One year until the next America’s Cup regatta. Do you give a s***?


It’s exactly one year until the America’s Cup Qualifiers – the start of the Cup regatta – is scheduled to get underway.  Five syndicates including Emirates Team New Zealand will line up for a chance to challenge Oracle Team USA for the Auld Mug.

Twelve months out, how is Team NZ progressing in its quest?

To pull out the most obvious of sporting cliches, it’s been smooth sailing.  Team NZ currently sit on top of the AC World Series after five regattas.  Consistency has been the key: two of those events the Kiwis have also taken regatta honours, and they’ve only finished off the podium four times in eighteen races. […]

Dating back to the Cup’s origin in 1851, the America’s Cup is a design race. Spoiler alert: the fastest boat always wins. It’s hard to gauge exactly where all the teams sit because the boats that will sail for the Cup – the AC48 – won’t hit the water until next year. At this stage all the teams are deep into the development phase. […]

The leadership of Grant Dalton and Kevin Shoebridge are working well, with Dalton spending a lot of time offshore chasing sponsorship money. […]

It’s hard to work out where Team NZ sits, or any of the teams because of that big point in the design section: the boats that will be sailed in Bermuda won’t hit the water until next year.  Until then it’s a guessing game as to how the teams are progressing.

With all of their resources Oracle will be tough to beat, more so thanks to a playing field slanted in the defender’s favour.  Ben Ainslie has put together a strong team, and Artemis will be a lot stronger than their ill-fated campaign in San Francisco.

Dean Barker’s team Japan will get better though they’re closer to the back of the fleet with Team France than the front.

So where does Team NZ slot into that mix?  A year out I’d put them in the challenger finals with BAR, but beyond that point we’ll have to wait and see.  If we learned anything from San Francisco it’s not to get ahead of ourselves.

More importantly, can we drag ourselves back from the deep deep disappointment?  Do we dare risk to even start to hope?  And will Big Money win again at the last moment, negating years of Kiwi no8 wire ingenuity?

When the All Blacks lost in France, it took more than one world cup season to get over the pain.

Are New Zealanders ready for another America’s Cup?



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  • Isherman

    I say bring it on, with a proviso that the taxpayer doesn’t bear the burden. If TNZ can get the sponsorship to fund at least 90-95% of the costs, then I will support them. The new class of boats has made the on water racing far more watchable than ever, the performance of these big foiling cats is quite something…if you appreciate that sort of thing. But I just don’t want too much public money thrown at it. It’s that simple from my point of view. If and when we get it back, then we have a conversation about investing in a defence, and I use the term investing deliberately, but that conversation is not one for right now. All that aside, would I like to see us bury Oracle in a ‘re-match’ series?…hell yeah.

  • Quinton Hogg

    After the last event I went into denial. and quite frankly blamed Dalts fair and square for the choke. I still do.
    I think the new cats are astonishing and have had them buzz past when i have been running various sailing regattas.
    Watching the NY event brought me back into the fold.
    Burling and Tuke plus the old heads who remain mean the sailing team is about as good as it gets. Those kids can sail. I am not saying Barker couldn’t but his day has passed.
    what is of concern is the boat design, Artemis are onto boat 2 in Bermuda. we are still using the old Prada boat. Having said that i think that a boat or boats will be under construction in Mick Cooksons shed in glenfield and it will be good.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Replying to myself, it sad that Dalts is still there. I think he has learnt his lesson though, and his access to private funders is legendary. without those funders ETNZ would be gone.

  • Bob Dazzler

    No I don’t as the Americans will cheat, as per usual.

  • Sagacious Blonde


  • FreeMack

    Dalton’s ego lost it for us last time. In the worst possible way.
    And he is still on the team.

  • Dave

    Yes, I’m imterested, if it’s on Tele at a convenient time I will watch with interest, it’s sport!! However, it’s now a money and ho has the biggest legal team, so I won’t go out of my way or pay to view, those aspects make it a office / courtroom battle instead of sport.

  • In all fairness – the current world series in the AC45s has been really exciting to watch – multiple boats doing 40+ kph on a short race course.
    As for the last choke – yes disappointing and i certainly shed a tear or two into my morning beers……. but time to move on – Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have injected some fresh blood and they dont seem to know how to lose and the one design aspects to the boats should help remove the big money wins out of it…..
    My only gripe is that sky now has the rights to broadcast – was much better to watch through the app at $10 per event

  • oldmanNZ

    was interested in last one, maybe again today.
    but some legal, obsurb rules, or a bit of old fashion cheatin will get in the way.
    something funny went on in the last race…

  • geoff

    The problem is that Oracle have skewed the rules so much in their favour that the public’s perception of the result is a foregone conclusion..

  • Catriona

    Nope, nope, nope & nope!

  • Odd Ball

    I lost interest after Team NZ took money off the Government, and haven’t won a cup since.
    Contrast that with good old days with Sir Peter Blake and a privately funded team that made us all proud.

  • Cadwallader

    It has lost any element of fun. The best ever line about the Americas Cup (should it have an apostrophe?) was from Bob Hawke when the Cup was in Fremantle. There had been the usual argument about the rules and Bob said “I’ll set the rules, I am happy to sail around Ayers Rock with kangaroo skin sails.” This actually caused Dennis Conner to be lost for words.

  • Boondecker

    I admit to be being mega-hyped and avidly watching every race the last time around. Even my then boss relented and brought in the wide screen TV for the plebs to view live each race day. The flying ETNZ rocket was thrashing all and sundry and we were finally just one win away from winning it by eight races to one from Oracle. Then, in a manner that only a great choker can, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory in such a sudden and shocking complete reversal of fortune, I was physically ill and depressed for two weeks after.

    So, I’m sworn off the AC now. I’m not going through that again. It reminded me of when I video-taped the 1995 RWC but was never ever able to get past re-watching the pre-game build-up only (I threw that old VHS out at Christmas after twenty years of disgust looking at it on the shelf). Some things, you just learn from and move on.

    • If you watched it last time you will have at least one eye sneaking a peak.

      • Boondecker

        If you call noticing when ETNZ is mentioned during the TVNZ News sports section, you’re right. I only offer a mental note of, “Good luck!”, and that’s it. No other withdrawal symptoms evident. I’m sober now for three years…

  • Nige.

    No. What a waste of what should’ve otherwise been productive time for me and the hundreds of people around me who stopped what they were doing to watch what could be the most long drawn out public execution in sporting history.

  • axeman

    I have to admit that last time round it was riveting watching once you started. Had we won and we should have, but we won’t reopen old wounds, it would be a different story now. I really hope they do well and without the same amount of tax payer dollars being invested, should they win then it will be a great spectacle and bring a lot of money back to the country when it is defended in Auckland. So go Team NZ

  • Poppa

    Sometimes you just have to face up to the fact that no matter how much you spend, someone will spend more. Game over.

    To answer the the above question – NO

  • Huia

    I was riveted to each America’s Cup challenge right up until Spittal and Oracle’s cheating made itself evident last time. Yet again, someone has to cheat either via the rules, loopholes or with boat modifications to win.
    Did enjoy a NZ win earlier this year right in the middle of flag debacle, (thankyou Angry Little Andy for turning that into a negative circus), the race officials flew the Australian flag by mistake when NZ won, timing couldn’t have been better.
    So not keen on more taxpayer money being thrown at Team NZ, but will watch it again when it takes place I guess.
    The race has done wonders for NZ’s boat related industries which can only be a good thing, its had a trickle down effect re employment in those area’s.
    It is always nice to see ‘nearly’ the whole country getting into the spirit of these sporting events, good for general moral, (unless you live under a park bench and don’t have a tv because of the dreadful poverty in NZ, plus, the price of Whiskey, Meths, dope, tattoo’s, outstanding fines, cigarettes and bringing 10 kids into the world is such an expensive responsibility too).

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      “Yet again, someone has to cheat either via the rules, loopholes or with boat modifications to win.”

      Why when we do it is it classed as playing by the rules (even if on the edge as our beloved Ritchie), being clever but when others do they are cheating? Dalton ‘lost’ it this time by giving Oracle an extra day – what did he think they were going to do with it, twiddle their thumbs and go “Woe is Me, we are losing, what shall we do?”. Of course they took the time to do the modifications, which were within the rules.
      The main odd thing about the Americas Cup to me has always been that that winner sets the rules which will therefore always tilt the playing field in the winners favour. Fair? No. But then who ever said life was?

      As long as my money (i.e. taxpayers) isn’t involved good luck to them I say and I get caught up in the races every time, as I no doubt will this time.

  • Observer

    I’m looking forward to this. The record of Blair Tuke and Peter Burling has been incredible. Hopefully they can lift the cup, although the massive resources Oracle have might be the deciding factor again.

  • zotaccore

    Absolutely no interest in this rich mans sport – actually can’t call it a sport anymore, rather, its more of a yacht designers competition than a sailors skill competition.

  • Digger

    Winning feels soooo good. Got to be in the race to win though, which means sucking it up when we don’t.