Red Katie isn’t happy either

You’d have to say that Andrew Little’s much touted pre-budget speech has gone down like a cup of cold sick amongst the journalists.

I watched Katie Bradford wiggle her way through her summary and was left with the distinct impression she was unimpressed.

She was quite disparaging.

Joyce was right, Little’s speech was a collection of slogans unsupported by any facts.  

Short of any specifics One News took to the streets and even quoted one person as saying they were devastated that there was no increased mental health funding. I can’t believe their editor let that one through…the budget hasn’t even been delivered and yet this woman is devastated by a lack of funding?

Bradford slammed Little by stating that he struggled to answer the question on whether he thinks one of the solutions for Auckland’s housing crisis was to bring housing prices down. Andrew Little can’t answer that question, because in order to do so they are going to tell Aucklanders that they need their house values to drop and that they are going to do it to them. Any politician who thinks that is a vote winner is deluded.

When interviewed after her pre-recorded piece she used words like “no big new ideas”, “mixed messages”, “unclear”, and “vague”.

So if a big pinko like Katie Bradford can’t cover for Andrew Little and neither can Claire Trevett then you know that he missed the mark…massively.




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  • shykiwibloke

    I would assume that the lower income sector have a larger proportion of high Loan to Value ratios (LVR) – so by ‘lowering’ the price of Auckland homes, you would create more negative equity situations amongst those Labour is supposed to champion. Yet another case of socialism hurting those it pretends to represent perhaps?

  • Doc45

    David Lange had charisma and a silver tongue. Clark had authority and political nous. That is how they got their voters out on election day. What has Little got? I doubt he could even get his staunchest union mates to the ballot box. He is the best thing Key has got.

    • Greg M

      If the dopey bugger can’t even get his own mum to vote for him, he doesn’t have much hope of inspiring the missing million at all, and bumper sticker slogans aren’t going to do it. People are a bit smarter than what he thinks.

  • Dave

    We have seen many failings from Angry Andy lately, and he is without his Press Secretary, was her job so hard trying to make him look even reasonable she left in horror? And, now there is no one to keep him on the straight and narrow he is doomed, and now being set up by his own team. So many errors lately, he would be far better to keep quiet and just smile and waive. Or is it that there is still time for a leadership change in the next few months and Andy is facing the high Jump, just no one has told him yet?

  • Ross15

    Clearly the leftie MSM journalists have decided enough is enough, Little has to go. But will they achieve anything –remember ” no matter what we do , we can’t change the polls” ( or whatever the exact words were)

  • Crowgirl

    Obviously the word has been given and the white-anting has begun in earnest on all sides. Labour have reconciled themselves to losing the next election, so under the bus you go Andy.

  • Aucky

    Could it be that Labour and the Media Party suspect that Bill English has a king hit still to be announced in the Budget and Andy’s pre-Budget ramblings were expected to pre-empt any such nasty surprises. Well,he’s clearly fallen well short of their expectations and wouldn’t it be great to see Bill fire a real clincher aimed straight at the ‘missing million’ on Budget day.

    • localnews

      He should forget about the missing millions, and labours voters and deliver for the people that voted national into government! Slashing government spending is what I would like to see

      • Aucky

        Political expediency. As you well know it is largely a matter of the Nats versus the rest and it’s knife edge stuff under MMP. There are sufficient people who voted National last time who would vote for Labour, Greens or NZF given the incentive to do so. They are all that stand between you and Andrew Little,PM and they don’t give a rat’s about slashing government spending.

  • Ben

    What I found interesting was Little’s concern for ‘middle’NZ. A certain Mt Bradbury who claims to speak for the left has consistently made his contempt for middle NZ crystal clear. Are Little and Bradbury clear about whose vote they want? As part of middle NZ I do not wish to vote for a party when a large section of it has total contempt for me.

  • I’m failing to see how the speech was aimed at “middle” New Zealand….first off you get Hipkins boasting about buying three dozen of bluff’s finest ( conservative price of say $20 a doz- $60 spend and then leaving them behind) and that is followed by Little using unsubstantiated research to proclaim that middle New Zealand is worse off under this government to the tune of $50 a week….how??? Statements (and lets face it that is all it was- a loose collection of statements poorly moulded into a “speech”) might sound good when preaching to the choir but in the real world it doesn’t mean anything. you cannot expect to hit at the heart of middle new zealand when those in the middle are reasonably happy with their lot at the moment.

    • Abjv

      I take it that Labour now supports tax cuts as a way of getting that $50 per week into the pocket of middle NZ. Or is Little now off the reservation also?

  • ShoreRight

    I commented last night that maybe Katie knows that her David is waiting in the wings – to make an encore when Andy falls off the stage. It was quite remarkable watching her last night – regular watchers would have noted her demeanour straight off.

    • axeman

      Interesting that Little Andy is already using the wishful thinking line that Martin Luther Cunliffe often spouted two years ago … ‘the Labour government I lead’