Despite working in Parliament House for 16 years it was the first time she had set foot in the media wing known as the Press Gallery.

Ms Credlin, widely criticised during her time at the top for being too controlling, was largely unapologetic but said she was not perfect.

“I have a reputation for straight-talking and candour,” she said. “If I have to cop some criticism, maybe I banged a few heads too hard.”   

She dismissed as “rubbish” that she was a hugely powerful figure in the government who Mr Abbott couldn’t do without, saying he was always the boss: “The chief of staff sits in the pecking order wherever the prime minister wants them to sit.”

Most politicians are desperate stupid and some need a good bout of banging of heads. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing banging politicians heads hard.

No one ever squeaked when Helen Clark’s head banger Heather Simpson made them a target…they copped the flogging and disappeared pronto lest the kicking become more severe.

John Key doesn’t have a head kicker. One of his flunkies once sort of threatened me and I simply replied to his “request” to stop doing some thing with a single retort…”Or what?” The silence told me everything I ever needed to know about the seriousness of the threat…it was non-existent.

If you are going to do that sort of thing then it is best to do it when you actually can exact some sort of pressure. These days I am immune to any sort of pressure from politicians. Mostly I laugh at them.

That said, banging heads can be useful…as can the person doing the banging of heads. In coming weeks there is going to need to be some of that going on…let’s see what happens.


-Sydney Morning Herald


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  • Dave

    And today, Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers) Peta is front and centre of the morning TV news programmes, as we await Malcolm Turnbull to visit the GG to call a federal election.

    Peta was great, no mucking around, and a don’t stuff me around look with bright piercing eyes. She had more man parts than the entire bunch of male liberal mp’s.

    NB: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers except the ones who celebrate the most, the Mothers motorcycle club.

  • biscuit barrel

    this from gives more that ‘head banging’ and ‘candour’ as w ritten in the Nikki Sava book

    “She demanded all significant paperwork go through her office, and then would delay dealing with it until the decision processed jammed.
    Instead, she might allocate seating on a VIP flight, interior decorate The Lodge, or tell colleagues how much work she was doing.

    Abbott, who was in the front seat, was on the phone to Credlin, who had not travelled with him on this occasion. The conversation got heated. Cranston and O’Leary could hear her shouting at him to [ ] off. Abbott said little. A number of times, in typical fashion, she would yell at Abbott that without her he would not have gotten where he was, or that he would be nothing without her.”