Politics of the 21st century: pulling hair and making faces


You’d expect this on The Onion or another satire site, but sadly this is real

United Nations officials have rubbished claims that United States soldiers are provoking North Korean troops by pulling faces at them.

Pyongyang has alleged American personnel have been pulling “disgusting” facial expressions while making strange noises and pointing fingers, Sky News has reported.

In a statement, the isolated state’s military urged the US military to stop its “hooliganism” at the demilitarised area which divides the north and south of Korea, or they would meet a “dog’s death”.

Sky News is also reporting North Korea claims US soldiers have been encouraging South Korean soldiers to point their firearms at their adversaries and described the action as a “dangerous provocation”.

A spokesman for UN Command in the region, Christopher Bush, says the claims had been investigated and deemed to be false, and that this is not the first time accusations like this have been made on either side of the divide.

You’d think all the world’s real problems have been solved by now, so we’re left with having to deal with the little stuff like North Korea complaining about provocation due to “disgusting” faces being made.

There are currently about 28,000 US troops deployed in South Korea in a bid to deter potential aggression from across the border.

The latest spat unfolded in Panmunjom, where an armistice heralding the end of the Korean War in 1953 was signed.

Despite being one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints, the village is popular with tourists.

But guides regularly warn visitors against making gestures which could antagonise the North Korean soldiers nearby.


– Sky News, Newshub


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  • HunuaRanger

    This just in:
    Sky News is reporting that Pyongyang has alleged that US soldiers are encouraging South Korean soldiers to consume large quantities of Kimchi and when the wind is blowing from a southerly direction, pass wind in the general direction of the North.
    Sky News is reporting that North Korea claims this is an attempt by the south not only to use chemical warfare against the North, but also claims that this is a clear attempt to increase the greenhouse gases in the region and cause carnage with the North’s agricultural activities.
    “We will not stand by and allow such aggressive behavior to go unpunished” the North have made in a statement at the U.N, “We are planning to have a dog dinner and respond in kind”.
    Sky News are reporting that tensions in the area are sure to increase over the coming weeks when a shortage of cabbage and puppies is certainly going to effect the ability of the two nations from continuing said actions.

  • brian

    they should have it out once and for all….but only pulling hair and faces, but not farting…..there are places humanity shouldnt go.

  • Nermal

    It’s a relief that the United Nations were able to report on this. I was worried they didn’t have enough to do and might have to deal with trivial issues like the genocide and murder of non-muslims

  • YankeeManu

    If the North Koreans think some soldiers pull faces is disgusting I’d love to hear their thoughts on an official welcome when arriving in NZ. At least the soldiers are fully clothed, not pretending to be from the the stone age.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    I have visited the DMZ between North and South Korea, in 2011. We were in fact requested/warned not to make provocative gestures or eye contact with the North Korean military. It was quite a tense and bizarre experience.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Taken at the DMZ, November 2011.