The political retardation of Andrew Little

I thought that David Cunliffe was the biggest political retard of our times when he apologised for being a man.

Then Andrew Little said this:

“The starting point has got to be ‘here are the standards’. And it’s not good enough just the have insulation because all that does in the middle of winter [is it] traps in the cold air. You’ve got to have a source of heating, you’ve got to have ventilation,”

The man is either utterly stupid or a fool…it is possible he is both, which makes David Cunliffe look like a comparative genius.

What Andrew Little is saying is that all those people who have put in Pink Batts or other insulation are stupid, that the business model for insulating houses is ridiculous and R ratings for insulation are meaningless.

It also means scientists who study these sorts of things are stupid and wrong as well. All those people who bought down sleeping bags have bought them for the wrong reason…they bought them to stay warm and now it turns out that they just keep cold air inside the sleeping bag.

The houses Little is moaning about too are often state houses, built by successive Labour government, with NO insulation at all…and certainly not insulated under the last Labour government either. Then again he doesn’t believe insulation.

I wonder if the Media party have bothered to ask Andrew little if he insulted his brick and tile house in Wellington.

To assist the retard he could have checked Wikipedia:

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer (the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature) between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. Thermal insulation can be achieved with specially engineered methods or processes, as well as with suitable object shapes and materials.

Heat flow is an inevitable consequence of contact between objects of differing temperature. Thermal insulation provides a region of insulation in which thermal conduction is reduced or thermal radiation is reflected rather than absorbed by the lower-temperature body.


Maintaining acceptable temperatures in buildings (by heating and cooling) uses a large proportion of global energy consumption. Building insulations also commonly use the principle of small trapped air-cells as explained above, e.g. fiberglass (specifically glass wool), cellulose, rock wool, polystyrene foam, urethane foam, vermiculite, perlite, cork, etc.

When well insulated, a building:

  • is energy-efficient, thus saving the owner money.
  • provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space. There is less temperature gradient both vertically (between ankle height and head height) and horizontally from exterior walls, ceilings and windows to the interior walls, thus producing a more comfortable occupant environment when outside temperatures are extremely cold or hot.
  • has minimal recurring expense. Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation is permanent and does not require maintenance, upkeep, or adjustment.
  • lowers the carbon footprint of a building.

Many forms of thermal insulation also reduce noise and vibration, both coming from the outside and from other rooms inside a building, thus producing a more comfortable environment.

Window insulation film can be applied in weatherization applications to reduce incoming thermal radiation in summer and loss in winter.

None of that fits Little’s claims that insulation traps cold air inside.

Then again maybe Andrew Little was one of those stupid kids who spent their childhood wondering about the thermos flask – it keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold, but HOW DOES IT KNOW?

The man is an idiot.




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  • Michelle

    Is he on something because every time he opens his mouth more stupid comments fall out that leave me face palming at his stupidity
    Unions dumbing down has gone right to the top now

    • PsychoKea

      He is starting to make Len Brown look like a Rocket Scientist

      • JustTinkering

        The only rocket about Len Brown is his pocket rocket.

      • Michelle

        that means they are now really scraping the barrel bottom

  • Maisie

    ‘You’ve got to have ventilation’ am I wrong in thinking that opening windows and/or doors provide ventilation? If a home doesn’t have either of these, how do the people get inside,Mr Little?

  • My folks built their house so that it was extremely well insulated. The result is that they barely have to use their heatpump to keep their house warm in winter……more proof little talks nonsense.

  • Cadwallader

    Little Angry’s check list:
    1 Doesn’t understand investment
    2 Doesn’t understand trusts
    3 Doesn’t understand legality
    4 Doesn’t understand privacy
    5 Doesn’t understand business enterprise
    6 Doesn’t understand the physics of heating
    7 Doesn’t understand the need for policy
    8 Doesn’t understand the disdain his own caucus holds for him
    9 Doesn’t know happiness, peace and prosperity

    Could Labour have found a more unfortunate misery-guts to be its temporary leader? It seems everyday that this gruff little oddball displays a wider range of ignorance and a greater measure of sourness than the previous day.

    • Keeping Stock

      Definitely doesn’t understand political polls…

      • Cadwallader

        My apologies as it seems I barely scratched the surface…

    • Karma

      Doesn’t understand when to keep schtum..

    • JustAnotherLurker

      Doesn’t understand fund raising

    • contractor

      Hold on there now, we want Labour to keep that man on! They certainly lack a half decent alternative.

  • Karma

    Next he’ll be wanting HRV systems installed for ventilation in addition to heat pumps.

  • oldmanNZ

    technically, he is correct.
    insulation does both, it insulates, like a chilly bin. keeps cold cold…but also keeps warm warm,

    so in a house, it traps warm air and keep cold out.
    in summer, if you run a aircond, it can keep cold in, and heat out.

    hold on he saying it only keeps cold air in? and not warm?

    • Brian Dingwall

      Agree, insulation cannot supply energy, anymore than CO2 can!

      • Nothelen

        Heat energy flows from hot to cold. That is the convention. Most rooms do have heat sources, the living area may have refrigerators and cooking appliances, we also have TV’s, computers, lights, and then on top of it all the average human is good for something like 60 Watts of heat. An insulated room will have a heat source once occupied. We also have the daytime temperatures being retained once the house is closed up in the evening.

  • Bob Dazzler

    He’s just a muppet mouthing off!

  • Left Right Out

    I heard Willie Jackson say he thought Angry had had a good couple of weeks……I guess they can’t be any worse

    I do some work out Aranui way here in Christchurch and have watched the building of new state houses over the past year or so… pretty dam flash if you ask me… I hope they stay that way

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      I wouldn’t put money on it unfortunately.

      • Left Right Out

        No….. I wonder how long before they find a meth lab, sadly

  • rustyjohn58

    but but but don’t we need cooler houses to fight global warming?

  • Oh Please

    Angry Andy is the sort of person who, when finding out that a thermos keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, would use it to store an ice cream and a cup of tea.

  • Dave

    Insulation works by trapping energy (heat or cool Energy) inside a structure. An oven has insulation to keep heat in, a freezer has insulation to keep the cold in, and the heat OUT.

    We put thicker clothes on in cool weather, to keep the cold out, then produce heat by moving, this is retained by the thicker clothing (insulation). A home is no different, insulation will retain wither heat or cold, the best i had heard in many years in the home comfort industry was this one from a state tenant.

    “Where is the switch for the insualtion, the place is freezing” She was shown the heat pump control panel, yet she refused to use it, saying it was too expensive, and she had been told insulation was cheaper to run- I kid you not.

  • Curly1952

    What a sad, sad man. He feels he needs to oppose everything the government does or thinks and when he does he tries to justify his stance, gets himself in a tangle and eventually all we get emanating from him is rubbish. With him in your team you are as good as a man short.

  • Zanyzane

    Andrew Little is an idiot. Agreed. Going on and on about tenants needing heat pumps is stupid and ridiculous. Transport NZ put in HRM/DRM systems into 3 of my rental properties for free, costing tens of thousands of dollars due to a motorway extension. The tenants do not turn it on even though I keep telling them it will keep the houses clear of moisture and circulates the heat collected in the roof. Therefore a warmer and healthier home. They just turn it off because they do not want to pay the electricity bill. Most tenants do not want heat pumps they do not use.So he puts off landlords and he makes zero impact on tenants. Tenants that do want heat pumps, landlords would already have installed as they get more rent out of the tenant anyway. Ridiculous.

    • Dave

      Your HRM system is cheap to run, my suggestion, make it permanently wired with a timer to switch on during daylight hours, they are generally good for three to four degrees in winter, and remove much condensation, which is the main advantage.

      • Zanyzane

        It is a choice. If I hardwire it the tenant would be asking for a electricity subsidy. They do not want the extra cost. One tenant had trouble figuring to turn it off and just smashed the control panel. Frankly they do not want it. Tenants that do want it would pay extra for the use and they would ask for it. You cannot take away tenants freedom of choice. Andrew Little might as well call himself dictator Little. Hail Little and stamp on Jackboots.

  • Dave

    If I was to design a home for comfort and ease of living, the following basic steps would be taken;
    Thick insulation especially on west and southern walls. (the coldest part of any home)
    Large North and east facing windows to allow the heat in.
    That heat from the sun, to land on a heat mass such as concrete floors, and Walls.
    Curtains on SUN sensors, to open when HEAT, and closed when cooler so energy is retained.
    Scatter rugs to throw over the floors to retain the heat generated from the sun.
    Double glazed E windows, with ventilation panes or strips.

    Obviously a few more measures but there are several obvious things to achieve a passive solar energy efficiency home.

    • LovetoTeach

      We’ve just been working on this at school – I’ve got nearly 400 kids who could explain to Andy just how important insulation is and how it works :)

  • Graeme

    Mind you he did hit the nail on the head with one comment and that was the word ” ventilation”. That is often the problem with mouldy rooms, the residents having this problem may not realise that windows can be opened which will admit fresh clean air.

  • Wheninrome

    I say what is wrong with an extra Woolley jersey. Good enough for me. Over insulated homes create a problem when you leave them home and go out into the wide wide world beyond. They also create a problem because people do not “air” their home and warm moist air with no airflow creates mould whether you like it or not.

  • one for the road

    Not only is he an idiot, he is also fatuous

    • contractor

      True, indeed he is in very good company in the Labour party.

  • JLS

    We shouldn’t complain, he’s ensuring they’ll never get their hands near the levers of power.

  • Zanyzane

    Andrew Little is an idiot. Agreed. He wants to ban foreign trusts but he forgets that New Zealanders that live overseas come under the Foreign Trust regime. In effect he is trying to ban Trusts set up for New Zealanders residing overseas. What utter nonsense. There is almost a million New Zealanders that are non residents and live overseas. Inevitably many would own NZ property and other businesses through Foreign Trusts. Dumb.

    • Abjv

      They leave the country; they have to sell the house, Easy. Let’s start with Helen’s. Also, wouldn’t this mean these same kiwis would no longer have an “ongoing relationship with NZ (such as owning a house)” which under the tax residency rules would make them not liable for NZ tax at all?

  • Peter

    we recently built a house for my mother with modern insulation. We installed a woodfire. The insulation is so good that she doesn’t actually need to have a fire except on very cold nights or for effect. The heat of the day is kept in the house….thats why its called insuallation.

    • Rob

      My wife and I have recently moved into a new retirement village which is of brick and timber construction and well insulated. Walls are around 300mm thick. We hardly ever have to have the heat pump on and we thoroughly ventilate. Two winters and no sign of mold and never lived in such a warm dry home.
      When we were younger we survived living in an uninsulated State House with 4 children and none of the family got sick because we ventilated the house during the warm days.

  • rexabus

    Gosh it’s incredible that somehow our ancestors survived without heat pumps, insulation and whatever else The modern human requires for survival through the moderately cold nz winters. I’d love to hear a nz politician(even that idiot Peter dunne) come out with some commonsense statements on this sort of thing and suggest people go grab some extra blankets, polar fleeces, wooly socks etc for the um (according to the NZ media party)permafrost of the nz winter

  • Miss Phit

    To quote the sage Forest Gump.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    I suggest the labour party invest in some duck/duct tape. It wont cure the stupid but it will muffle it.