Perhaps this is why Sadiq Khan won

I think I’ve found the reason for Sadiq Khan’s win.

It seems a vote for Khan is a vote for a gobby naked chick running down Regent Street with a sausage up her bum.

It’s the question on everyone’s lips in the aftermath of the London mayoral election: now Sadiq Khan has been declared winner, will Katie Hopkins follow through on the pledge she made earlier this week?

In her column for the Daily Mail on Wednesday, in which she gave her firm backing to the Conservative candidate, Hopkins wrote: “Vote Zac. Because if you don’t, I’ll run Regent Street naked with a sausage up my bum.”

“I’ve even Tweeted as much.

“And if that horrifying prospect doesn’t get the Zac vote out, nothing will.”  

Sure enough, here’s the tweet:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.33.24 PMHowever, it seems that the prospect of Hopkins performing this feat failed to sway voters.

Can she actually intend to do the deed? Or will she chicken out and claim it was just a joke? Immediately after the announcement of Mr Khan’s victory there was no word from Ms Hopkins on Twitter.

She says she is a woman of her word.

That leaves the only remaining question is whether she will choose a saveloy or a London Pride sausage.

What ever happens though you can be assured that the Poms are sick enough to vote on that basis.


– Telegraph


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  • sheppy

    According to the UK correspondent on Paul Henry, the Hilal Sausage is in order, but no location for the streak has been mentioned yet

  • Brian Smaller

    She is an English girl used to English guys. This won’t be anything new to her.

  • XCIA

    I hope it is a pork sausage ;-)

    • Boondecker

      She’s said she’s looking for halal sausages only. I bet there will be pork in it though.

  • waldopepper

    london has fallen. i wonder what major city in europe is next on the list.

    • Boondecker

      I saw it being referred to as “Londoniskhan” over the weekend on one popular US-based online news source.

      Accordingly, a British paper appears to have taken up the mantle of playing the deeply offended and went so far as to refer to it as being the generally accepted US opinion on the matter.

  • bristol

    Back in 2005, Green MP Keith Locke contested the Epsom electorate in Auckland
    and at a public meeting he promised to run through the streets of Epsom naked if the electorate was won by ACT New Zealand’s leader Rodney Hide.
    Hide won the seat. Locke reneged on his promise by walking, not running, down Newmarket’s Broadway, not naked, but wearing shoes, socks, a G-string, and body paint. Katie’s a game gal and will probably honour her pledge, but most likely unannounced in the dead of night, with a few discreet pics to prove it :)

  • Greg

    Londoners may yet be spared the sight of Katie streaking up Regent Street with a sausage hanging out her back bottom because reports are that there has been a 130% Muslim turnout for the non-compulsory London vote.

  • FornaK

    I hope she uses a pork sasuage