Are the Panama Papers a “New Zealand Embarrassment”?


We’re hearing a lot in the media, in opinion pieces and on social media that the “revelations” in the Panama Papers have embarrassed New Zealand on the world stage.

Let us actually look at the numbers. To do this we turn to Google and its ability to dig through news articles from around the world.

Here is the result:


Yes, that is right. Of all the articles on the Panama Papers, New Zealand is only mentioned in 2.6% of them.

Not surprisingly most of these articles that did mention us were written by New Zealand journalists and about 1/3rd appear to mention us because we were mentioned in the recently release manifesto which included a reference to John Key.

Once again; there is nothing to see here.

Duncan thinks the Panama Papers are a “flop”.

Chris Trotter went “meh”.

And a Green MP said John Key isn’t responsible and no one is breaking the law.


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  • Cadwallader

    Hager is an embarrassment to NZ along with his devotees in the media. If Little became PM then he’d be an embarrassment to NZ.(The truth is, he already is an embarrassment to NZ and himself.) I think that foreigners who trust their funds to NZ are paying this country a compliment as to our stability, administration and sound banking systems.

    • The other Neil

      Their funds are 99.99% unlikely to be in NZ. They are using NZ legal structures to hold assets etc in other jurisdictions, hence why they quite legitimately don’t pay tax here. What they may trust or like is our legal system and stability.

    • R&BAvenger

      ” I think that foreigners who trust their funds to NZ are paying this country a compliment as to our stability, administration and sound banking systems.” Agreed, as my non-NZ partner has told me many times, lawyers she dealt with in Singapore and the US spoke highly of NZ’s strong international reputation when it came to trust law and matters pertaining.

  • Oskar

    On last nights RNZ 10pm main news bulletin for the evening 6 of the 15 minutes of that bulletin was devoted to the Panama papers. That particular lengthy item was followed by what almost sounded almost like a sponsors message – something like “this news was bought to to by TVNZ, RNZ, Nicky Hager and a German newspaper.”
    To me that gives the Panama papers news items on TVNZ and RNZ about the same credibility as a news item that said fried chicken is healthy bought to you by KFC or soft drinks do not cause obesity or rot teeth bought to you by Coca Cola.

  • grannymorris

    And that’s only if you use Google NZ to search. On a quiet Tuesday in London … shows around 14,900,000 “panama papers” news items, 236,000 (1.5%) stories mention NZ, and just 53,000 mention “John Key.”

    I didn’t hear David Cameron mention NZ in his chat to the Queen!

  • cows4me

    Dedicated to NZ media.

  • Id love to know when it became embarrassing to get a reputation as a stable and honest country to do business and store money ?
    The only embarrassment has been the media working hand in hand with Hager again and breathlessly hyping up their big reveal…….. Then the best they could come up with was an Elvis impersonator and a dead guy…..
    No wonder the greens were so quiet – mojo has a foreign trust, as do most of their favourite organisations

  • R&BAvenger

    Yes, they are a ‘NZ embarrassment’. The embarrassment to NZ being our media organisations and so called ‘Journalists trained and skilled’, along with opposition political parties (Labour, Greens, and NZ First) deliberately misreporting and passing off mistruths as facts in order to get a hit on our current government and the PM.
    Their conduct is appalling and they are traitors to this great nation. Low-life muckrakers, unprofessional and immoral describes them all perfectly.
    The fact that this is only being reported within this country and not elsewhere, in any great depth or fanfare shows how ridiculous it has all become.
    The NZ media and political opposition have totally lost perspective. they are not to be trusted, in any way, shape or form.

  • Observer

    No one cares about this stuff. It won’t hurt Key or Cameron in my opinion.

  • Usaywot

    The morons who instigated all this rubbish have given themselves the grandiose title of “Consortium of International Investigative Journalists” It’d be interesting to know who they are and their backgrounds. I’m suspecting it’s just Hagar and a couple of his marxist buddies. Our msm should be utterly ashamed and embarrassed that they got involved. Every time they broadcast a piece about it they proudly announced that they were collaborators. During the 2nd WW collaborators working against their country were seen as the lowest of the low.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    To paraphrase the famous “Never has so much been done, by so few. to achieve so little.” So many so called journalist’s are having to sift through so much hacked data or troll social media for a “story”. Apart from an Elvis impersonator the best they can come up with is a count of how many mentions there are of NZ.
    They avoid the more obvious of a pesky Green list MP getting a mention but no attention as further illustration of the selective sifting that is being done to come up empty.
    Beyond the horizon it is old news with only the odd Media party hack looking to fill their quota with other underwhelming revelations.

  • Gaynor
    • Crowgirl

      TVNZ is rapidly becoming the lifeboat for failed lefty “journalists” as well. Dita de Boni was given the flick from A Newspaper but washes up here?