Would the real leader of the opposition please stand up

Yesterday Bill English delivered the Budget.

As is usual everyone gets a lash at it, and I watched most of the budget speeches. What I noticed was a stark contrast between Andrew Little, the leader of the opposition, and Winston Peters the man who isn’t leader of the opposition but is polling higher than the man who is.

This was Andrew Little’s speech:

John Key then delivered his speech:

And then Winston Peters after 15 minutes of whinging from James Shaw:

I don’t agree with much of Winston Peters’ speech but there is a stark difference between him and Andrew Little.

Keeping Stock commented:

I was lucky; a shower of rain came through as Little was speaking, and the Sky decoder went into rain fade mode for a minute or two.

This shows Little’s and Labour’s problem. He is so dreadfully hopeless and retarded that no one can stomach listening to him. This is why Winston Peters is collecting Labour voters, or the soft centre of National voters who can’t possibly contemplate voting for Andrew Little’s labour party.


– In the House


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  • luke

    It’s the old adage about it’s not what you say but the way you say it. Perhaps Angry should read “How to win friends and influence people” because at the moment he can’t do either.

    • Geordie

      He does have some rather unfortunate mannerisms, which they would appear to be trying to control, but then he just comes across as wooden. When he gets into full flight and his party start cheering the fa├žade falls away completely and he just looks like an angry thug, try watching with the sound off! His handlers are probably trying to make him look passionate like Key, but he just yells and looks angry, it is impossible to even imagine what he would look like as the PM.
      Winston will be watching and he will know that if he goes with Labour (locks the Greens out, just like in the old days) and is the DPM, the chances are Little will be so unpopular that he may have a chance to be PM without even having to negotiate it.

      • Sailor Sam

        With the continuing slide of a little party into the popularity abyss, he will be the leader of the largest non-National party in the house and thus command the prime minster spot in a NZF/labour coalition and he will need the Greens also.
        Thus you will see the green co-thingies as DPM and labour’s new leader Jacinda become minster in charge of Woman’s Weekly.
        edit – spelling

        • OneTrack

          Angry Andrew can be the third co-Deputy Prime Minister.

          • Wheninrome

            They could refer to them as a “THEY”

          • Sailor Sam

            With no list MPs, he won’t be back.
            Auntie Annettte is not going to give him her seat either, so it is New Plymouth or bust for him.

  • Gladwin

    He’s so pathetic I’m starting to believe he’s a National party mole.

  • Don O’Brien

    It’s like National a few years ago. Jenny Shipley rolled Jim Bolger. And Bill rolled Jenny…. And Don rolled Bill….. and John rolled Don… Don Brash lifted National above 30% in the polls and that was a huge morale booster. One national MP back then confided that he had trouble getting out of bed some days during the under 30% polling. Back then I felt like saying “If someone on a MP’s salary has trouble getting out of bed, then he should not criticise people on the dole who have trouble getting out of bed to look for a job.”

  • kayaker

    Winston’s speech was terrible. His cocktail of smarm and arrogance carries him, or so he thinks. His xenophobia came through loud and clear yesterday. ‘Foreigners arriving in this country on foreign airlines, staying in foreign-owned hotels’ … ‘Paula Bennett wants to kick people out of their hometown so their place can be taken by an immigrant’ etc.

    There was nothing of substance in his speech. Just ask the people of Northland what they think of him.

    Edit: typos

    • They voted for him, and will probably do so again because no one in National has the stones to take him on.

    • Observer

      Well, to be fair, Peters is correct about the role of immigration policy in boosting demand. From 1991 to 2013, non-New Zealand citizen immigration accounted for around 71 per cent of the change in the number of households (or dwellings required). But yeah, his rhetoric is pretty unpleasant.

    • XCIA

      What do you expect from someone who has lied, cheated and stolen from the public purse for decades. Show us the money Magnificent One.

    • Clydesmum

      We are still waiting for our bridges!!,

      • rua kenana

        Ask Joyce/Key/Osborne. It was they who promised the bridges and, probably predictably enough, didn’t deliver.,

  • shykiwibloke

    The deaf interpreter was more interesting to watch. I was waiting for him to put his fingers in his ears and walk off set crying

  • It says something about the state of the opposition in New Zealand when Peters is being offerred as their best option for leader.

  • Monty

    For a decade now labour through five leaders has had their vote circa 30% while Nats vote remains strong and unprecedented at circa 50%. Let’s repeat that 5 leaders , vote remains Circe 30%.
    No gamechanger
    Nothing positive in sight
    The greens continue to scare off labour supporting people into voting NAtional.

    Is the next Labour PM yet in parliament?

  • Left Right Out

    I really think the venom of the left is envy… they just hate the fact that the current govt gets things done…. including catering for leftists. This is why they hope and pray they can find a scandal on JK as its the only why they might have a chance.

    • OneTrack

      Well, the alternative is coming up with coherent policies and they can’t do that either.

    • Wheninrome

      Typical left want everything handed to them on a plate, to hell with actually doing any hard work and coming up with something people want, something that people might vote for, lazy politics.

  • zotaccore

    I cut off Littles speech after 20 seconds of listening to it, and as for Shaw – how dull and boring he is – cut him off after about 15 seconds. How on earth do these numpties ever get into parliament. Geesh.