Refugees: Does NZ really want more?

Andrew Little wants to double the refugee quota

Andrew Little wants to double the refugee quota

Nearly overnight we’ve arrived at a point, without any debate or public input, that we’ll have more refugees.

After years of lobbying, Amnesty International is finally confident the Government will increase New Zealand’s refugee quota.

Every party in Parliament has publicly backed raising the quota, except the one that counts — National.

Labour and the Greens want it doubled to 1500 at a minimum, with ACT and New Zealand First supporting a less dramatic increase.

“This has got beyond being a right/left political issue; this is a basic humanitarian one,” Amnesty International NZ executive director Grant Bayldon told Paul Henry this morning.

New Zealand ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack for accepting refugees on a per capita basis, and even lower when GDP is considered.

“We’re so far behind all the countries we compare ourselves to.”

Little wants more refugees

Last Week Labour leader Andrew Little visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, home to about 80,000 Syrians. Mr Little says the experience strengthened his resolve to raise New Zealand’s quote to 1500.

Mr Bayldon says this isn’t surprising.

“You can’t meet the people in those circumstances without being affected and thinking New Zealand can do more… You meet people who used to be teachers, used to be nurses, they used to be builders and they just want to make a start. It’s always about the children — they want their children to have the opportunity to get to safety.”

The Government last year announced an emergency, one-off intake of 750 Syrian refugees, 600 of them on top of the quota.

Helen will need a change of underwear at all this support for her push to be the Leader of da World. This isn’t a biggie for National to cave in on.

National can look wise and considered but, in the mean time, the whole thing needs to look as if it’s inevitable to ensure Hells gets the job.


– Newshub


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  • Observer

    This is outrageous. National and Labour are bowing to liberal elites in the media and online. There is no way that a majority of voters want to increase the quota (they may want to reduce it).

    I recall last year Jacinda Ardern posted something on facebook about doubling the quota and had several Maori women asking how they could do this when their is already poverty in NZ.

    There is a new book out in the US by Thomas Frank, ‘Listen Liberal’ about how the left have basically abandoned their working class supporters. That in part explains why Trump is doing so well – he represents actual working class and middle class concerns, not elite virtue signalling and pathological altruism.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      elite virtue signalling and pathological altruism

      Precisely. Everyone would be better served by NZ contributing to solving the crisis causing it and supporting refugees in the middle east, not uprooting them to the other end of the world and a totally different culture, language, religious base etc. It is difficult for Poms to readjust here…I cannot imagine what it would be like for Syrians.

      Anyway. How much experience have we had with those who have already arrived? All going well? Or a few ‘teething issues?

      • Observer

        ***totally different culture, language, religious base etc. It is difficult for Poms to readjust here…I cannot imagine what it would be like for Syrians.***

        Papua New Guineans grasp this while supposedly highly educated Western politicians just think everything will work out fine (although some of the s8xual assaults and segregated swimming pools in Germany earlier in the year might be waking them up).

        • Anthony

          And then theres instances like an Afghan refugee student seeing no problem with stabbing another student in the face with a pencil.

      • OneTrack

        There was an issue with a cohort that were sent to Hamilton. It didn’t last and they were pulled out and sent to Auckland. Lots of spare housing in Auckland though, so not a problem.

  • virtue signaling on FB goes like this > ” we need more refugees and I will personally provide our family home to accommodate them/come-on Mr Key!”
    Reply> “if you have space and time, how about accommodating one of the countless unwanted children ‘child youth and family’ cannot find a homes for? They are in crisis and these are desperate kiwi kids that need you”
    Answer> silence (every time without exception)

    Its and indictment really. Refugees are cuddly teddy-bears and homeless parent-less Kiwi kids are someone else’s problem


    • intelligentes candida diva

      Totally agree money ought to be invested into caregivers to assist finding longer term placement homes for NZ ‘vulnerable’ children otherwise the asylum seekers will come cap in hand expecting social resources and the current problems will just get bigger.

      I do support refugees however I think the intake appears to be low to moderate needs. There are still refugee camps in existence that have been set up for years . I do think too many people like Andrew Little & msm are blinded by emotions or just dont get it or want their ‘do gooder’ day in the sun

  • intelligentes candida diva

    i am tired of being gawked at, just yesterday I drove out of a supermarket and three males were sitting on the railing, one just stared all the way round. I nearly yelled out something but didn’t although thought if I had been walking I would have felt a bit disconcerted

    If refugees are to be taken in ensure they are refugees and also NOT of the Islamic faith that supports ‘Muhammedian lifestyle’ such as lies to non Islamic believers or sex with children because that is in opposition with NZ law.
    Here is a thought too perhaps the leaders need to actually read The Q’uran first

    Can we have a vote please Mr Governing People?

  • lyall

    Considering even the second generations of refugees can turn on their host countries violently as has been shown in Europe – it seems the question is not about what we ‘want’ but more about what we ‘need’ to do to prove to the world that we will do anything to not risk being called ‘mean’, or worse the ‘r’ word!

  • Greg M

    According to Labour and the Greens immigration, especially those with chinky sounding names are fuelling the Auckland “housing crisis”, but economic migrants aka refugees don’t ? The party of consistency strikes again.

  • cows4me

    Do the people that pay the bills in this country ever get asked if they want more refugees, no the spineless Liberal cowards that pass for our political overlords have it covered. What is the point in voting in this country when we get the same crap dished out by who ever is in power. They want more refugees, how about asking the bloody people that will have to pick up the bill and live with them. They won’t of course because they know the answer.

  • I agree we need to take in more refugees, its the number that’s debatable. Lets get in former Yazidi and Christian sex slaves and their families, those poor women need all the help we can give.

    • Gaynor

      Absolutely I would support that 110%.

    • Davydz

      They would also give voice against muslim extemists in a way that couldnt be called islamophobic.

    • johnandali

      If we did that, Helen Clark would not gain the support of Muslim countries for her quest to be UN Secretary General. I think the agenda is that we take Muslims, Helen gets Muslim votes, we get Muslim support in the Security Council. It’s called, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”. And it obviously excludes any refuge given to non-Muslims and to any political support for Israel. I would like to see the Foreign Minister, McCully, interviewed by media about all this.

      • OneTrack

        So the New Zealand resident and taxpayer needs to take one tor the team, so that Helen will get the job of her dreams – probably demanding we take more refugees “to show leadership” or something.

        I don’t see what New Zealand gets out of the deal, except some sort of warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe someone can explain?

        • WBC

          You are right OneTrack, particularly about “the job of her dreams”, it is not for NZ nor for anybody else that she seeks it. It is for her own power which she will seek to achieve at the expense of others without the slightest hint of remorse.

      • As much as I hate to think so, I fear you’re right.

      • WBC

        IT is truly okay, in fact it is good if Helen does not get the position. The only saving grace if she did is that for once the veto would actually be a good thing.

        She is driven, but she is not driven by the needs of others. Nobody who works for the U.N. out of an actual desire to do good could ever feel safe if Helen was in charge, they would cease to be able to make tough decisions in tough places without the fear that Helen would see them crucified. She is not to be trusted.

  • William of Norwich

    I do tire of the Refugees are good for our society, Bees are good for our society nobody puts a Beehive in their house. Last time i checked neither Jordan nor Turkey are at war, why can’t they stay there?

    Russia and the Syrian Army are on the verge of defeating ISIS, people are returning to Palmyra it is liberated.

    And i really wish they would stop calling Afghan,Iraq,Kenyan,Somali,Libyans…Syrian refugees…..

    • Isherman

      Most in the Zaatari camp will be Syrian, but you’re quite right about all the others. Between April and June last year, only 44,000 of 213,000 arrivals in Europe were actually Syrian. It’s not clear if Little is suggesting we take 1500 from this camp or others in Jordan specifically or just raising the quota regardless of where they come from.

  • Hans

    Andrew Little needs to house these Migrant and not dump them on the rest of us, he says more but just not where he lives – dump them with all the poor people and let them sort it out. I the EU they live in very fine homes with police patrols and fenced communities and feel all warm and fuzzy when they dump them on the general population. You sacrifice nothing, the poor do.

  • Wasapilot

    I can not understand why we a pressured by the un, amnesty intl and other such groups, to take more refugees, when I have never heard calls for for Saudi Arabia, UAE and like countries to take even one refugee.

  • sheppy

    Shouldn’t the leftests be congratulating the government on eradicating all poverty and other hardships? I mean if we need to bring in more benificiaries who statistics say 60% will never work it must mean we have public money to spare!

  • sandalwood789

    Given that almost all of the refugees will be Muslim – the very ideology that has caused the problem in the first place – we owe them *nothing*.

    Little should ask himself why it is that the wealthy Islamic Middle-Eastern countries are taking *no* refugees. So much for the “ummah” that Muslims keep going on about.

    • WBC

      The wealthy Islamic countries actually are taking refugees in a way. It’s just that they’re not doing anything pleasant for them. They’re using them as indentured labour while they’re useful and then turfing them out again when not needed anymore.

    • Terence Hodgson

      Of all the 38 countries that couldn’t be arsed signing up to the UN Refugee thing, see what’s underpinning the following non-signatories: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brunei, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and, curiously, North Korea!

      • rexabus

        Very good. Please, someone put this list of countries on the desks of Smalley, little and all the other naive bleeding heart agitators for this madness

  • sandalwood789

    Consider this – if Europe breaks out into full-on civil war against the Muslims, what then? Surely they would then be formally “the enemy”?
    How could Key then justify taking in some of the enemy? There’s a word for that and it begins with “T”.

    ( In fact, Muslims are already the enemy because Islam declared war on all non-Muslims at the time that it was founded. Key just hasn’t realised it yet. )

  • Dog Breath

    In answer to the titles question the answer from me is no.
    I manage multi million projects. Each project requires a detailed and comprehensive business case where what is the problem being solved, benefits, liabilities, costs are big ticket question items that must be answered. How come I need detailed business case to spend millions yet the same rigour is not being applied to spend the same amount on refugees.
    What is the cost benefit, what is the problem that this will solve, what are the liabilities.
    It’s my understanding that 50% of refugees are liabilities for 10 or more years relying on our social program for survival. The other 50% are not so succesful that their contribution to taxation off sets the loss of those relying on long term state assistance so overall a liability. They have not spent significant time contributing towards public health costs so they are a liability there. Same applies to education.
    There are 100’s of thousands probably millions who for what ever reason are refugees. We take in 750 and doubling it to 1500 is not going to make any difference to the overall problem so this is not a solution. Integrating refugees into the Kiwi way of life is often problematic resultant in disillusion and taken to extremes they attack the hand that feeds them.
    In conclusion refugees are a cost liability upon the tax payer and society. Being a significant tax payer I along with others who have large incomes are being told to fund this.
    So Amensty International and Labour what exactly is the benefit to me as a tax payer paying for this given you won’t be paying a cent towards this cost nor will you be helping with the on going social cost that us in our society will be left with to sort out.

    • Observer

      Great point – I think it is because politicians just see it as other peoples money and want to signal their virtue to Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, the UN and the rest of the liberal elite.

  • Uncle Bully

    GUESS WHAT? Syria needs nurses, teachers and builders. Send the bludgers home.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      I desire to help but a bit sooky because I believe that is where many of the real refugees remain. I think many of the alleged refugees are actually asylum seekers from other under the radar of msm such as Pakistan or Somalia for example.

      • Nyla

        you got that right

  • rua kenana

    Every supposed refugee we bring here takes us closer to 3rd world status. On the same path that Sweden is even further along. And it just encourages the supply of even more “refugees” from the source countries.
    And it correspondingly reduces our ability, and our desire, to genuinely help the people having problems in their home countries.
    The “bring them all here” syndrome as an alleged solution to problems in the middle east and elsewhere is both insidious and counterproductive and, given the European experience, likely to make NZers more wary and antagonistic to the whole “refugee” thing.

  • Old Dig

    If they want more refugees to come here, then I’m fine with that….. on one condition: Never complain that there is a lack of jobs and housing ever again.

    • Nyla

      theres no lack of jobs just lack of workers to fill them … complaining of no jobs to get is someone with an agenda or doesnt want to work

  • Sailor Sam

    Stuff Helen and her new job, no more muslim refugees, not now not ever.

    • Terence Hodgson

      In Helen Clark’s office at the UN there’s a large poster (sorry, mission statement) which says RESILIENT NATIONS. To me, resilient means able to police borders (as the UN holds dear) so I’m sure Helen will take this catchphrase along with her like a dear old handbag wot her mum gave her!

  • Mick Ie

    Before we take any more refugees, has there been an analysis done on previous refugee arrivals regarding how many are working/contributing versus those that are being supported by the State and over what period of time?

    • Nyla

      you got my vote for PM !!! plant that statement on the PM table

    • Observer

      Some stats from economist Tino Sanandaji:

      The figures refer to the number employed as the share of the 15-65 population for each immigrant group.

      Immigrants from Iraq:

      Sverige 29%.
      Danmark 22%
      Storbrittanien 42%
      Nya Zeeland 40%
      Australien 32%
      Kanada 52%
      USA 62%

      Immigrants from Afghanistan:

      Sverige 24%.
      Danmark 18%
      Storbrittanien 23%
      Nya Zeeland 23%
      Australien 34%
      Kanada 46%
      USA 54%

      Immigrants from Somalia:
      Sverige 24%.
      Danmark 16%
      Storbrittanien 15%
      Nya Zeeland 25%
      Australien 22%
      Kanada 36%
      USA 52%

      • Mick Ie

        Thank you. Not a high level of employment amongst immigrants in general. That leaves the majority unproductive and we must therefore presume they are dependant on benefits and that this is their only source of income?
        I wonder if these are market renters or have been given State houses to live in too?

      • rexabus

        They didn’t come to work I guess. Some of them give it a go though ,I’ll give em that – I saw a muslim lady with the headscarf helping her husband out on his commercial residential lawn mowing round a few weeks back. Somewhat surreal image to me but good on them for getting stuck in

  • rexabus

    A flipping flag gets a multimillion dollar referendum spent on it. A decision on taking in more muslim refugees , an issue that pertains to the real welfare and nature of our society and country ,gets rubber stamped and a free pass without any input by the people it will affect most. This really stinks!

    • Observer

      That’s the case with immigration policy decisions across the western world. It’s always been the result of lobbying behind the scenes. And you’re right, demographics are destiny.

  • one for the road

    We dont need anymore immigrants, we should only take refugees that will integrate immediately – if they cannt be integrated into society and have founds jobs, etc within 2-3 mths then they arent up to it – they should be able to speak some english, be of similar faith and beliefs, have some education and quals, and really want to come here and integrate into our society- both males and females – if not, then they should go to a country that is more alied to what they have/want… Regardless of what the politicians and bureacrats say.