Saudi Cleric releases video explaining how to properly beat your wife

This week the Herald has been focussing on domestic violence.

Perhaps they should be questioning, as part of that investigation, increased immigrations from adherents of the religion of peace, especially when one of their clerics issues a video explaining the correct way to beat your wife.  

In an online video, Saudi family therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby imparted advice on marital strife. Beating one’s wife, said Al-Saqaby, should be intended as a means of discipline, rather than to vent one’s anger, and should be carried out not with a rod or a sharp object, but with a tooth-cleaning twig or a handkerchief. “Unfortunately, some wives want to live a life of equality with their husband,” he said. “This is a very grave problem.” The video was posted on the Internet on February 24, 2016.

So, according to a Saudi family therapists so long as you don’t get angry when you beat your wife it’s all ok.

Perhaps the domestic campaign could be changed to reflect cultural values. “It’s not OK…if you are angry”.


– MemriTV


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  • STAG

    I’ve shown this to Mrs STAG to try and curb her equality desire,

    She said Bring It!

  • I may try this tonight. However could someone call me an ambulance if o haven’t reported back by 10pm

    • rexabus

      That’s about where I stand too. They must make a different type of woman in muslim lands. The western females I’ve known wouldn’t have much time for even a token beating

  • David Kerr

    These people are actually locked in some kind of stone age, god help us all. Let trump get hold of some serious weponary I reckon

    • waldopepper

      i suspect putin will probably beat him to it. my guess is you will see a suitcase bomb turn much of the middle east to glass sooner rather than later.

  • Cadwallader

    My wife says she’d “deal to the stone-age prick with bits of barbed wire.” I suspect she means it and is more than capable of doing it.

  • Eddie

    Saudi deserve some more sheep from McCully for being so honest, right?

  • Tiger

    Isn’t a Saudi the head of the UNHRC? That is the lefty used by date ex politician retirement fund or as they call it the United Norberts for Humorous Righteous Carry-on. Give me strength.

  • kereru

    Beaten with a handkerchief? Well, knock me down with a feather.

    • Aylene Price

      Bit kinky are you, or is that only if you use the whole chicken? :)

  • rexabus

    Excellent. Sound practical advice for the discipline of a wayward wife. I shall attempt to implement these techniques tomorrow and make arrangements for a suitable boarding house for my accommodation for Monday night

    • murrayirwin

      rest of the month? year? Life?

      • rexabus

        Home would be out for a long while Id say. I don’t know what’s wrong with these western women though – every time a man attempts to beat such a woman she gets all grumpy and distant

  • phronesis

    This video makes perfect sense. If I suggested any of that stuff to my wife I’d also find myself sitting alone in a forest with nothing but a bed sheet to wear and a tea towel on my head.

    • Huia

      And with an ice pack on a certain part of your throbbing, bruised anatomy.

  • Aylene Price

    The comments here are the best thing I’ve read all day. Go you good things, we can always start a give a little page for your hospital care.