Rangi Kemara* shows Ben Rachinger how to hack a blog

If you arrived at this article without the background, you need to first cast your eye over


Before we start today, a disclaimer:  *I do not claim any of the material that Ben Rachinger sent me, or conversations he had with me to be true.  It can all be true.  It can all be a lie and/or fabricated.  It is likely a mixture of both.  I do not claim that Rangi Kemara is Rawshark.  All I claim is that Ben Rachinger went through great lengths to  convince me.

Remember: The Media Party have all claimed that what Ben Rachinger has said about me is all true, and so if that is true then they must start believing that this is true too.

How to hack The Standard, or Whaleoil, or The Daily Blog, or Kiwiblog…

Ben sent some screen shots of a conversation he claims he had with Rangi Kemara.   Here’s the part of our conversation where that happened:


What follows is cobbled together from photographs taken of Ben Rachinger’s computer screen, sent by Ben to me, out of order, and with overlaps and gaps in the time-line.  Hence the poor quality, different lighting conditions, etc.  But here they are, hopefully in sequence, for you to look at.

[email protected] is Rangi Kemara and [email protected] is Ben Rachinger.


Note Rangi writes “I wont help anyone try to catch RS [Rawshark]”.  This suggests to me that he holds knowledge that makes it possible for him to do so.  It can be self-referential also.  Also note Ben and Rangi are talking about me.


See how they discuss “Slaters password” and how just guessing it through trying guesses one after the other is a poor attack strategy.


Now Rangi explains a more fruitful attack method: “addons” (software).  Note how Ben asks what addon was hacked to get into Whaleoil, but doesn’t get an answer.





I don’t expect the average reader to make any sense out of that.  What is being explained to Ben is to hack a blog you first need to find out everything about all the software involved.

Once you know, you visit websites hackers go where newly discovered security holes are published.  As these security holes are usually fixed very quickly, you have to act as soon as possible.

Once you have one to work with, you have to use a tool or method that can benefit from this security hole.  Once inside the computer, depending on your level of access, the process to create more access, more power, more control continues.


I find it quite interesting that Ben named Rangi as the hacker of Whaleoil (aka Rawshark) while at the same time being schooled by Rawshark/Rangi on how to hack a blog, using Whaleoil as an example.  But the same method will work for blogs like The Standard.

Did Ben hack The Standard?  He says he didn’t.  He wrote to me he did.  The Standard’s operator Lynn Prentice says he didn’t see any sign of it.  But then Lynn Prentice worked side-by-side with Ben as part of the prosecution in the court case against me.

None of this makes sense, until….  right?


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  • JustAnotherLurker

    What a peculiar way to take screen shots. Has he not heard of SnippingTool/Shutter/KSnapshot etc?

    • metalnwood

      maybe he was playing dumb in the conversation but you certainly get the idea he is nothing more than what you call a script kiddie.

      edit, for others a script kiddie is someone with no real skills that relies on others hack/scripts/exploits to do things.

    • Boondecker

      The only reason you’d be doing that so the computer from which data is being recorded doesn’t itself incur a record of a screenshot being taken. The other reason would be to quickly supply another party an idea of what your were capturing.

      I wonder why would you do that…

  • Boondecker

    Interesting “Rangi” is utilising a .de email address considering he was resident here in NZ. On the other hand, I suppose it’s no different to having a .com address. Hmmm, yet another link to something German. One could get speculative and all conspiracy theory-like and state the Dots are indeed slowly being joined…

    • metalnwood

      I think in this case, they are using a chat service running on a unix machine and his login is taipo. So that often is shown in an email address format although it may not actually resolve to a real email address.

  • rangitoto

    One thing Rangi does point out in this exchange that is useful to anyone, is do not use the same password for multiple purposes.

  • Boondecker

    I note the Maori translation of the word “taipo” is devil, ghost, spook or evil spirit. Was used to associate happenings or occurrences with someone else’s misfortune. How romantic.

    • spanishbride

      A ghost huh interesting? The translation of the Arabic writing on his twitter is interesting also.

      • Yeah, Arabic writing on a known Maori sovereignty activist is just poking the bear with a stick, ain’t it?

  • Rebecca

    Check Rangi’s twitter posts where he describes the anatomy of a Police sting. According to him, some of this pseudo-idiocy is intended to encourage boasting or other revelation by the mark. “Social engineering” attempts to draw information in other words. I doubt it worked: everything I’ve seen indicates that this Rangi has the proper level of paranoia online that once was the domain of black hats, but actually is what most of us should be adopting if we want to stay “secure.”