Some people think New Zealand does not have radical Muslims thirsting for jihad

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

An Auckland man has pleaded guilty to possessing, making and distributing extremist Islamic videos which featured footage of people being beheaded and burned alive.

Imran Patel, 26, admitted the charges at Auckland District Court this afternoon, just hours after 27-year-old Niroshan Nawarajan became the first person in the country to admit such offending.

Patel’s situation is more serious because he distributed the videos, whereas Nawarajan was only charged with possession.

The cases are unrelated.

It can now be revealed that just over a year ago Patel was jailed for 10 months for holding a large knife to a driver’s throat and threatening to kill him while yelling an Islamic exclamation.

Patel gestured to the driver then ran across the road and held a knife – measuring 20cm – to the driver’s throat yelling, “Allahu Akbar” [Allah is the greatest], and, “I’m going to kill you motherf***er”.

The question is:  why can that only be revealed now?   What is the purpose of hiding these threats to New Zealand behind court ordered secrecy?

Especially when this wasn’t a one-off incident.

And only six weeks before that incident, he was convicted for intimidating a former New Zealand Muslim Association president at his Sandringham home, where one man allegedly yelled “jihad will start from here”.

Earlier, Nawarajan pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting police, resisting police and breaching bail, as well as the objectionable material charge.

The 27-year-old was found with six video files, featuring titles such as: “Flames of war” and “Massacre of the Shias”.

According to reports from 2014, Flames of War is a 55-minute video released by Isis highlighting the Islamic State’s seizure of the Syrian Army’s 17th Division base near Raqqah.

Captured Syrian soldiers are shown digging their own graves and are then shot point blank before falling in the ditches.

The narrator reportedly explains the Islamic state is trying to establish Allah’s law on earth but are being attacked by Assad, the Americans, the West and various other foes.

Some of this bubbled over in the media at the time as the general troubles reported around the Avondale Mosque, but the public was never made aware of the true extent of radicalisation and general threat to safety.

These two men are clear and present dangers to the New Zealand way of life.

So what is going to happen to them?

Judge Russell Collins ordered Probation to interview both defendants and asked staff to consider the possibility of a community-based sentence.

I honestly don’t know what to say, other than I have a very heavy heart.


– Rob Kidd, NZ Herald


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  • XCIA

    I wonder who these mongrels think what their “Allah” is that he (or she), being all powerful allows scum like them to commit atrocities in his (or her) name.

    • Crowgirl

      I wonder who they think created the rest of us.

      • kereru

        Allah, of course. And did you know that we are all Muslims in their eyes? That’s why they call conversions to Islam ‘re-versions’.

        If that isn’t idiotic enough, they claim Abraham, Moses, all the OT prophets, and even Jesus was Muslim. How they work that out is hard to determine, given that Mohammed wasn’t even a gleam in his father’s eye until the 6th Century AD. But then Islam is a counterfeit and you would expect it to be inconsistent, incoherent and utterly without value. A perversion of the genuine – but it’s worth noting that only the valuable is worth counterfeiting.

        • Crowgirl

          If we’re all muslims in their eyes and allah’s creation is perfect, then how come we strayed from the flock in the first place?

          Also are all the Jews muslims too? You would think if they wanted us all to return to the fold, they’d do a better PR job.

          • kereru

            Good question. Maybe we were never of the flock to begin with, especially as Islam dates from the 7th century AD. But that doesn’t wash in Islamic thinking. Shows the bankruptcy of their bloated claims which, when rejected by the Jews in Mohammed’s day, was spread through the pagan tribes of the Arab world at the point of a sword.

    • kereru

      Allah mandates atrocities against the ‘kufr’, the non-believer. Apparently he is all powerful but delegates responsibility to his followers to do his dirty work for him. The diabolic attributes of the ‘bloke downstairs’ if I might put it that way.

      • sandalwood789

        “…he is all powerful but delegates responsibility to his followers to do his dirty work for him.”

        Just like a Mafia Don.

        • kereru

          Yes, but far far worse in its reach and ambition. Ask a Muslim if they believe Allah is the ultimate judge of mankind, and they’ll agree. Then ask them, if that is the case, why does he order his followers to do the judging and killing for him? Silence.

          • sandalwood789


            Here is a link to an article that examines the similarities between Islam and the Mafia –

          • XCIA

            The difference being that any “leader” of the Mafia can be put in the ground by any dissenting person.

          • kereru

            Thanks for that. There certainly are a great many similarities notwithstanding that Islam is a political ideology posing as a religion (and therefore could be said to be ‘spiritual’), and the Mafia is a criminal organisation. Interesting comparison and your final statement is spot on. Pity there isn’t a court on this earth which can try the former for war crimes.

          • johnandali

            And in the past day or two, we have had the case of an American interviewer asking a Muslim if any penalty should be taken against a woman adulterer. He said, “Death by stoning”. Oh well, said the American, it’s no worse than Ultra Orthodox Jews would do or extremist Christians. What?

          • kereru

            Disgraceful – he should be asked to provide some examples. It shows that the American interviewer knew diddly squat about his subject and was the wrong person to interview anyone of any faith at all – far less a Muslim.

      • XCIA

        So, what then do you think it has to say when those it empowers turn on each other and slaughter its “believers”………

  • kereru

    Not only this but another story about a Fijian Muslim aircraft engineer who worked for the domestic airline Eagle Airways.

    ‘A man who has been arrested after allegedly buying a restricted missile part from the United States worked on aircraft servicing Air New Zealand’s domestic services.
    Fiji Sun has reported that Fijian citizen William Gulshan Ali was arrested after allegedly breaching the United States’ Arms Export Control Act.’

  • What a surprise……I’m picking that this won’t be the last time this fine upstanding religion of peace practitioner will be in the news.
    The sad part is that because the SIS probably have his passport, he won’t be featured playing catch with a hellfire missile

  • sandalwood789

    Well, I have to say it – “I told you so, John Key”.

    Key keeps ignoring what has happened overseas and is taking this country down exactly the same road. ( I think stupidity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. )

    He must naively believe that “his way is right”. If so, I would love to see him spend an hour or so on this site, answering questions about Islam and his immigration/refugee policy. I don’t think he has the courage to come here. I would love it if he proved me wrong.

    • kereru

      The only conclusion I can come to is that JK, like all Western leaders, is having his strings pulled by the UN. There’s too much at stake to go our own way, even if he personally disagrees with importing more Muslims. A great many things are at stake (apart from Helen’s ambitions) – trade with the Islamic world for one. Stature on the international scene is another.

      • sandalwood789

        I have come to the same conclusion.

        When even a 15-year-old could see the foolishness of Muslim immigration, that’s the only reason that makes sense.

        • johnandali

          Yes, it seems obvious that John Key will do anything to please the Islamic countries. Firstly to thank them for voting for NZ to be on the Security Council, and secondly to get their voting bloc (over 55 votes plus extras) to vote for Helen Clark as Secretary-General. Additionally we have that strange event of us having to compensate a Saudi for lost sheep – an act that has cost multiple millions of dollars. Our Foreign Minister McClay has been actively praising the Palestinians and condemning Israel’s “occupation”. So what’s the agenda? That seems obvious. And what will be the result? That too will be obvious. We’ll take a lot more Muslim ‘refugees” for sure. It is all about appeasement. And who is going to pay? No prizes for guessing who is going to pay for all of this …..

        • kereru

          It’s insufferable that Western leaders are giving away our long fought-for freedoms for the sake of expediency. Inaction is also an action by default. Where is the leadership over such matters that concern the so-called silent majority? We’re being let down from both directions in favour of international appeasement. Why does Japan which admits very few refugees, and none from the Islamic world, suffer no international condemnation? Has our Government no longer got the guts to go against the tide?

          Unfortunately, both our major parties are centrists, and that’s fine for domestic politics. But it’s a mistake to imagine National are sufficiently conservative to buck the international trend of rolling out the welcome mat to all and sundry.

          • johnandali

            What we now need is a binding referendum on whether we should take Muslim refugees or Christian and other minority refugees. But we won’t get a referendum, as the result would be a landslide against the Muslims. But we’ll have a referendum about more important things. Like a flag. Sorry John. You’ve started to lose touch with the people. Stop and think about it.

          • Nesher

            Whatever is “centrist” today was “left” or even “radical left” just 10 years ago. I don’t want to sound like an old dinosaur, but the both our major parties are “left” in my opinion.

          • rexabus

            Smart people, the Japanese. Yes ,Japan ,despite their firm stance on islam entering their country, is still seen as a great travel destination and I haven’t heard any shrieking about rascism or human rights or whatever from the international community. Mind you, not that we can rely on our pitiful news services to supply us with much in the way of international current affairs anyway

      • JEL51

        Like my good friend says…”Helen is a good woman”……yeh, right.
        The UN has to be the one pulling strings here, backed by the fantasying of the Left.
        As Ben Carson says about the Americans backing Trump, people are tired of being told what to do. We are too. Our government’s responsibility is to at least protect our kids and so they need to stand-up to be counted one this..

  • OneTrack

    The luvvies want to see bodies in the street before they will even admit there “might” be a problem. And even then they will say it’s “our” fault.

  • Ruahine

    There was a great example of a member of the religion of peace in action last Wednesday night on Fair Go.
    Quite an eye opener. Mohammed was his name.

    • johnandali

      Yes, one Mohammed who was actually a motor vehicle dealer, sold a car privately. The inexperienced driver says she put the brakes on when she went down a hill, but she said the brakes didn’t work, and the car smashed into a building and was a write-off, but upon being tested after the crash, the brakes were actually okay. But Fair Go were more intent on the fact that Mohammed posed as a private seller rather than a dealer. And he was quite angry and aggressive to Fair Go when they accused him of breaking the law by posing as a private seller. And then another Mohammed appeared. A totally non-aggressive Mohammed. A nice Mohammed. And he gave the young woman a replacement car. And that was the story.

      • sandalwood789

        Ah……. the old “good cop, bad cop” routine (when in reality, both “cops” are bad).

        • johnandali

          Fair Go didn’t tell us whether the two Mohammeds were known to one-another. Very odd journalism at best.

          • MaryLou

            That’s not the first time MIK autos has replaced a car on Fair Go. Plenty of Muslims are called Mohammed for obvious reasons – I don’t think they all need to know each other. As far as I know, and I hear a lot , they’re one of the good ones.

          • kereru

            I was puzzled by the question of the second Mohammed, ‘The honour of the name Mohammed, is there anything in that for you?’ Of course he said it was. I’m wondering what the interviewer was hoping to achieve by asking that rather unusual question – obviously that we aren’t to judge all Mohammeds by the actions of one bag egg. But was it his place to do so by giving ‘honour’ in this way?

  • Catriona

    We most likely do if we are realistic

  • Chris Bell

    This guy walks our streets – they must laugh at our Western laws of freedom – and we become targets of this evil because noone wants to address the elephant in the room – why are they allowed to carry on?

    • johnandali

      But if you were a judge, and you had to decide on a sentence for such offences, would you worry about your personal safety and the safety of your family if you sentenced such offenders to the maximum allowed by law?

      • Intrigued

        You can’t help but wonder that and if it was a factor in the judge’s decision making. And that is exactly how this kind of erosion of our laws and values starts..!

      • Chris Bell

        just a thought – next time a Mongrel Mobster comes up for sentencing – maybe they could get a community based sentence that involves ridding NZ of this extremist scum – we get rid of terrorists and at the same time channel the Mongrel Mobs activities in a positive direction – it’s a win-win!!

    • Dave

      So lets reverse the situation, lets go to a extreme Muslim country, and distribute videos and flyers of peace, love, mateship and western values. Lets see how we get on with asking for a community sentence, they might see it as a community stoning, or 200 lashes in the local community square.

      • Chris Bell

        Nah, they’d probably burn you alive

  • Rob

    Deport him back to where he came from.

  • rexabus

    Can someone fill me in on what happened with this knife to the throat of a motorist case? A bit of muslim infighting or did he just go nuts at a random infidel going about his business? Either way it’s a worry but If he did the latter then I would have thought it’d be a front page story right up there with a Lindt cafe situation. Never heard anything about it though till now

    • kereru

      Probably didn’t fit the narrative of the Lefty luvvies who censor edit the news.

  • Cadwallader

    In about 20-30 years will the NZ Cabinet (might just be a Labour one by then?) include a Minister For Jihads? Here’s a potential candidate.

  • XCIA

    And, history seems to show that 100M Hindu’s have been slaughtered too.

    • kereru

      Yes, Islam is an equal-opportunity foe – and has been almost at its inception.

      The 200 million I quoted are still alive, but incarcerated for their faith and brutally tortured in the most unspeakable prisons in both the Islamic and Communist world. It is very difficult to get accurate estimates of how many are killed each year because of the difficulty of getting information from closed countries such as North Korea and Eritrea. A figure of around 100,000 per annum would be a conservative estimate.

  • Greg
  • Plantagenet

    If neither of these people are born in NZ they should be deported. If they have managed to get citizenship (because we give it away so easily) it should be revoked and then they should be deported. We don’t need this absolute rubbish in this country but we insist on bringing it in. Wait til the refugee quota goes up there will be more and more of these incidents, many of which will be hushed up, as this one was for so long. So sad that we don’t learn from other countries mistakes.

  • Gazza

    ……and so it begins, it has gone from rhetoric to anecdotal to actual events and now incidents that have led to criminal acts and court action, this should follow with sentences of incarceration and where applicable deportation and as Plantagenet below has stated removal of citizenship. We do NOT want this here!

  • HunuaRanger

    When you look at the list of serious crimes that Nawarajan pleaded guilty too and then the judge asking for staff to consider the possibility of a community-based sentence, you just know things are going to get worse.
    I mean holding a knife to the throat of some guy and threatening to kill holds a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment in New Zealand on its own, where is the reasoning of this judge?

    • kereru

      As jihad crimes are a new phenomenon in NZ, a law needs to be drawn up giving guidance to lawyers and judges on the penalty for these particular cases. This should involve revocation of citizenship and immediate deportation of the criminal and his family. If NZ born, then the penalty should be the same as for threatening to kill. I suggest a Muslim-only prison wing, or prison, so that the poison cannot spread to the rest of the inmates. In addition I would suggest the monitoring, by a panel of skilled professionals, of all Imams visiting the prisons as to their suitability to do the work.

    • Builder

      He should have got the full 7 years.

    • Carl

      It says he was jailed for 10 months for the knife incident.

      • kereru

        Do we know if he was born in NZ? 10 months is laughable. Just enough time to get further radicalised in prison, and draw others in as well. Are there any lawyers on WO who could throw light on why judges are so lenient over matters such as this?

  • papagaya

    Gutless NZ authorities ready to lie down and be walked over by radical jihadists. Expect more of the same now.

  • Dog Breath

    And according to JK there are around 40 people of interest, You would like to think that he is one of them. When you read a story such as this it feels like the opposition are playing with fire in their criticism of the efforts of our various intelligence agencies.
    Going by the rhetoric if Labour under AL and the Greens were in charge those 40 would be free to do as they wish to NZ.

  • Old Dig

    They will get the maximum penalty under NZ law ( 50 lashes with a wet bus ticket ).