Panama Papers backfires on left-wing, Green party donor now named

The left-wing have gone all in on the Panama papers thinking it would bring harm raining down on the Prime Minister,

Unfortunately it has turned into somewhat of an own goal because Greenpeace International, Amnesty International and the Red Cross are all named in the database that the left-wing and the Media party have all told us contains loads of dodgy people and behaviour.

And it gets even better…a Green party donor has been named.

Green Party donor has been listed in the database of the Panama Papers documents leak.

Kiwi rich-lister Forbes Herbert Elworthy was named in the offshore leaks documents, associated with a Singapore trust and entities in the British Virgin Islands.

Elworthy donated $15,000 to the Green Party in 2011 during the election campaign.

The Craigmore station owner was named along with other members of the Elworthy family as being associated with offshore trusts.  

When contacted Elworthy said that he had no knowledge of any association of his name with the Panama Papers.

“I believe you may have accessed information on the ICIJ database which has been in the public domain for three years. It is incorrect to associate my name with the Panama Papers. I am a New Zealand citizen, but live in the UK where I spend the majority of my time. I own a farming company in my personal name in New Zealand and not through any family trust. The Elworthy family do have international investments but these are not held via New Zealand trusts,” Elworthy said adding that he would not comment further on this matter.

His sister Josephine Elsworthy confirmed that her brother had a number of offshore trusts, and that she had been incorrectly named as a settlor by an Asian wealth management firm Portcullis.

The “ROTJ Trust” listed on the database was Forbes’ family trust.

My understanding is that his family trust is domiciled in Singapore because the fees are much less,” she said.

There were implications with her brother’s move to England, and it was easy for him to set one up because he was in Singapore for business frequently.

See the problem with Nicky Hager’s approach to scandals. He’s created and laundered more stolen information and is now, with his media pals setting about maligning and smearing innocent people.

Well it is backfiring.

Any day now some media are going to find themselves on the receiving end of a substantial and debilitating law suit.


– Fairfax


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  • shykiwibloke

    Substantial and debilitating – love it. Hope we can work in ‘withering’ ‘resource sucking’ ‘reputation tarnishing’ for more than a few of those vultures with no moral backbone.

  • Catriona

    One would have thought that before one goes public and bandies about accusations left right and centre, one would be very sure of the facts! Big slip up here by those involved and I’m hoping we’re going to see pushback of the legal type coming the way of the happy band of the Hager minions.

    • Intrigued

      Of course Hager and his lot will probably all have put their assets into trusts to mitigate against any judgment costs recoverable for if/when they are sued and found liable. Oh the irony!

  • axeman

    Yep I agree, I cant wait wait for someone to sue the media and associates.
    Good people with excellent reputations and professions being smeared and defamed.
    Evidently NZ is full of dodgy tax avoidance lawyers who are donkey deep in foreign trusts
    The good thing about that is that its not Key and his Govt firing the shots, but just law abiding tax paying New Zealanders

  • Oldgolfer

    That day is approaching because, if you believe the over-zealous reporters and Hager, anyone who has a foreign trust must be involved in something dodgy, though Whalers know that is not true. Hence, just having your name outed in these stolen papers leads to suspicion there must be something wrong. RNZ et al should be very careful. They have already lowered ( if possible) their own reputations and seen hell bent on trying to lower others.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      Well being in the 1% seems to qualify as pernicious oppression in some circles. It is a small leap to become a dodgy trust beneficiary… matter who you are and how virtuous.

  • McGrath

    If the Left’s ultimate plan is to alienate all their potential donors, then the Panama Papers has been a raging success!

  • cows4me

    “A law suit”, wish them luck, I bet all their assets are in a trust of some kind and it will be in the name of the family cat.

  • RealKiwi

    You can’t blame anyone for setting up Tax avoidance entities such as overseas trusts
    The elephant in the room is the tax money stolen by Bludgers and their government agents
    Where ever they reside.

  • Mav E Rick

    Disgusting that Hager is allowed to receive stolen information and then publish details of peoples personal financial details. Hager and all involved in this sorry saga should be ashamed of themselves. They deserve to be sued.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Money for nothing and the eggs are free. Soon there will be a flurry of skin and hair as very few dogs like being wagged by their tail.
    It continues to be staggering how much these (blank) have so much to say about something they still do not comprehend. The results of selective sifting through such a massive amount of hacked data to come up with squat only has one upside that it is keeping them busy at the sheer prospect of finding more mud. The only semblance of balance for the level of hypocrisy being displayed is provide by the level of stupidity.
    Ironically many trusts exist as families choose them to avoid any moronic member from melting down the family silver save for their personal silver spoon.

  • localnews

    But Nicky Hager must have known that Greenpeace amnesty international and the Red Cross were in there. He has had this information for a long time, he must have known he was scoring an own goal. Why didn’t he delete those from what they released, no one would have known?
    Seems bizarre