The PM is right, there is help out there

The PM has told those people whinging to the Media party about their housing predicament to go see aid agencies, like WINZ.

Prime Minister John Key has advised those who are homeless or living in garages to go and see Work and Income.

His comments come after social housing groups and community workers have called on the government to increase their supply of affordable housing.

There have been reports families in Auckland have been forced to rent garages and shipping containers, with the Salvation Army estimating one in ten Auckland garages is rented out to a family.

Social agencies say the number of families living out of their cars has grown.

Increasing the supply of “affordable” housing sounds wonderful, but it will take months if not years to do that, especially with an Auckland Council dragging their feet in freeing up land.

Key told RNZ that families in these “dire” situations should go and see Work and Income.

“Auckland is a growing city and providing emergency support, or providing that low cost accommodation, has always been very difficult because of the structure of Housing New Zealand where people move into a home and fundamentally in many cases don’t move out.”

The Government had allocated $41million over four years to social housing.

Key talked about putting “controversial” time limits on Housing New Zealand rentals to help supply.

“At least at some point we go and have a look and see whether it would be better that the family moved on because they could afford to do that, or their circumstances changed.”

We have welfare in NZ and even the family living in their late model Holden with leather seats would qualify for assistance on their $600 per week of wages. With accomodation supplements and other welfare payments like Working for Families there is no real reason for them to be living in a car.

Key is right though, these people need to go get help. If they aren’t getting help when asking for it then I suspect that, like many other Media party stories , we aren’t being told the full truth of their situation.


– NZ Herald


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  • Dave

    Can the MSM please please start using the correct terms and quoting correctly.

    Affordable Housing = Subsidized housing
    Cannot afford to live in Auckland. Refuses to move to where houses are available
    Cannot afford to live in Auckland = Made poor choices previously, now cant get a decent job to support lifestyle.

    Increase the supply of affordable housing, Sure….. Can John Key get the nice people at HNZ to open the cupboard, and get the keys to the 500 homes at $100 a week and give them to these serial whingers this afternoon please, and there is another 500 available tomorrow.

    • one for the road

      Cannot get a decent job = got the wrong or no education.

      • Wheninrome

        Made a choice not to get educated, it is there for the taking. You would think they might given it is offered for free.

      • kaybee

        So the country doesn’t need cleaners, caregivers, shop assistants and the like? Most are on minimum wage or thereabouts. If everyone got an education we would have to clean our own s**t.

        • Alistair

          many cleaners are on $20-30 bucks an hour, many not paying tax, not a bad job if that’s your lot in life….trust me, if I am out of work I will clean someones house so I can feed my family…

  • Union Jack

    I am past caring about people who make bad choices in life and breed too much and then expect the taxpayer to come to their mercy with goodies of all descriptions.
    Get a job and sort your crap out and then hopefully we won’t have to listen to your whining and bleating anymore.

  • one for the road

    Those container houses they supplied the inhabitants of the “Jungle” in Calais would make sense as cheap temporary housing….

  • Monty’smate

    I would wager that many of the families supposedly living in garages are recently arrived PI familes for whom the said garage is a step well above the dwelling they inhabited back in the Islands. They will be the overflow from the large number of extended family members already inhabiting the home to which the garage is attached. Why on earth is NZ permitting these families to immigrate into NZ when they do not have the skills or wherewithall to settle comfotably into NZ society?

    • Win

      Or recent arrivals from other parts of the world on student visas.

    • Uncle Bully

      There exists a Samoan immigration quota that stems from the Treaty of Friendship between NZ and Samoa. It’s origin is due to the fact that NZ armed forces invaded and occupied Western Samoa at the request of the British in 1914. As soon as NZ kicked out the Germans, and took possession of German citizen’s private property, it took on a governance responsibility for the inhabitants of the islands.

  • Herb

    This is the market at work. People move to employment or work moves to people. As for those who believe that they have a God-given right to have their life style choices subsidised by everybody else….. Move somewhere else. It can’t be that hard if you already have a car.

  • Sticktotheknitting

    Yesterday I checked trade me for accommodation in Manurewa; just picked a suburb at random. Prices are quite high but there are a few at $3-400 . Some enterprising soul has a mobile room, you can rent for $185 per week. Bathroom and 1 bedroom but no cooking facilities. They look like little sleep-outs on wheels. There were several listed.
    Very similar to the polite ( a cement hardboard commonly used for cladding til the discovered asbestos was a no no.) workers cottage we lived in when Dad worked on the Pukaki dam. We didn’t notice how cold it was because we had woolly clothing. Oh and we didn’t moan our lot either. I look back on those times and realise it was a very happy time.

    Just had another look, 10 listed $400 and under plus the mobile bedroom.

  • Anthony

    We could outsource this housing crisis to China. They have thousands of empty apartment buildings looking for occupants.

  • WBC

    I used to trust the Salvation Army, I have donated to them in the past despite the fact that they are a church. However, claiming up to 10% of Auckland garages are rented out as accommodation is just too far into fairy land to really trust that they are competent on any way whatsoever. It is either a deliberate lie or they are inept. Either way, no more funding from moi.