Pommy bastards at Daily Mail get confused over our flag

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.20.35 PM

The Daily Mail has an article about the Invictus Games in the US which opened yesterday.

In the article it has the photo above with the caption describing Australian’s marching into the arena carrying their flag.  

Except they are Kiwis carrying our flag. The give away was the Kiwi on the chest, and the black and white uniforms.

The Aussies have green and gold uniforms…and no Kiwi on the chest.


Well done Daily Mail…colonial cringe made really cringe-worthy.


– Daily Mail



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  • hookerphil

    But if we had our new flag?

    • pisces8284

      Beat me to it

    • GoingRight

      That was John Keys point too from memory

  • Carl

    Good luck to all those taking part in the games. We know you will do use proud as you already have done with your service to our country.

    • Left Right Out

      Too true!!!

  • Boondecker

    Watch for somebody somewhere blame John Key for this.

    If we had our own flag as opposed to a hand-me down copy of Australia’s this wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Except we got our flag first so your hand me down argument doesn’t wash

  • Left Right Out

    Is not the first time and most definitely won’t be the last… but we had our chance….. now we live with it

    • Usaywot

      Unfortunately. Too many gave in to the anti JK campaign.

      • Left Right Out

        Even Hayden Paddon has had the Oz flag put on his car…. but we can’t complain now…. we voted and I was happy that we had the chance

  • Jerseyman

    It is not hard – really? At least most Kiwis now know the difference thanks to the flag campaign.
    Kiwi – Red Stars
    Aussie – White Stars.

  • Uncle Bully

    The Daily Mail reporter probably knows full well which flag is which, but also knows that misreporting it will send some colonials into a flap. They’re just taking the mick.

  • Dumrse

    And we voted to keep the Union Jack on our flag. God knows why.

    • John Q Public

      Because the alternative was an abortion of a design.

    • zotaccore

      Because the vast majority of voters were stupid enough to want to keep it. In any case, I fly the alternative coz I like it.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Typical msm but The Invictus Games initiated by Prince Harry good on him what anexcellent way to acknowledge & inspire service folk
    My fav image


    • KiwiLliz

      That’s so cool ICD. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mark156

    its the dailymail,what did you expect?