Hilary is replaced by a weather girl that we’ll call Hilary too


Hilary Barry’s replacement was called Hilary by the highest paid professional at Mediaworks.   An accident?   Is the female talent really that interchangeable?

Being called Hilary within the first 30 seconds was probably not the welcome Ingrid Hipkiss was hoping for at her new job on Paul Henry.

The Newshub weather presenter, who was initially thought to be stepping in for three weeks, has been announced as Hilary Barry’s permanent replacement.

But at the beginning of Monday’s episode, while viewers could see Barry’s seat was occupied by Hipkiss, there was confusion for radio listeners when Henry said congratulations and good morning to “Hilary”.

Newshub weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss was introduced as Hilary on her very first day on Paul Henry.

It might sound akin to Henry’s sense of humour, but the host was quick to apologise and blamed his age for the slip.

If he’s that demented already, he shouldn’t be in the job. 

Hipkiss took the less-than-ideal first introduction in her stride, saying that there was “almost” no place she would rather be.

The much-loved Barry signed off from MediaWorks on Friday, with her last appearance on the Paul Henry Show and the 6pm news bulletin.

Mediaworks announced on Monday that Hipkiss will permanently take over Barry’s role on the breakfast show, while fellow Newshub reporter and presenter Samantha Hayes has taken up the seat next to Mike McRoberts on the evening news.

The rest of Monday morning’s show Paul Henry Show went well, but the on-screen chemistry viewers became accustomed to under Barry’s tenure was lacking.

Ingrid may have thought the move from weather girl to Paul Henry’s misogynistic punching bag was a step up in the world, but she’s quickly discovering that the deal is not what she thought it was.


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  • Dave

    Oh dear, a rudderless ship, deckchairs, Titanic. I think its inevitable.

  • Gaynor

    I found the tone of her voice is easier to listen to than Hilary’s. Her voice supports my deafness so good luck to her.

  • stephen2d

    Has there been some “fracas” with Paul Henry? I remember in the past even his book being promoted here, but now it seems there has been something gone awry in a relationship (if there is one).

  • sheppy

    She seemed happier than Hillary and didn’t scowl all the way through the John Key piece which is a big improvement in my books. No doubt TV3 management would have told her off for that….

    • Cadwallader

      When will the SHUB starting referring to her as a trained and skilled journalist? Will she need about ten minutes of focussing on an auto cue to be qualified?

  • Reid

    Hilary Barry’s replacement was called Hilary by the highest paid professional at Mediaworks.

    He’s certainly the highest paid. But I’d rather listen to Ed the Talking Horse if I was looking for wisdom, insight and perspicacity. Still, by TV3 standards, he’s head and shoulders above anyone else.

    I’m just waiting for him to burst out braying like Eeyore. I’m pretty sure he can’t suppress his true nature for that much longer.

  • Paul Marsden

    I think she’s great! Loved her quick witted humour. Hope she stays awhile.

  • Sailor Sam

    She never said a word, she was overwhelmed by PH.

  • Lux

    My opinion is PH, has been told to toe the company line, he is indifferent to whatever female sits across from.. and that’s why he called her Hilary this morning..

    Everyone is a Hilary to him ..

    He has lost the spark he once had, on Breakfast TVNZ, and dumbed down ..

    He is taking the money, and running.. honey ..

  • Keanne Lawrence

    *Ingrid who? Henry is trying to make the news and still has no concept or understanding of successful interview technic. Soon he’ll get the new cheerleaders name right but he remains ill-suited to visual media.