Question of the Day

Aucky asks:

The Herald duly reported on Max Key’s 21st birthday at the Keys’ Parnell mansion.

Why do they never refer to Phil Goff’s home as ‘the Goffs’ Clevedon country estate’?


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  • Richard

    They did however mention that it was a Superhero/Villain themed party.

    What they failed to mention was that John Key extended an olive branch and kindheartedly invited Andrew Little to attend…sadly, Super Poo Finger Man sat alone in the corner all night, holding, but not drinking a cheeky Pilsener styled beer that was left over from the post budget clip.

  • JEL51

    Good question…Clevedon Country Estate eh….? Perhaps it is to avoid the paparazzi racing round to photo Phil holding the shovel….. still in his suit.

    • biscuit barrel

      This may be the reason why:
      luxury Parnell house, which features a pool, tennis court, spa, marble floors and seven living areas, sprawls over half an acre

      • JEL51

        Your SO right BB. Shocking display of wealth by one who worked damned hard over a long stressful period of time.
        Where as Phil’s Estate probably didn’t even raise a bead of sweat on the brow, in the job so heavily reliant on $Tax payers contributions.

        • Woody

          Hard workers spit on their hands when working with tools like shovels, Goff the tool spits on soldiers who have been working at the behest of the government of the day.

          • biscuit barrel

            Its a mansion right. So why the need to be defensive. Its not like it has a sign over the entrance YBPOOR.

          • Michelle

            A picture of Phil Goff’s place for comparison would be nice

          • Oh Please

            Don’t be silly – that would be balance. The left doesn’t do balance, nor does MSM.

          • Day Day

            Strictly speaking it would need over 700 m2 floor space to qualify as a mansion.

      • Usaywot

        Isn’t it wonderful to see hard working dedicated people, who donate their PM’s salary back to the country, rewarded. Good on you, John. I wonder how many other leaders have done the same.

        • biscuit barrel

          All Mps are expected to make donations to good causes in their electorate, its included as part of the salary package.
          The idea that it is ‘mostly’ donated is a myth debunked by Sean Plunkett on facebook
          “So I promised to find out about john keys 400 k plus salary and how much of it goes to charity. After talking to a person from his office here is the best info I can get. His pay goes into his bank account. He does give money to charity but doesn’t keep detailed records of how much. He doesn’t want to say what charities or provide a ballpark figure of what proportion of his pm pay he gives. In other words the oft claimed fact that john key gives most of, or all of his salary to charity has no basis in fact. Urban myth!!!

          • Mark

            I would imagine the primary reason he does not name names or amounts is the resulting issues that his favored charities would experience from the KDS crowd.
            I have no trouble believing that he is a very generous man,not that I expect him to be.

      • KGB

        Isn’t it wonderful that such a sucessful man is managing our great country.

      • Chris EM

        Thanks for posting that, biscuit, it’s good to see what can be achieved when you apply yourself to your job and work hard at it.
        Good on him.

  • Christie

    And what they should have said was – Max Key celebrated with a 21st birthday party at home.

    • hookerphil

      Not sure why a 21st party is a “story”?

      • oldmanNZ

        Its more tabloid than news. When helen was leader, did we hear much about her partner? Let alone, i didn’t even knew she had a partner during her reign

        • Anthony

          You mean the partner who came in thru the side entrance at Premier House late at night – which the police on guard were well aware of apparently?

  • Larry

    Congratulations Max.
    Now the MSM might refer to you as Max Key. Not John Keys son.

  • Sailor Sam

    We are supposed to believe that Phil lives in a State House in Mt Roskil, probably mouldy and damp and cold.
    And that PDB lives in a similar house or a one bedroom concrete box apartment in downtown Auckland instead of renting in East Tamaki, after selling their mansion in Totara Park for $1.68million and building a for bedroom house in upmarket Karaka.

  • thesilentmajority

    My son was there and was impressed by the fact that John Key was going around the party handing out the sausage rolls. He seems to keep it real for his family as much as possible, which is good.