Quick note from the moderation team

Due to the highly emotive matters of Moko and that other poor 3 year old torn to pieces due to a rape by a man “on drugs” commenters are clearly and justifiably upset.  Even in these circumstances, Whaleoil does not accept any comment that suggests the alleged criminals are to be put to death outside of lawful means.  Moderators have been deleting these comments, but since they are now coming thick and fast, from here on in a benching will result.


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  • Jdogg

    Shouldn’t need to be said, but threatening violence or anything worse makes “we” the public no better and what does it teach the un-reported, silent victims?
    “We” as a community need to be better than that and better than “them” who abuse out of anger, lack of control or what ever else excuses are used as justification.

  • rua kenana

    Violence of any kind, perpetrated by whoever on whoever, is self-perpetuating and should have no part in NZ society.
    Maybe many/most abusers were themselves abused and are either, by their abuse, seeking vicarious revenge or know no other way in their life. Which only highlights that, if not stopped by whatever means, such abuse which is primarily visited on the more helpless in society will continue on and on and on.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Fair enough. Best method is pre comment moderation by “saying” what you feel/think then type what fits the boundaries.
    No doubt these tragic events have got peoples blood up but the calibre of comments is as big a part of this blog as the raw content with many able to fire a shot without combustion.