Rodney Hide on taxpayers dollars funding attacks on NZ industry

Rodney Hide writes in the NBR about the fishing hit job perpetrated by German eco-terrorists, the President of the Labour party, Nigel Haworth, and the media party:

The University of Auckland was recently party to an orchestrated hit on New Zealand fishing.

A press release trumpeted “New Zealand Fishery Catch Estimated at 2.7 times More Than Reported” with theirs “the best estimate to date.”

Their estimate is not the best. It’s junk.

The research paper was circulated ahead on embargo to opposition parties and environmental groups. That maximised the hit. The report’s partisanship was reinforced with one of the authors being Nigel Haworth, president of the New Zealand Labour Party.

The report also served to leak a “preliminary investigation report” of compliance investigation undertaken by the government back in 2012 and 2103. It’s not usual to have university reports leaking government material.

Their own report is pseudo-science at best, but actually a political hit job based on guesses and no demonstrable or provable facts.

The upshot was the BBC running the news that, “A leaked New Zealand government memo casts serious doubts on the sustainability of fish that are widely used in McDonald’s restaurants.”

German environmentalist Barbara Maas, privy to what was in the report ahead its release, called on McDonald’s to drop New Zealand hoki in their fillet-of-fish to “save the Maui’s dolphins.”

In the swirl of the media hit it didn’t matter that the hoki fishery is hundreds of kilometres south of where the dolphins live and doesn’t use set nets. There’s no danger to dolphins from hoki fishing.

There was no rush to clarification from the report’s authors.

A political and industrial hit job predicated on a lie. It was shameful the Media party ran it, and thus far haven’t retracted the claims or investigated the willing liars in the campaign against our fishing industry.

For the record the international and independent Marine Stewardship Council report says: “In 2001, New Zealand hoki was the first large-scale whitefish fishery to achieve MSC certification [the gold standard in fishery sustainability]. The fishery was subsequently recertified in 2007 and 2012.”

Since 2001, hoki stocks have more than doubled. The Hoki fishery is a fishing success story.

The attack is nonsense.

And based on a lie

The university research paper established the massive overfishing figure of 2.7 across all fisheries over 63 years correct to a decimal point by talking to people, writing down their numbers, getting other numbers, averaging them and then connecting the dots.

The method, the researchers explain, was “critical realism” with the 308 interviews following the “Appreciative Inquiry” approach. The interviews weren’t judgmental, with the researchers recognising that “reality can only be partially observed by a single individual.”

The data obtained were averaged and extrapolated.

“When a range of values was evident for a particular anchor point, we used the mean. We used linear interpolation to calculate the missing data between anchor points.”

The results from the interviews were assumed representative.

“The total estimate was calculated by applying the average individual estimate to the total number of fishers for each year and summed.”

The study is not replicable and not credible.

A bit like climate science. Not a single prediction has come to pass. Not a single model has proved true. The data is massaged and manipulated so as to not fit for a proper scientific purpose.

People in government and industry have been working long and hard for decades to make New Zealand fishing an economic and environmental success.

It’s disgusting their tax dollars fund universities hell-bent on economic sabotage and political hits.

It is also disgusting that the Media party were involved and haven’t recanted when the facts prove otherwise. That makes them complicit and it is little wonder they are no longer trusted by the public.




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  • Uncle Bully

    I wonder if anyone is going to request MPIs video evidence of the alleged by-catch dumping via OIA?

  • sheppy

    If it’s an untrue hit job then it’s time the troughing university’s study went the same way as tv6 & tv7.
    This government spends way too much money funding it’s barely hidden opposition

  • Anthony

    Some people and media need to be sued.

  • Dave of the West Bank

    The 21st century has been the century (so far) of yours truly’s awakening to the mendacity and lies of the so-called Fourth Estate.

    Quite by chance I had just read about The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and how it was speculated that it was a false-flag event and that it never happened, when I mentioned it to a casual acquaintance at the bar in my local in Fiji.

    “It never happened,” said the white-bearded old Yank.

    “How do you know?” I queried.

    “I was on the USS Maddox, and I can tell ya, it never happened!”

    That was probably when I started to wake up.

    Fiji coups BS.

    Global Warming BS.

    Fishing industry BS.

    Political BS.

    BS ad nauseam.

    My advice? Believe nothing until you’ve personally checked what’s been reported. The media are only useful in advising that something has happened – not the how’s and why’s – that you have to find out for yourself. Therefore the Fourth Estate is just about past their use-by date.

  • Damon Mudgway

    The MSM feel it’s their job to hold the government to account. Well, quite frankly, they’ve been doing an infantile job of it over the past decade or so.

    It’s our job, the public, to hold media to account. Little wonder then that media is in dire trouble, with journalists now held in the same esteem as lawyers and politicians. The truth is out there, just not in Stuff, the Herald or the like.

  • DangerMice

    All I remember thinking was if we’re over fishing by 2.7 times, and the fish stock is still increasing, then just increase the quota so we can eat the fish dumped instead of dumping it. It’s obviously not causing any harm to the fish population!

    • localnews

      Good point, the fishing industry should be applying for higher quota based on this report. That would be ironic

  • Keyser Soze

    Yes McDonalds, drop NZ Hoki in favour of purchasing products from far more environmentally responsible countries like… Indonesia, China, Spain, Russia or (insert East Asian country here)!!!

    • taxpayer

      Yes lets have some of that lovely Indonesian fish, you know, the one’s they grow in sustainable farms and live in water that is pretty much a sewage pond, yum.

      • Disinfectant

        And the ground up paste (made into pellets) they feed them comes from trawling the ocean floor, completely cleaning it out of all organic material. It completely destroys the food chain.

        And now some of these factories have closed because they have destroyed their source of organic material.

        An Australian small farmer/restauranter made a documentary series on this. It is compelling viewing.

        • Keyser Soze

          Do you know the name of the doco?

          • Disinfectant

            Mathew Evans.

            Interesting that my earlier comment was deleted.

          • IKIDUNOT

      • Keyser Soze

        You can just see it eh? McDonalds send out Press release dropping NZ Hoki due to suspicions over Maui dolphin by-catch and are now sourcing sustainable Indonesian fish. Then McDonalds will be attacked by some other nut bags over slave labour, pollution, not buying locally made or some other developing country problem. My advice to McDonalds – make a big public show of telling Maas and her ilk to naff off and stop attacking NZ industries. It’s not like they’re gonna lose sales from the bearded sandel wearers anywayI

  • taxpayer

    I see the word estimate used several times there.
    Might as well just say guess, so if the report is based on guess work then why are the media reporting it as if it were fact.
    I am also disgusted that our hard earned tax dollars are being use to sabotage our fishing industry.
    But that’s what I have come to expect from the ivory tower dwellers, holding hands with the Labour party.
    It’s either finger wagging and pushing for stupid unworkable taxes to be shoved on to everyday Kiwis, or this kind of drivel trying to hit the Govt and to hell with the little guys who get hurt in the process.
    I have about as much respect for university reports as I have for the MSM and Nigel Haworth, zero.

    • Rick H

      It really isn’t even “guess” – to “guess”, you will come up with a number you believe would be about correct.
      No, these people actually “choose” a number – one that will fit in with the hit-job they want to land.

      • Cadwallader

        I agree. There must be a point where a guess which is entirely without deliberation is nothing other than a lie?

  • shykiwibloke

    So a bunch of people who know what they are talking about say ‘none’ and a few wierdos say ‘ 1million’ and through the bastardisation of math the come up with a figure that is way off reality and claim there is a cover up. Yeah right.

  • XCIA

    When anything is attributed in the future to Nigel Haworth it should be qualified as Nigel Haworth (LIAR), lest we forget.

  • Oh Please

    What do you expect? The left lie. They lie about Key, they lie about Trump. They lie about climate change, they lie about socialism, they lie about capitalism, they lie about the security services. They lie about fat Germans, they lie about maori. They lie about beneficiaries, they lie about the health services, they lie about immigration. They lie with the intention that if the continue to lie then some of it will start to appear real.

  • Ross15

    After reading how they did their “research” all I can say it far worse than I could have dreamt it could be. How that could be classed as research on this sort of issue is beyond me. The Auckland University board ( or whatever they call themselves) should hang their heads in shame.