This post is not safe for work and these videos are not for the faint hearted

My first and only experience of abortion was when I was on work experience in a veterinary clinic. A woman had brought in her female cat in to be spayed. I assisted the Vet who opened up the cat only to find unborn kittens inside her. He removed them ( still inside the amnio sac ) and threw them into the cold metal rubbish bin. I could see their hearts beating through their skin and I asked him if he was going to inject them to kill them quickly. He said that he wasn’t and that they would eventually die. It took a long time for their hearts to stop beating and I have never forgotten the experience.

I protested at an abortion clinic when I was a student at Training college. My pro-life views were very strong back then. Like many people I am isolated from the reality of abortion so it is easy to forget and to not care, as the reality is that it is legal and I personally cannot stop it. One thing though that can clearly stop it, is for people to be properly informed about their ‘ choice.’

In this video all it took was a factual video of a second trimester abortion being performed for people to change their minds. If abortion clinics were forced to tell the truth to their customers, to show them an accurate video of what is about to happen, our abortion rate would plummet.

If you want to see medically accurate videos of first, second and third trimester abortions click on the read more.

**WARNING it is not pleasant but they all use illustrations, not images of real babies. I was unable to watch the final one as I found the first two very upsetting.

Forget all the moral arguments, forget all the legal arguments. After watching these videos you will agree that if you are going to have an abortion or support a woman having an abortion, ignorance is definitely bliss.


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  • Usaywot

    I am so with you SB. Unfortunately women have been lied to over this issue. The ignorant or willfully blind claim the baby is a part of their body. It most definitely is not. Abortion is murder. You can argue yourself stupid over this but you can’t change facts.Abortion is the killing of a unique human being. Of course there are vested interests at play here, abortion is big business. Women who claim the right to choose had that right BEFORE they got pregnant.

  • DavidinDevo

    Several days ago people on here were up in arms about those who had large families but couldn’t afford them.

    So what do you say to responsible adults who do take proper precautions but who still find themselves in a situation where they did not want nor plan for a child, but now find themselves pregnant.

    And what if the father wants to keep the child, but the mother does not.

    This post opens old wounds. To anyone wrestling with the heart wrenching, stay awake for days and nights trying to think it all through, and do what feels right for everyone, I say it is not for anyone else to say what it right or wrong. We own our own bodies. We decide what to do with them. There are huge responsibilities with that. I don’t believe anyone who is decent and well meaning just stumbles their way through the above. And the inference that the choice is easy because “it’s murder” is irritatingly simplistic.
    There are no words to explain this properly. This may be my last ever visit and post here, it has me so wound up. Too many assumptions, a too easily framed argument.

    • metalnwood

      I agree it is the most unfortunate thing about this blog for me personally. This blog suits me right down to the ground on most issues and then this topic feels like I am being told what a bad person I am.

      I find it a shame it has to occur here so often because we can have a large bunch of people that agree with our politics but this is divisive between most groups who would otherwise get along on a topic that a website brings them together on.

      I dont find it a shame that it is brought up, that I dont mind and it’s SB and Cams right to do so. The fact that it places people in camps where you look at them as morally corrupt that I dont like.

    • kayaker

      Like you, it opens up old wounds for me. Due to a severe abnormality with our baby which meant a non-viable pregnancy and a risk to my health, we had to face the heartbreaking decision in the second trimester. It was a very sad time, I will never forget it, I cannot get it out of my mind (nor can my husband). Even though it was 28 years ago, each time her ‘birthday’ comes around the pain is sharp.

      DavidinDevo, thanks for posting. I shall not look at the videos.

      • Michelle

        Thank you for your first hand view
        l know of 2 couples who had the make the same choice as you had to, neither were viable and a risk to the mother’s health
        They have never forgotten the one they lost and it was an agonizing decision as well and like you one that was not taken lightly

    • Mark

      We own our bodies. Yes we do. Unborn humans also own their bodies.

      Although I can see where your coming from. No amount of hurt feelings and compassion for hard circumstances can justify murder.

      • metalnwood

        Yeah nice one, respectful answer, certainly needed. These topics certainly show people in their true colours.

        • Mark

          Just being a voice for the voiceless

          • metalnwood

            Sure but you go on to prove my points. You are not debating, you are putting in the knife.

          • Mark

            That’s a poor choice of words. In this debate its not me that wants to put in a knife

          • metalnwood

            If it’s not clear, I think if a WO contributor opens themselves up on a topic that is obviously close to him, for which we don’t know all the circumstances, then is is completely disrespectful to flat out call him a murderer. Classless.

            He entered the debate but you didn’t, you just took a swipe.

            If this an example of the kind of comments encouraged by this post then I am getting over this place fast as well.

          • Mark

            yeah but cant you see where my priorities lie? On one side – Close to him, circumstances, disrespect, classless. On the other side – an innocent helpless unique human being. Can you see why I don’t care much for being careful of someones feelings?

          • metalnwood

            Totally see where you are coming from. When you guys get on your moral high horse, nothing gets in the way. See it all the time. People so self righteous usually falter themselves at the first hurdle. Given your respect, I put you on that camp.

  • JohnO

    If Europe had not aborted 50 million unborn in the last 50 years in the name of women’s liberation and their right to choose then there would have been no mass immigration of anyone much less muslims to the west. I find it curious that the largest demographic enabler of muslim immigration was done in the name of “womens right to choose” and looks like it is going to result in all european women wearing burquas and being oppressed by sharia law.

  • Eiselmann

    Well as someone who’s mother wanted to abort him I’m so glad abortion wasn’t legal back in the day, had it been I would not exist. Its fair to say this has given me a bias

    Whilst I am very much in the pro-life camp , I do understand that many people who make the decison to have an abortion do so for reasons that are right for them, its just many don’t…there are those who see abortion as another form of birth control.

    Then there are the doctors and medical all of them give all the information a mother/parents need to make their own decison? or do they apply their own bias into the advice they give? . While I would never believe all doctors would push a woman into an abortion , I would imagine there are those that do. and thats wrong on so many levels.

  • Miguel

    Thanks for the very clear warning messages SB. I’ve not watched the videos – they’d be too much for me, I’m sure.

    For what it’s worth, I wish more people would consider adoption in the case of unwanted pregnancy. I was adopted myself, and I think it’s brilliant. Adoption can turn a bad situation – an unwanted pregnancy – into a wonderful one; giving a desperately keen couple the gift of children and giving those children parents who are keen, vetted, and who’ll absolutely adore them.

  • Andy

    3rd Trimester abortion (not permissible in NZ as far as I know) involves injecting the baby with a drug to cause cardiac arrest and result in a still born birth

    Sometimes it doesn’t work, and the baby is either left to die, or survives and sometimes with severe disabilities

    I have heard the testimonies of “abortion survivors” in the US and it makes me weep that people can defend this

    On the other side of the coin, my mother’s sister was raped by a Russian soldier in a camp in Prague in 1945, and needed an abortion at aged 16.

    So whilst I am not totally dogmatic, but definitely leaning towards pro-life, I just can’t relate at all to the heartless “celebrate abortion” crowd.

    I’m not sure they are evil, just not in possession of all the facts, as this video demonstrates.

  • Odd Ball

    That old chestnut again, I haven’t watched the video’s, I presume they are designed to pull at the heartstrings, rather than deal with the issue objectively.
    This site generally has well reasoned posts, this isn’t one of them.
    Incidentally, if the child has downs syndrome or some other major disability, do you still say abortion is bad?
    As for my view, it’s the parents choice on what they do, it’s not an issue that should legislated, just so you can shove your view down other peoples throats.

    • Monty’smate

      Be brave then Odd Ball- have the courage of your supposed convictions and watch the videos. Then see whether you so whole-heartedly approve of the dismemberment of innocent human beings.

      • Odd Ball

        First videos very tame, can’t get the other ones to load as yet.
        Do you care to actually elaborate an opinion yourself?

        • luke

          “sometimes people have to make difficult decisions”.

          How about sometimes people have to make selfish decisions, because if you are honest killing an unborn child because it is inconvenient, or cause you hardship/embarrassment or whatever you can think of to justify killing it, is the truth.

          I always find it astonishing to see people weep and wail about the killing of a tree but often the same people are happy to protest on behalf of Pro Choice. Here’s another old chestnut for you, the unborn baby doesn’t get a choice.

          • Odd Ball

            And your solution is…

          • metalnwood

            So you condone murder.. So you wail at a tree being chopped down but happy to murder a baby.. Which are you, ignorant or willfully blind? Obviously you are very selfish. (edit heavy sarcasm)

            Where does all of this stuff come from? It seems an enemy is being made up as we speak but I wonder if it reflects any of us here who have first hand experience?

            How come I have to debate a person here but they get to debate based on a made up person that reflects the anti christ?

          • Odd Ball

            It’s interesting the assumptions that have been made about me simply because I stand by the view that it is the parents choice as to what they do.
            It is the parents that are making that decision, not me.

            By the way, I condone the killing of cows, sheep etc (whether they want to be killed or not), because I think they are delicious.

          • Mark

            So whether or not the parents are murdering the child depends on whether the human is inside of or outside of the womb?

          • luke

            Adoption by desperate people who would love and cherish the child, how does that sound to you?

          • Odd Ball

            I’ve no problem with that solution, but it’s not suitable in all cases.
            For example what if the unborn child is severely disabled & won’t survive past the age of five? Are you going to put a family thru five years of hell, so you can feel moral?

          • luke

            Feel moral? You’re making assumptions about me. I have three children and if that had happened to us, we would have been devastated. And if we experienced that no doubt there would have been times when I would have wished we’d killed the unborn child. Pro Life often claim “it’s just a bunch of cells” while wilfully ignoring the babies who are aborted, that are as old as premature babies who survive. Certainly it’s a moral choice for the parents, but it’s still killing mercy or selfish, let’s not pretend otherwise.

        • LesleyNZ

          Watch the Planned Parenthood undercover videos – they are not lame – they are real and not cartoons. You see real arms and legs and hearts and eyes and an intact spinal cord from the top to the bottom and lots of other little body parts. My pro abortion friends refused to watch them. They said they were fake. The reality is they could not watch them because they would have to accept that aborting and dismembering an unborn baby is barbaric and is murder. Here is a video with some in depth info about the unborn bay at the 12th week of pregnancy. What is your view upon watching it? Is the unborn a miniature human being or is it just a blob of cells or tissue? These little unborn human babies are pulled apart limb by limb when they are aborted Pro choice abortionists would have us believe a 12 week unborn baby is not human. This video says otherwise.
          The thing is, abortion nowadays has become a form of birth control.

          • Odd Ball

            If you bother to read some of the other posts on here with first hand experiences of abortions and the reasons behind it, you might understand why I am against people butting into other peoples lives & issuing moral judgements, when these people are struggling to make a rational decision as it is.
            They may for instance have to consider how attempting to raise a child who wont make adulthood will effect the rest of the family & the drain on their emotional & financial well been.

            Simply calling pro abortionist people ‘murderers’ is an emotive & dumb argument. To be logically consistent, you would have to say that all killing is bad, and killing terrorists before they kill you is bad. Therefore, there should be no soldiers or any armed forces, and the police shouldn’t have guns period.

          • LesleyNZ

            Well those who defend abortion should be very thankful that their parents did not think they would be a financial burden. You know as well as I know that abortion has become another form of birth control. An unborn baby is defenceless, helpless and innocent. The same can not be said for a terrorist or one who participates in such evil.

    • SaggyNaggy

      On the contrary, the videos are very clinical, apart from a short personal speech by the doctor at the end. They simply show what happens during an abortion. You should watch them. I’d actually say the same thing about slaughtering animals for food – everyone should watch that too. If you still eat meat afterwards, fine, but at least you’re informed.

      • Odd Ball

        Already answered this as below.

        • SaggyNaggy

          At an intellectual level (if not an emotional one) I actually have no problem with people arguing in favour of abortion, as long as they are honest about the procedure and are prepared to admit that it takes human life. That’s my criteria. I think if you can make an honest (though I disagree with it) defence of abortion and make an ethical argument that some human lives are not worthy of continuance, then I can respect that. What I don’t respect is the nonsense that it is not a human life (when it clearly is), or those who bring in the hoary old chestnut arguments from geography (it’s not a baby in utero, only ex utero) or viability (my child is seven and I doubt she could survive without adult care), or even means of conception (you can abort if it’s a product of rape and incest, but not genuine heterosexual lurve). I have plenty of time for the debate around abortion, but no time for these obvious logical fallacies. Unfortunately they are the majority of the pro-abortion arguments I hear.

          • Odd Ball

            I’ve simply said it’s not for me to decide, it’s up to the parents to make that decision. I’m assuming of course, that they are responsible people, and it’s not a decision made lightly. however, they are the ones directly involved. Apparently, that makes me an uncaring person according to some.
            It’s notable that the commentators who mention a first hand experience aren’t getting hassled, sort of says it all really.

  • spanishbride

    For those of you who have been emotionally upset by my post I am sorry that it made you feel that way. I actually was trying hard to not make it about moral or legal choices and to not come across as judgemental. I thought I was pointing out that watching these videos makes people upset no matter which side of the issue they are and that less people would make the choice if they knew exactly what was happening.

    I accept that it is legal and that people’s reasons are complex. I was not suggesting for one minute that it is a simple issue.

    My bias is clear. I have a close family member who was born disabled. I was offered a test on my unborn children because of my family history. The test would have put my child’s life in danger and they only would do it if I agreed to have an abortion if it came back positive. I declined.

    • metalnwood

      I understand that and I am sure you remember I usually have a reply on these posts but lately I try not to say anything unless I feel I must reply to something. I don’t want to create the debate.

      Thats partly because I don’t feel there is any debate here about it. We can debate about all the other posts all day long but we are adults and we have all been put in our own personal situations with our own views. To me, these posts are sermons. They are not debatable , we have all already formed our view on this topic and they are not changing.

      I don’t remember debate ever being properly had on all of these posts, just argument and judgement. I understand the rules of WO and at times I think that the comments go against the general good nature of the place. On other posts I think people might get pulled up for some things they say but here one whaleoiler can call another a murderer and other things, it happens every time but it does support the view of the site.

      Thats not debate and I don’t see the comments section ever having been healthy or helpful on this topic.

      • spanishbride

        I understand what you are saying. Abortion and Euthanasia were the only topics discussed in my Social and Moral philosophy class where people got heated and cried during the debate.

        Both issues involve killing a human being which is pretty personal and close to home. There would be something wrong with us all if it didn’t upset us.

        If someone calls someone else a murderer or any other personal insult like that here please flag the comment so that our moderators can do something about it. You are correct that there is a danger of our rules being broken when people are emotional about a topic.

        There are plenty of posts to choose from if one wants to debate an issue. This one is only one of many. While most of us have already made up our minds on the subject it IS possible to change our minds. The guy on the videos has performed thousands of abortions yet he now has changed his mind about it.

        I do not apologise for hoping to change some reader’s minds.

        • metalnwood

          Yes, as I said, I personally don’t mind the posts. It’s the sometime carnage in the comments that has riled me up in the past.

          I like to get on with everyone here and these posts have made me lose respect for a person or two here. Not because they hold a different view, that I couldnt care about, it’s because people can’t hold back the morals and the judgement.

        • Andy

          SB, you might find this podcast worth listening to, as it touches on the issues of abortion and euthanasia that you refer to

          It really is worth the listen, and atheists shouldn’t be put off the “Christian” bit in the website title; religion is hardly mentioned.

          Please don’t apologise for posting stuff like this.
          Free speech is something that is rapidly disappearing in our society, and intelligent debate about difficult subjects seems to exist only amongst those on the right/conservative political spectrum

          We can and do disagree on many issues, and should feel free to express those views in a civilised and polite manner, as you have done.

    • RightofSingapore

      Don’t apologise, people need to see what is involved in pre-natal killing (not ‘abortion’). They need to know what it is they are supporting. Yes, it may be emotional, but gee, the intentional and unnecessary killing of an innocent human baby (not ‘foetus’) is a pretty emotional thing.

      I don’t have a problem with making supporters or pre-natal killing uncomfortable, their discomfort pales in comparison with what the baby goes through when it is killed.

      • Usaywot

        I agree with you ROS. people are only upset because they don’t like the truth. And SB, you should not be apologising for genuinely held views. There are plenty of things on here I don’t agree with but they always make me think and that is one of the great treasures of this blog. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Valuing life is viatally important. Maybe, if as a society, we valued life more we would not have so many Mokos