Perhaps Red Radio needs a conservative quota

In the UK a furore has broken out over the BBC creating jobs and intern positions for minority groups.

A range of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television departments, programmes, and radio stations are currently offering highly desirable, paid internships, but white people are prohibited from applying.

Creative Access – an organisation, registered as a charity, which offers placements at “many of the UK’s top media organisations” – has listed a number of BBC placements on its website, demanding applicants are only from “Black, Asian and non-white minority ethnic backgrounds”.

The website’s list of opportunities shows that all but four of the positions currently available are for jobs at the publicly-funded BBC, and Creative Access is funded by the British tax payer despite its charity status.

The BBC positions are for a period of a year, and come with a bursary of £19,480 for London placements, and £16,881 for placements outside of London. While the BBC will pay half the salary, Creative Access pays the other half.

The website lists its main sources of funding, naming the quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation ‘UK Commission for Employment & Skills’ and the UK government’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

The other organisation named alongside the government departments is Creative Skillset, which has received millions of pounds of “investment” from the Scottish Parliament.

Outrageous, racist and condescending.

Creative Access founder and boss Michael Foster stood for election last year as a Parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party, while one of the organisation’s board members is Baroness McDonagh, the former General Secretary of the Labour Party.

Amongst Creative Access’ advisory board is Lord Finkelstein – one of the longest standing advocates of the Conservative Party’s “modernisation” – and former executive editor atThe Times newspaper.

Giving evidence to the British Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sports committee, Creative Access said the 2011 riots were the “tipping point” for the organisation’s creation, as “watching hours of white middle class commentators failing to explain the confusion and chaos on our streets offered little insight to the viewer; and embarrassment to the media industry.”

Creative Access’ implication that non-white minorities have a better understanding of the riots – which generated looting, arson, the mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people – would normally be described as inherently “racist”.

They said the creative industries should reflect the fact that 40 per cent of London’s population is non-white. But the BBC does not just serve London, nor does the wider media industry. The wider country’s non-white population is more like 15 per cent.

The organisation states its target is for 80 per cent of their placements to secure long-term jobs in the media, “and in turn to bring others from under-represented communities in alongside them.”

The latter goal looks to be advocating for the scheme’s successful graduates, once in secure roles, to practice affirmative action – which is illegal in the UK.

If there is any need for affirmative action it is for the recruitment of conservative voices in public broadcasting.

Red Radio is a case in point, which seems to have become a lifeboat for failed lefty broadcasters unable to maintain commercially viable ratings.

In New Zealand as they do in the UK there is wild celebration when a conservative voice is silenced, sacked or hounded from a job.

Perhaps it is time for affirmative action for conservatives.


– Breitbart


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  • Observer

    This is actually something that psychologist Jon Haidt has suggested in the US in terms of the social sciences.

    • phronesis

      From the link above:

      “But when a field goes from leaning left to being entirely on the left, the normal safeguards of peer review and institutionalized disconfirmation break down. Research on politically controversial topics becomes unreliable because politically favored conclusions receive less-than-normal scrutiny while politically incorrect findings must scale mountains of motivated and hostile reasoning from reviewers and editors.”

      Clearly the problem extends well beyond Psychology.

    • lyall

      interesting read, judging from what i have seen, a lot of academics dont spend much time in the ‘real’ world outside campus – they also appear very timid – so when you look at the unreasonable and often violent behaviour of left wing radicals, i think what most academics fear most, apart from being being turfed out into the ‘real world’ outside their tenures, is being on the wrong side of a violent lefty mob! (this is also the only mob you generally find on most campuses)

  • Oh Please

    We are fast approaching a bitter race war, and it will be entirely the fault of socialism. They’ve created the PC world that is splitting populations apart. The new mayor of London has declared there are too many whites running London Transport – an utterly racist statement. Enoch Powell will be proved right.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      “Enoch Powell will be proved right.”
      To an extent he already has. Not quite rivers of blood but pretty close imo.

      • OneTrack

        Except Europe is just getting started.

      • biscuit barrel

        He was so wrong its not even funny. He was specifically referring to caribbean blacks coming to UK.
        No blood and its nearly 50 years ago. he was just simply wrong and most immigrants want the same things as the countries they come to

        • Sponsz

          I don’t think that you are right about Caribbean blacks. Enoch Powell had extensive experience of India. He saw that even after centuries of living together, the Hindu, Sikh and Moslem communities had not integrated and rioted against each other on the slightest pretext. He knew perfectly well that the Moslems, in particular, would never integrate into English society and events so far tend to prove him right.
          Moslem immigrants want the same things as the ethnic English? Jobs, housing, free medical care, benefits – correct. Jihad, sharia law, honour killings, female genital mutilation, repression of women, killing of gays, etc etc – not so much.

          • biscuit barrel

            When you do look back at his speech and when he gave it as an MP in Birmingham, the examples he gave related to blacks in his electorate and how the existing whites were being pushed out.

            “So it may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Powell’s career that during his 1960-63 stint as Health Minister in the Macmillan government he encouraged immigration from the Asian subcontinent.”
            The thing about communal violence in India, is that they are ethnically the same people, just different religions. The Hindu caste system wasnt any better for lower castes either.

    • cows4me

      “the fault of socialism” , I’ll think you’ll find socialism has little to do with it neither is there any fault here, it’s deliberate and planed. The left hate our values which are based on a Christian heritage. The left hate western civilization with it’s values based on Christianity. They will use our laws against us to destroy us, it isn’t a race war it’s a war of ideology, the use of race is simply a weapon the left uses in this war.

      • biscuit barrel

        Oh please, Christianity was a late follower to the Enlightenment, the values you talk about almost all are not based on any christian heritage. The US constitution having a clear distinction between church and state was put there to prevent a return to a type of royalty based on divine kingship

        • Sponsz

          The US constitution was concerned to prevent the US from having an established or state church as all European countries had at the time. But the founding fathers were all Christians and the US was founded on Christian values.

          • biscuit barrel

            Democracy was from the ancient greeks who wernt Christians of course. Even religious freedom at the time wasnt a christian idea, as even in UK catholics and jews faced religious restrictions. Slavery of course was condoned by the Bible. Equal rights for women, not a christian value.

            What is amazing is how much Christianity has moved away from authoritarism at the time of US independence.
            You seem to have a vague idea that current freedoms and socail values have come from the bible, which just int true.

  • Truly outrageous. Given the white Englishman is a virtual anachronism in the UK due to their PC immigration policy I’m not sure how they can be excluded from applying for minority positions.
    Of course it won’t be too long given our policy and PC pandering is beginning to mirror the poms that we will be able to say the same thing here.

    And of course if you are male it will be even worse.

  • RealKiwi

    Cultural Marxism, using race to achieve a political outcome
    The communist Hitler used the same left wing tactics as he was as hard left as you can get.