Oh look, something happened at a SERCO PRISON, Media Party are on it like white on rice

The Media party never miss an opportunity to put the boot into private companies, especially when they shill stories for the unions.

A wing of a Serco-run prison in Auckland has been on lockdown since drunk prisoners allegedly attacked guards over the weekend.

The incident comes after it was announced in April Serco would have to pay the government $8 million to cover the cost of Corrections stepping in to take over the management of the Mt Eden Corrections Facility in July last year.

A Serco spokeswoman on Thursday confirmed 42 of the 68 inmates in one wing at the Auckland South Corrections Facility, in Wiri, had been subject to a “controlled regime” since Monday.

“The regime was applied after two prisoners allegedly assaulted members of staff, and contraband homebrew was discovered in the wing on Saturday,” she said.

Under the lockdown, prisoners are unlocked for less time than normal with only 10 cells being opened at any one time.  

“They can still attend visits, work, education, sports and fitness activities,” the spokeswoman said.

Three of the prisoners had said they would go on a hunger strike on Wednesday, but on Thursday changed their mind, she said.

Put them on rations…and hard labour.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins told Radio NZ she had been told the prisoners were drunk and had taken keys and a radio from guards.

The kind of event was not acceptable but not unique to Serco facilities, and Corrections was happy with how it had been handled, she said.

“The fact is prisoners do this from time to time in corrections facilities,” she said.

“We are talking about self-care units where there is a lot of trust.”

Seems the trust is misplaced. Back in the box they go.


– NZ Newswire



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  • Aucky

    Judith told Hosking this morning that Corrections were aware of the incident last Saturday but ‘neglected’ to advise her until Wednesday. I wonder if they would have ‘neglected’ to advise her had Wiri been a Corrections run prison.

    • RobT

      I’d say they will being regretting their decision to not let her know in a timely manner.
      Crusher will not be getting mad…she will be getting even!
      Pity a few more of the heads of government were not as determined as she is!

  • Wheninrome

    Self care units where there is a lot of trust (in jail), now there is an oxymoron, they couldn’t care for themselves outside prison, why would you think they could care for themselves inside. They couldn’t be trusted outside jail either. Some people just need to be told what, when and how to do things, they are not capable of “self care or trust”.

  • Bartman

    Heard Campbell whine on that this was a Sirco issue and Collins had to repeat this is just standard procedure for all prisons regardless of stripe! Campbell was rightly dumped as a TV figurehead when he decided to side with the fools in the world.

  • The Fat Man


    Do the privately run Serco staff get paid the same rates as their State run equivalents.

    I suspect not.

    Remember you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts…….

  • axeman

    they would do better to focus on all prisons than just the Serco ones, as soon as I heard about it i was wondering when I was going to see headlines from the Media Party.

  • localnews

    so three of them went on a hunger strike from dinner until breakfast. That must have sent a powerful message

  • Big fella

    Hunger strike, well that’s the brains trust operating then. Very smart people these prisoner types. Still showing their ability to make sound decisions. If they would just actually see it through we would get a good result, they slowly die off, fewer in prison and cheaper for us. Nobody to feed. Smart people these prisoner types.