Personal message from Cam Slater to Keith Ng


Tower of virtue, honesty and no hidden agendas, Keith Ng / via Stuff

Keith was in court observing when Benjamin Rachinger and I appeared to argue the suppression with Mediaworks’ lawyer

So he thinks he knows stuff.

Some days ago, a website that will remain nameless because its content is in breach of New Zealand suppression orders published some photos of Mediaworks interviewer Lisa Owen and an apparently still to be correctly identified camera man.

As usual, the people that wish me harm immediately accused me of taking those photos and sending them to that website.  It was “conclusive proof”, apparently, that I’m leaking information to them.

I have clearly, repeatedly and publicly stated that I did not provide those photos to that website.  In fact, I have never provided any photos to that website.  If you see how they describe me and Spanish Bride, I honestly can not understand why anyone could hold an honest belief that I work with them at all.

You only have to follow their Twitter feed to see they are supporters of Snowden, Assange and Greenwald.   Kim Dotcom’s associates.  How can anyone believe I would associate with wet lefties like that?  

Yesterday, Mr Keith Ng, blogger (of course, what else) at Public Address and source of many creative writing pieces around data leaks, computer security and government came to Whaleoil to make this accusation.



So Keith, to repeat, I know you weren’t there at the time the photos were taken because I was there and I know you were not there.  But I can do better than that.

If I took the photos that day, how on earth was I holding the phone when this was recorded.

Cameron Slater leaves court as he is interviewed by Lisa Owen from Mediaworks from Freelance Footage on Vimeo.


Keith.  You lie.

Just like most other people who have it in for me, you just grab an idea, blurt it out all on the Internet, and then simply pretend that it is true.  Then you and others refer back to it as “evidence” you were right.

At least Tiso came here, calmly, questioned the veracity of a statement I made.  My moderator checked out the timeline and withdrew the statement.  I had reached a conclusion in error, I backed out.   That’s what honest, honourable people do Keith.

But you weren’t there.  Tell me the time.  Tell me where you were standing, or sitting, or observing from.  Because I was there.   (Clearly!)  And unless you were one of the rocks that Lisa sat on, or one of the bushes she hid behind, or you were lying in the gutter behind the grassy knoll with a periscope, I am 100% confident you left after the case was over.

If lies come that easily to you Keith, I can now safely question everything else you have ever produced.


The fact that LF have sources and they aren’t me really is hard to grasp, isn’t it?  If I were to use your logic, then you were at court, so you are clearly associated with Ben Rachinger.  How can you even deny you were part of all his machinations?  You were clearly THERE Keith.  I saw you.  In court, and I saw you piss on your boots in the men’s before you left.

I have no idea who was on the 2nd floor of the court building.

And let me help you:  If it wasn’t me (as it so clearly wasn’t), then LF do have a source that isn’t me.  Do I need to draw you a picture, or are you able to accept the truth even though it doesn’t suit you?  LF frequently have court material, photos and other data that I wasn’t anywhere near.  So they clearly have “sources”.  The fact I was at court because I had to be there is in and of itself no proof.

And now you’re going to go “but you’ve got video on your blog!”.  Yes, I do.  It’s called the Tipline Keith. And sources.  You can now safely conclude that LF and Whaleoil shared the source in this instance.  Maybe.  Likely, but there could even have been two people.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you lied that you were there, lied you saw me take the photos, and then tried to weasel your way out.


[MOD notice: any discussion, identification or other attempts to expose the website either through trying to be clever or through malice will result in a permanent ban]


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  • Catriona

    “Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we set out to deceive”. This is so clear from the transcripts pictured. Ng and his associates all appear to be tripping over themselves to get the big scoop that none of them are able to sort out fact from fiction. Not only are they lying to themselves, they appear to be lying to each other.
    Lesson #1 – check your facts, check your facts, check your facts.

    • Gazza

      …and then check your facts

      • Catriona


  • Rebecca

    Actually Tiso did you no favors across at Ng’s Twitter. He, somebody called Hamish Price and Ng call you a liar in a nice little back-slapping exchange.
    What I’m seeing is that when challenged, WO checked a minor nit and fixed it. Whereas these MSMers make serious accusations they can’t prove and when challenged, they quote Occam’s Razor and just keep saying it.

  • Keith Ng

    I stand corrected. I saw you standing on the second floor pointing your phone at the camera crew. I can’t prove that you were taking photos, or that if you took photos, those were the same photos as the photos from the second floor of the camera crew that ended up on LF.

    But what I *can* prove is that the photos of a journalist on LF is a photo your Threema logs on your Blackphone, and you’d have had to unlock the photo for that to happen.

    • Tony Norriss

      Keith, are you able to prove that you didn’t take and send the photos?

      After all, you seem to have good knowledge of where the photos were taken from.

  • Michelle

    If this wasn’t so serious it could be some Hollywood movie plot

    Sadly this lot are like primary school kids, with their lies and nasty accusations and tit for tat nonsense
    You are stronger people than anyone l know to have to put up with this and stay sane

    Keep going because the truth will out and these nasty snipers will have their comeuppance

  • So. Who is going to tell Cam that ‘explaining is winning’? I want to keep this job, so any volunteers? ;)

    • Catriona

      Take a lead from the Royal Family – ‘Never complain, never explain’. My other likes that ideology. Sometimes I’m with him on that.

    • Hard1

      I think he’s just ‘defining the narrative’, so to speak.

    • Old Kiwi

      Did cross my mind on “Day 1” – very very briefly mind. I like it around here too.

    • Greg M

      It’s just so good to see some grenades getting lobbed at these people after so long. What these people think works for them is going to work against them eventually.

  • Catriona

    Its apparent that the ‘enemy’ are sniffing around in this site. Some are commenting as well. Their Twitter feeds are interesting. One has to wonder ‘What the hell are they thinking?’

  • Cadwallader

    I feel compelled to observe that outside of AKL these people do not register. I have intermittently heard of Mr Tiso but have never encountered Mr Ng before. The space they appear to occupy and their importance to most of us is at best negligible. I wonder whether WO would be better-off ignoring them entirely until a coup-de-grace can be inflicted. I do not suggest for a moment that Cameron ought bend before these types and not point out some falsehoods but I do fear they are being ascribed a gravitas beyond their relevance.

    • Gollum

      I think your statement does not need the qualifier “that outside of Auckland” these people do not register. I dare say the same goes for inside of Auckland too.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      I must confess that I’m now struggling to see where all this is going. Unless the end result is the public, and I mean the public at large, naming and shaming of certain high-profile individuals over any proven involvement in the theft of emails, and the whole “Dirty Politics” hit on the Government, what is the point?

    • SAM51

      Yes I agree totally with you Cadwallader. Being in the mainland these people are insignificant twats. People talk about them as if we should know them. Looking at NG and reading the posts he seems to be a person who is self indulged in his own importance – when the truth is he is a nothing trying to make us think he is something special. Perhaps if he was busy working in a real job in the real world he wouldn’t have some much wasted time on his hands.

      • Cadwallader

        I bet these people are about as relevant to you as is Little Angry, Mallard etc..

    • Dave

      I go back to the canon awards, when the biggest loser, one Giovanni “Tiso” lost to WO. The weapons grade Teflon moaning and groaning after that was incredible. Him, and his twitter followers blamed everything from the weather, the internet, the independent judge, and their complaints to Canon were unbelievable. This happens over and over, the nasty left leaning blogs and twitterati are really unbelievable.

  • Jdogg

    It’s astounding that there are some that have such hate (or desperation) that they are hell bent on creating twists and perceptions.
    Isn’t the truth in media more important for all in this whole sorry saga?
    Why is there such hate – Different sides of the same damn coins??
    Cam is clearly no angel here and I won’t condone what he’s done either, but this whole thing is something else.
    At least Cam is what he says he is, the rest, well, IMO..
    You may well wash your hands, but the dirt remains.

  • Woody

    In the course of ducking down that rabbit hole yesterday, I saw a proof of something being referenced by one of the players. Interesting I thought, so followed the reference. What did I find there? A discussion by the same people saying the same things. All the “proof” was, was a reference to the fact that they had said it before therefore it had to be true. At that point I bailed.

    • Uhuh. Almost all their proof is self-referential. It’s part of the ongoing “get him!” plan.

      • Kiwiracer

        It ricochets around their echo chamber and with each circuit in their minds the truth expands.

    • Dave

      I have seen this often, and the media themselves do this. “Patsy A” tweets something – Goldilocks was gay. “Patsy B” tweets, Proof Goldilocks is gay. The Pile In starts, supporting A & B, the media report it as proof, and quote several of the tweets as proof. or, they attack a fact,accusing the tweeter of being misogynist, a liar, or so on, the pile in attack starts, the original tweeter looks to be incorrect. I have no doubt this tactic is often seeded by the very media, and a few are far worse than others.

  • Left Right Out

    It’s a strange old world we live in…. I’m not sure what is worse, he said she said or the Bachelor talk…… I admit I’m nowhere near up with the play here and may even be critised for it…… but…. i just can’t imagine what it would be like to have all your personal data stolen and then shared and then clipped to fit a media narrative and then played out like days of our lives…. It would have to be horrible… Then after all that, your continued to be poked with a stick and justify things like if you took a pic or not

  • Tiger

    Surely there is room here for a meme?

  • contractor

    What is wrong with some of the dirty media and friends that they choose to be so nasty? Heck, they make aggressive construction industry players look downright nice and honest.

    For goodness sake, they ought to be just investigating impartially and reporting impartially. Trust journalists and their associates more than used car salesmen? Not even close!

    Repeat, many in the media and their accomplices are very dirty and dishonest liars.
    Let’s hope a NZME and Fairfax merger cleans this up. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Keith Ng

    1) The Threema app shows the name of the *other* person on the corner (cos you know your own name, obviously). “Ben Rachinger” was the other person – which means this is Slater’s side of the conversation.

    • Odd Ball

      I’m not convinced, that could be anyone’s phone, it also wouldn’t surprise me that it was possible to recreate that message by resetting the time on various devices to suit.

  • Keith Ng

    2) This is a Blackphone (the icons on the top left are apps used by the SilentOS). Slater says in the Threema logs:

    06 Jan- 15 17:43:44 – CS: I have a black phone…no cops have been near it

  • Keith Ng

    3) The “shit like that” line at 12:26pm on 19 Dec is in the Threema logs, proving that this is the same set of logs.

    So yeah, I’m not kidding around when I say “dead to rights”.

    • Rebecca

      I’ve seen your analysis based on those logs from BR that you must agree were doctored. Despite the poor match to the screenshot, you still drew conclusions.

      Meanwhile WO’s logs sent yesterday are a perfect match for your smoking gun screenshot. IOW he didn’t edit anything and published material that seems to be to his disadvantage.

      But there’s another screenshot at that website, about an hour later sending more images of the journalist. Go take a look at it. Since you have BR’s doctored Threema logs, can you let us know who those images were sent to?

      Finally, of CS and RB: who in your experience is in the habit of sending screenshots rather than images directly?

  • Brad

    Agreed. Explaining is losing remember…

  • rantykiwi

    Isn’t it just typical that Bradley Ambrose has joined the fray too? “Forgot” it was recording my arse – and his joining of this party just reinforces that he was lying.

  • Francis Urquhart II

    Keith, you need to change your first name to ‘Ly’.
    Ly Ng seems appropriate, somehow.

  • XCIA

    What I fail to understand with all this epic blagging, twittering, texting, FB’íng et al is that Tiso and his clan seem to have not upset any of the really anally serious people that live among us. I guess its only a matter of time, so I live in hope.