Out of control?

The Opposition seems to think that John Key getting booted from the house is him being out of control.

Prime Minister John Key’s nickname for Labour’s Andrew Little is “Angry Andy” but it was Little who got to accuse the PM of being “out of control” today.

Mr Key was kicked out of Parliament by the Speaker for the first time since becoming PM for banging on after the Speaker had told him to sit down and shut up.

Key was answering a question from Green co-leader James Shaw, who had demanded Key apologise for bringing Greenpeace and Amnesty into the debate around Panama Papers. Key had used them the day before by way of arguing that simply being named in the papers did not mean someone was evil. Key was sticking his ground, saying he was correct – the groups were named. Shaw was arguing that was only because they had been used for sham trusts without their knowledge.  

Key had been warned repeatedly about adding unnecessary political jabs to his answers and the Speaker, with good reason, gleaned he was heading into one when Key started talking about something Shaw had done “on Saturday night.”

Key later claimed he had not seen or heard the Speaker. The excess of enthusiasm that resulted in Key’s march out was more because he was cockahoop than out of control. The reason for his delight was twofold. First was relief that nothing of great surprise had sprung out of what had been billed as a Pandora’s Box of scandals, the Panama Papers. Second was that only two days in, the main line from the Greens was to be bickering over verbal semantics about his comments on Greenpeace rather than attacking the Government. Key later claimed he had even seen the Speaker calling him to order. Little and Shaw later argued Key had engineered it to distract from the issues around the Panama Papers. If so, mission accomplished. The pair spent five minutes talking about how shameful and out of control Key was, with only brief mentions of the issue they claimed Key was trying to distract them from.

Helen Clark was the last PM booted from the house, Winston Peters is booted almost every week, were they out of control too?

More likely the problem is that John Key is in total control in the house. He is openly derisive of Labour’s attempts to smear him, puts Little back in his bottle every question time and slays anyone else who wants a crack.

Key commands the house. And the opposition are powerless to stop him.

Moaning that John Key is out of control and carping on about being out of control shows Little is just a child.

Our commenters have had a field day. Macca says:

Of course the media are making a huge song and dance over this in yet another attempt to besmirch John Key. What they are not telling the public is the full context of what JK was saying and how utterly stupid he made Shaw look. No surprises there.

If the MSM wanted to regain some semblance of credibility, the first thing they should do is rid themselves of every journalist involved in this week’s Panama yawn fest. Unfortunately it will never happen as their mentality is that these journalists deserve a promotion and a medal.

HR adds:

I think he wanted to be kicked out rather than have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. The PM was again assured, informed and able to think on his feet. I really don’t think it was a mistake he got himself ejected.

Keeping Stock pipes up:

Considering what some MP’s get away with on a daily basis (Winston, although he often pushes too far, Annette King etc) Key was a bit hard-done-by yesterday.

But neither Little nor Shaw landed a glove on him yesterday, and they’re reduced to arguing semantics because there’s nothing of substance in the Panama Papers, despite the time and effort invested in the “gotcha”.

Today though, Key is likely to face criticism for allowing Jordan to dump Fleur; it’s all the Left has left!



– NZ Herald


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  • murrayirwin

    I liked closely at the tape. It is possible Key did not see the speaker – he had his back to him as he was facing Shaw. There was considerable noise – he might not have heard.

    • one for the road

      You are most probably correct murrayirwin, but the ludicrous part of this is the rule that the Member must stop speaking when the Speaker standsup! Remind you of anything?

  • Pluto

    I remember Hugh Heffner saying once “I’m the luckiest cat alive ”
    JK must look across the debating chamber and think the same thing.

  • Catriona

    I viewed the footage. Although I could be accused of watching it wearing rose-tinted glasses, only a fool could say JK was out of control. He was having a good time bouncing balls back and forth to Shaw. My perception is that Shaw wasn’t listening. JK had his back to the Speaker. How the heck Little can say JK was out of control is a bit of a mystery. James Shaw just failed to get the point.

    • Woody

      “James Shaw just failed to get the point.” Situation normal then.
      They never seem to realize that the question as asked has been either addressed or answered, I don’t think they actually listen to the answers – too busy with self congratulations and preparing for the next big hitting supplementary. I sometimes thing that Key could answer a Shaw (or Little, or almost anyone) question by describing his mother’s favourite dress and they would barely notice.

      • Steve kay

        Jk actually covered everything in q2. How Shaw didn’t see the inevitable coming I don’t know. It’s the “you back the rapists” situation all over again. They repeat the same line over and over and jk understandably gets stuck in, then the media reports only the sound bite with no context. It really is getting old

    • I read a commentator on Stuff’s website about how he was so out of control he was yelling and screaming……I had to wonder if he had watched the same footage I had. Key looked very much in control as he was making his point.

      The Greens and Labour can huff and puff all they like but they’re not getting their cake and eating it.

  • JeffDaRef

    View the video – Key was absolutely skewering Shaw and putting the “Panama Papers” fiasco squarely in the bin it belongs…not that you’d ever see that reported by the weasel “investigative journalist”…

  • pzkpfw

    I’m curious to know what the rest of JK said after his mic was flicked off.

  • Goldie

    Apparently JK got the nickname “Smiling Assassin” back in his trading days… Watching the footage, it’s still appropriate.

  • It was like watching a boxer get disqualified from a fight for beating his opponent to hard………. Except in this case it was a battle of wits and the opposition as usual turned up unarmed with no training

  • Gladwin

    Out of control? Just another Littleism.

  • Cadwallader

    JK was doing fine. I think he needs one of his MPs to give him the message that the Speaker is standing. Seymour’s question was superbly timed too. For Little to claim anyone is ever out of control is laughable. When has he ever been in control? For Little control rests with McCarten and the trades union controllers.

  • YankeeManu

    They only way Little could be more wrong is if he calls for an inquiry into Keys ejection from the house. It must have been a few days since his last inquiry, I feel we are overdue.

    • Catriona

      We’ll you’re in luck then because James Shaw tweeted about 2 hours ago that the Greens want a wider enquirery into tax avoidance. They should start with their own MO’s and give up shopping online from overseas companies to avoid paying gst would be a good start. That’s a form of tax avoidance. Hypocrites!!!

  • Graeme

    Peters, Little and co must be quite satisfied now that they are not being picked on because of their political beliefs and that the Speaker does not single them out exclusively and not penalise National.

  • Toby

    Key could not have been more in control of the situation, he ran rings around them.
    He really is in an entirely other class compared to anyone else in that parliament.

  • rua kenana

    Politics as usual!
    Does anyone really take this stuff seriously?
    It’s policies that matter, not parliamentary antics.

    • OneTrack

      That’s just neolib talk. If they just ask Key “Does he stand by his statements” one more time, and then they will “get” him. Onward Comrades.

  • wanarunna

    The latest theory that I have seen on Facebook is that Key has Carter in his pocket, and that Carter asked Key to leave as part of a pre-arranged exit strategy if the PM got into difficulty. Presumeably there was some secret signal to the speaker that the PM needed his help.
    I really am at a loss to understand some people’s thought processes.

    • Catriona

      Conspiracy theories aka fairytales!

  • shykiwibloke

    Strategy 101 is that you attack your enemy at its weakest point. Muldoon and Lange were masters of of this. Sadly the mob that pretends they are an opposition continue to attack Key – the strongest point of the government. How dumb is that?