Rapes a 3 year old, why are the drugs to blame?

What on earth has methamphetamine got to do with this?

A Northland man high on methamphetamine raped a 3-year-old girl.

His offending only came to light after a doctor confirmed the young child had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

The man was invited to stay in the girl’s home but repaid the family’s kindness by raping the girl, Judge Duncan Harvey said.

“As rapes go, this is one of the most serious I have ever seen,” Judge Harvey said during sentencing in the Whangarei District Court last week.

He was sentenced to nine years and nine months’ jail and given a minimum non-parole period of five years.  

“There’s no other way to describe this better than heart-breaking. Your actions have done so much harm. Only time will tell how much damage has been done.”

The man was given name suppression after the family feared naming him would identify the child.

In a pre-sentence report the man said he had been “amped up on meth and couldn’t remember anything” when he raped the girl.

“Given her age there was nothing she could have possibly done to resist you. You raped this little girl when you knew you had an STD and you just didn’t care,” Judge Harvey said.

“You were in the home as a guest, out of the kindness of her parents and this is what you do.

He is just using his meth addiction as an excuse for his pedo behaviour.

What sort of a sicko rapes a 3 year old. The judges statement is ridiculous too, “You raped this little girl when you knew you had an STD and you just didn’t care,”. What is the judge saying…that he might have mitigated the sentence if he had worn a condom? Or perhaps not had an STD? What a silly statement.

The man, if you can call him that, is a unredeemable scumbag.


– Norhern Advocate


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  • JustanObserver

    I can’t fathom the ‘belief’ that because someone chooses to take drugs or alcohol or junk food etc, they they are a victim !
    Sicko’s and oxygen wasters just need ‘flushing’

  • Vaughan

    Bullet needed.

  • Oh Please

    ‘Most serious’ rape gets 9 years. Another joke judge.

    • Keyser Soze

      Yep, call me strange but by my reckoning the most serious instance of a 20 year offence should attract a 20 year sentence. Surely it’s not that difficult to work out! Dudges throu and through.

    • Rick H

      9 years?
      You’re kidding.
      He could be out in 5.

  • McGrath

    Crimes like this should be straight to three strikes regardless.

  • oldmanNZ

    what was a drug, STD man doing looking after a 3 yo? where was the mother?
    assumingly passed out as well?

    “The man was given name suppression after the family feared naming him would identify the child.”

    lets ponder for this for a moment.
    The 3 yo is not at school, so its not like she identifiable.
    he not the father or relative so just a freind visiting, could be anyone of the tribe.

    so are they protecting the man or the child?

    • Oh Please

      Themselves. Feral families attract other ferals.

  • papagaya

    The news report was definitely misleading, by categorically linking meth use to his offence. We only have his word that he was high on meth. And who would ever know, given the presumed time lapse between the offence and the poor little girl’s diagnosis.

  • Cadwallader

    9 years, 9 months, and 1000 STDs during incarceration (I hope!)

  • HunuaRanger

    Actually it wasn’t that long ago (well 5 years) when a certain NZ “comedian” with permanent name suppression was discharged without conviction after performing a sex act on his daughter whilst being drunk and “high”.
    So The defense of being high on meth seems valid, well at least according to the judge who sentenced the “comedian”, anyway.

  • zotaccore

    Some turd just got sentenced to 15 years for sexually abusing a child, raping her over a period of two years. The judge sentences this guy on meth for only 9yrs 9mths for raping a 3 year old. Seems the judges really aren’t applying sentences very well. I don’t give a rats what mitigating circumstances there were, but he should have got a damn sight more than 9yrs. I continue to have contempt for our judges as a whole and have little faith that it will change in the future. The Sentencing Act and system is a complete joke.

    • contractor

      True, but even the 15 year sentence is half what it should be. Rape, or indeed any wilful vicious assault or murder should be utterly intolerable by society and the pathetic judiciary.

    • raumatirover

      That was a Francis Kahui (any relation to the dead twins?). What gets me is his whanau offering him support at court!!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Name and picture required so he can be entered into the FB page for Pedo’s, rapist and deviant sex offenders. 9 years & 9 months with min of 5 years then this low life will be back a community possibly near you. Should have been a minimum period of 15 years to let the victim reach the age of majority to sue him for harm and damage. Dreams are free but this feral shouldn’t be.

  • taxpayer

    Five years, what a joke.
    He should have got five years just for using meth with a small child in the house.
    And then another twenty for the rape.
    But instead somehow smoking meth around little kids is a mitigating circumstance.
    The topsy turvy world of NZ justice, makes you sick to your stomach.

  • The Fat Man

    So what strike is this.


  • Christie

    This is so awful, I actually couldn’t bring myself to read it.

  • Dan

    It is a staggering thought to think that this little girl will be halfway through Primary School, having only recently come to grips with the English language when this evil thing may be out on Parole. Even then, She will not even be a teenager and still at Intermediate should be serve his full term.

    And that is the worst case of rape the Judge has ever seen?

    He should be locked up until the girl reaches the age of concent and then serve the 9.75 years after that. 23-25 years would be apt for this low life. Oh, and break the key in the lock.

  • raumatirover

    What does his whanau have to say about this?

  • StreuthCobber

    Unfathomable and so sad for this little girl. And The monster who did this too her msut take full responsibility. But what aobut the parents – If someone is so high on meth (or any other drug) they don’t know what they’re doing, you shouldn’t invite them to stay at your house with your babies. That your kids aren’t safe if you have people who are abusing hard core drugs staying at your house. Tell them to stay at a hotel. If they can afford drugs they can afford a hotel.

  • Pita

    “Amped up on meth and couldn’t remember anything” is just another
    plea in mitigation, in the same way as “Your honour I was drunk at the
    time” used to be regularly served up in court before drink driving became unacceptable, it would now likely earn greater punishment.

  • andrewo

    A bullet….

  • Michelle

    My first thought was how did he rape this child and the parents not notice anything wrong with her?

    l mean there must have been injuries
    the only thing l can think of is she is living with useless parents who aren’t really caring for her, and that is why they didn’t want to be named

    She had to be seen by a Dr to find out this rape (because of the STD) had taken place and wonder if it was a one off?

    l am sickened by this and the judge giving such a soft sentence makes it more sickening

    Another one for Northland that is 3 sentenced in as many weeks and the bus ticket sentence again