From one winner to another

As readers will know I won the first Canon Media Awards blogger category in 2014. Giovanni Tiso didn’t and spent some quite considerable time denigrating Canon, and the Awards. In the aftermath of Dirty Politics he even tried, unsuccessfully to have the award removed and force them into distancing themselves from me. He partially succeeded in that I was asked to remove the logo from my website, but in the end I refused. I won that award fair and square and no amount of left-wing activism and denigration could take that away.

So it is with some amusement this morning to find that Giovanni Tiso (he’s an author at The Pantograph Punch) has once again been beaten in the awards, this time by Russell Brown.

It was the only conceivable outcome, but let me say this: you haven’t lost an award until you have lost an award to Cameron Slater.

— Giovanni Tiso (@gtiso) May 9, 2014

And you really haven’t lost an award until you have also lost an award to Russell Brown AND Cameron Slater. How sad must you be as a blogger to lose to both of us.  

Enough of poking pins in Giovanni’s eyes…

Congratulations to Russell Brown, and his win of Best Blog at the Canon Media Awards. Russell does run a very good blog and though I’m not much of a fan of the politics of it he does actually operate a good platform with sensible moderation rules.

I know Russell doesn’t much like me but it is a good blog, one I read regularly, and he deserves this award.

So once again congratulations Russell, let’s hope next year you have much more time to devote to writing on the blog.


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  • Vlad

    As WO has initiated this bloggers’ version of the 1914 Truce in the Trenches, I would like to add that Bernard Orsman deserved his win for political reporting. He is one Herald reporter who does not seem to be scared of his sources. Still an incurable lefty, but his reporting has developed more vigour and energy as he ages. Solid and very readable.

  • XCIA

    The ill tempered Tiso is always described as a “blogger”, surely “blagger” is a more apt description of his activities.

  • Hill16

    Could have been worse….he could have lost out to Lizzie Marvelly’s blog.