Peter Dunne refuses to consider medicinal cannabis reform

It is time. Peter Dunne has served his purpose, which we have all forgotten what it was, but he’s served it nonetheless.

Time the electoral bus ran him over.

There won’t be any major changes to the current process for approving the use of medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand, following consultation with medical experts.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne asked officials in March to look at whether the current guidelines for assessing applications to prescribe cannabis-based products, including the need for ministerial sign-off, were still fit for purpose.

“The feedback received was unanimously supportive that the guidelines and process are sound,” said Mr Dunne on Thursday.

“The consistent feedback from experts in their field was that cannabis-based products should be treated no differently to other medicines — evidence-based principles should and will continue to be followed.”   

The associate health minister will still need to approve the use of cannabis-based products, other than Sativex, for individual patients.

Mr Dunne has received just three applications for the use of such products.

In April he approved a product to treat a severe case of Tourette’s Syndrome.

One application, made by former union boss Helen Kelly’s doctors, was withdrawn before a decision needed to be made.

The first application to be approved was in the high-profile case of Nelson teenager Alex Renton, who died in Wellington Hospital last year.

If John Key was brave, and there is no evidence to suggest he is, but if he was brave then he would put legalisation of cannabis to a referendum at next year’s election.

Meanwhile Winston Peters should find a quality candidate to stand in Ohariu to give voters a decent chance of getting rid of Peter Dunne.


– Newshub


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  • STAG

    Peter Dunne I fear sees himself as the rock the sea of change should brake against. Eventually the sea washes the rock away, I think you can bet your last dollar on that being about October next year.

  • RightofSingapore

    If cannabis really is that great a treatment, why shouldn’t it be subject to the same trials and testing etc as other new treatments? We don’t support nonsense hippy things like homeopathy because they’re not backed by evidence even though some people claim it makes them better (the placebo effect) it should be no different for cannabis. So far all we have is a handful of people claiming it has helped them-hardly conclusive scientific proof.

    • BigDogTalking

      There are at least a couple of problems with this seemingly reasonable idea, first because cannabis has been demonised over the years, how do you conduct a clinical trial of an illegal drug?
      Second who is going to pay to do a clinical trial (which are really expensive) when even if you prove your point there is not guarantee you will be able to sell the drug, and even if you could every man and his dog can grow their own.
      And the straw man argument of homeopathy included in the above is just silly

    • Skydog

      No one wants to run trials, as they know the trials will clearly show cannabis to be worthy alternative. A worthy alternative means less profit.

      You can add me to handful of people who claim cannabis made them better, although not for a terminal illness. In my younger days I was always at the gym. If I had a joint before training, I could push out extra reps due to not feeling failure pain. I’m not a user any longer, the reason being employment. If I or a family member was in pain, you bet you I would be down at my local tinnie house for a joint. But why should I give my money to the gangs and criminal underworld?

    • You can’t run trials on an illegal substance. No university will allow it under ethics rules. It is why there is no evidence anywhere. opiates meanwhile are legal and prescribed every day and there is acres upon acres of reports, studies and trials. It is a catch 22 situation. Dunne says there is no evidence and he’s right, but no one can get the evidence because to do so would mean breaking the law regarding cultivation,

    • Keyser Soze

      You have been indoctrinated. Watch and re-educate yourself.

  • Ceebee

    If National stood a strong candidate and sent a strong message to “rinse” Dunne he’d be gone by lunchtime.

    There’s nothing worse than being in an electorate where your preferred party is asking you to vote for somebody who does not represent your views and doesn’t have the best interests of your preferred party in mind.

    I’ve “protest voted” against him in the last two elections. Why won’t National sort this out ?

    • kereru

      I heartily agree and we also have an MP who has sat on his backside for 30 years, voted in by default because there is no strong National Party alternative. After all that time nobody can name one thing he has done for his electorate, which is regarded as a ‘safe seat’ for National. Without anyone else to vote for, we are effectively disenfranchised.

    • That won’t help. National needs someone else to win Ohariu. Learn how MMP works.

  • Bombastic

    I agree completely. Why should a person with a terminal illness have to skulk about with the criminal underworld at the end of an otherwise dignified life. Dunne can pontificate all he likes, but I’d challenge him to stand in the shoes of terminal patients for just 5 minutes and consider their reality.

  • pirate vs ninja

    Polling in February put support for medicinal cannabis at 65% among National voters & 72% across all voters. Key is normally so poll-driven – I just don’t get why he’s dragging the chain on this. Not only does he have the majority support of his electorate – he also has yet another opportunity to get the jump on the opposition by providing exactly what they’ve campaigned for for years. What (other than the useless Dunne) is standing in the way here?


    I know of parents in the Hutt Valley who have Autistic children are wanting access to medical cannabis