OMSA rejects 4 out of 5 complaints from Penny Bright

Penny Bright got upset about my posts about her water meter and instead of contacting me directly went and complained to OMSA. She used every category to complain but OMSA rejected 4 out of 5 of her complaints.

Content: “Can Penny Bright Explain This?”

Publisher: Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Complainant: P. Bright

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The complaint was by and about Penny Bright, a 2016 Auckland City Mayoral candidate and the use of a Watercare water meter at her property in Auckland.

The content was headed “Can Penny Bright Explain This?” and was written by Cameron Slater.  It made statements about Ms Bright and recent Court action about outstanding rates.  It included photographs of Ms Bright’s property and water meter with statements and questions about whether Ms Bright had done something to bypass the property’s water meter.  

The majority of the Complaints Committee agreed that the content was opinion, albeit expressed using statements about facts that were controversial and disputed.  As the majority agreed the content was opinion, Standard 1- Accuracy did not apply.  The Committee also ruled the complaint was not upheld under Standards 2, 5 and 6.

However, the complaint was upheld under Standard 3 – Fairness.  The content had focused on Ms Bright and made assumptions based on photographs and information from sources without giving Ms Bright an opportunity to comment prior to publication.  The Committee took into account Ms Bright’s candidacy for the 2016 Auckland City Mayoral campaign and her public stance relating to water restrictions but did not consider this was sufficient to justify publication without a right of reply in the public interest.

In summary, the complaint was upheld under Standard 3 Fairness, and not upheld under Standards 1, 2, 5 and 6.

Penny Bright has always had a right of reply, she just refuses to avail herself of that right of reply. She prefers grandstanding and complaining.

I can live with being judged as not being fair. All her other complaints were rejected out of hand. I find it amusing that I have to be fair towards Penny Bright when she has made at least two banners basically accusing me of being corrupt and suggesting I have no right to privacy.

Now if Penny can answer the questions we asked?

One last thing…pay your rates Penny.




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  • sheppy

    I wonder if this new found need for fairness will extend to the main stream media when they run their next anti government beatup? Or doesn’t it apply when they are repeating a Labour / Greens / Hagar press release?

  • Punxsutawney

    Here we go again with Penny, Groundhog Day. The question is …is/was she stealing water. I say, it sure looks like it. Her complaint is just muddying the water. Deliberate Obfuscation.

  • Usaywot

    This woman is a complete waste of space. I’m sick of the sight of her and she is everywhere. Go to any public meeting and there she is with her bit of old possum tail hanging around her head. Why are the rest of us rate payers paying up when she doesn’t and nobody makes her?

  • Dave

    Oh My Goodness What a complete waste of time, most free and reasonable people would think of Penny as something of a Nut Case, and all she has done is to remove any doubt. Did Penny give you a notice of intent, or contact you before holding her flag and other items up in public? NO, so why should you ever contact her at all.

    Then my thoughts and sympathy for the people at OMSA, 28 pages produced because a self proclaimed Political Activist and poor payer or rates got hurty feelings, 28 pages for them to have a laugh and tell her to take a hike????? I agree OMSA need a vetting process, a form, that they have tried to resolve the things first.

    The amount of work all parties have gone through is ridiculous.

    • Jude

      Good point Dave. She should have been asked before OMSA spent any time on this, what effort had she made to contact WOBH to clarify or refute claims made .
      With any luck someone there will read and take on board your suggestion.
      Penny Bright continues to waste tax payer money!
      I am not too familiar with this woman but her name does not appear to reflect her character.

      • Dave

        Precisely why some people insert ‘not so’ between her first and last name. A policitical activist who is definitely not a strategic or political thinker.

  • spanishbride

    You know what isn’t fair? Penny posting this video showing herself breaking the law in order to teach others how to break the law and steal water.

    P.S in case it wasn’t made clear in the post, Penny has a right of reply any time on this blog regarding that particular issue. She can comment here any time as she is not banned.

  • spanishbride

    The irony is that the Mayor of New Plymouth is NOT a recovering racist, he still IS a racist. He has the racism of low expectations.He does not believe in one person one vote regardless of gender, sexual preference or skin colour. He wants to treat one race differently because he does not believe they can get elected on their own merits like everyone else. THAT is racism to the bone.He does not see Maori as equal to him.