Oh, Dan from Newshub phoned about that

So, Dan from Newshub rang me about this article:

The Human Rights Commission says it is “dealing with” a cartoon published on Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blog.

“We are constrained in what we can say about the cartoon as we have received complaints and are considering our response in accordance with processes defined by the Human Rights Act,” says chief mediator Pele Walker.

The cartoon, signed with the name BoomSlang, was uploaded to the site by ‘Whaleoil Staff’ on May 9.

“I would like to welcome a new cartoonist to Whaleoil,” the post reads.

“I would like to, but I can’t. This one was sent as a sample, and I’ve offered a regular slot. But BoomSlang is still ambivalent, prevaricating between just sending an occasional one and gracing our pages with regular contributions.”

The cartoon shows a Maori child, bruised and cut, wearing a reusable nappy and clutching a similarly damaged teddy bear. The image is accompanied by the phrase: “Ta moko is the marking of the body by Maori…Can be added to over time if prior applications start to fade!”

Whaleoil readers seemed to like it, though one suggested “publishing this sort of stuff just gives the leftests ammunition to selectively use against this blog [sic]”.

Slater says BoomSlang’s next cartoon will go online on Monday.

As I said Dan rang me, this is how he described the conversation.

Slater declined to comment when contacted. In a blog post earlier today he vowed never to talk to MediaWorks, which owns Newshub, “as long as I live”.

I actually said “I don’t speak with Mediaworks lying pieces of shit, Go Fuck Yourself.”

As you can see I did actually comment.

The cartoon follows the tragic case of Moko Rangitoheriri, a three-year-old whose killers avoided murder convictions.

A New Zealand child aged 14 or younger dies as a result of neglect, abuse, or maltreatment on average every five weeks. Nearly half are Maori.

Former Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills says New Zealand’s high levels of family violence and inequality are a major factor driving child abuse. His replacement, Andrew Becroft, will oversee big changes at Child, Youth and Family, which will be undergoing a significant overhaul in the next few years.

If the left-wing and Maori moaners actually get to silence debate such as this then New Zealand won’t actually be addressing the issues.


– Newshub (due to ongoing duplicity and poor ethics there will no longer be links to Newshub)


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  • Graeme

    Show someone with a white skin and see if the reaction is the same

    • rantykiwi

      There wouldn’t even be a single murmur.

  • MaryLou

    Well, maybe Dan could dig a little, into why the reaction from readers here was so favourable. It might give him the key to why we’re here, and not there!

    • Left Right Out

      I was just thinking the same….. It never ceases to amaze me how they can word something to perceive a narrative they want….. I guess the only consolation is that more people will come and look at the cartoon and read the comments which were in favor of ending brutal Maori child abuse…. enough is enough!!

    • Old Dig

      They won’t dig any deeper than just calling us all bigots and “waysists”.

  • taxpayer

    The left and Maori moaners will not silence this debate no matter how they try.
    NZ has had enough of this carry on and the manslaughter plea bargains for Moko’s brutal murder are the last straw I think.
    I can no more understand the mind of a those who go crying to the HRC over a cartoon, than I can understand the mind of someone cruel enough to stomp on a wee boy’s stomach hard enough to kill him and leave him to die in agony for days.
    How can they be upset by a cartoon and at the same time be silent about Moko’s torture and death.
    Enablers, excuse makers and idiots.
    Justice for Moko!

  • cows4me

    It’s all really quite funny, if there wasn’t all this wailing and breast beating the cartoon would have faded into the pages of history. So instead of a couple of thousand seeing the cartoon there will probably be tens of thousands because of the publicity. But of course they just can’t help themselves.

    • Old Dig

      It is also going to bring WO thousands of new readers. This could all be a good thing in the long run for this blog.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Time constraints and a laboriously slow internet connection limited the awareness of the details of another poor unfortunate child slaughtered by family. The frequency of such tragedies makes it a challenge to keep up and it often is sufficient to know it is again another of the suntan clan.
    Yet again the judiciary have downgraded the value of a child’s life with the softly, softly approach to the perpetrators. Reading the comment from Taxpayer has ripped the guts out of my early rise but I have taken a moment to SAY what I think about that before this to avoid being benched.
    If it is starting to sound like an old record being spun again then so be it but the message is the same. Stop with the continuous under-valuing the lives of little people and those who dare to take one should loose theirs or a big chunk of it one way or another. IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.
    Nice to hear Dan getting a piece of very straight talk amplified by the resounding “here here” that followed. Not surprising the whingers are waiting eagerly for HRC finish “considering our response in accordance with processes defined by the Human Rights Act,”.
    The end result of the whole saga might well be a revised definition for Moko aligning it with so many others in their dialect that have multiple meanings. As opposed to those that mean different things to different people.

  • Big_Al

    OK, here’s a scenario. Quite often on the TV News, you will see footage of a child that has been beaten and their injuries can be quite graphic. You will also see footage of Maori family involved and discussed in the story.
    Right! How does that differ from the cartoon that was here on WO the other day, other than the fact that the TV news stories are more graphic and in depth. Where are all the “offended morons” when it comes to national TV coverage where the audience is far larger than WhaleOil?? In the words of the famous Angry Andy “Something Stinks Here”

  • spanishbride

    While looking for an example of a child abuse cartoon I came across this site that has been silenced by cyber attacks for the crime of drawing political cartoons.http://cdn.cagle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/bill-day-child-abuse.jpg
    Here is one of their offending cartoons.

  • FornaK

    I’d love for the reporters to say ” we are unable to repeat Mr Slater’s comments he gave us.”
    I’d Lol.