Save $700 per year per child – send them to a Charter School

The hypocrisy of the Left has no limits.

They complain about the cost of education – uniform, stationery, donations, trips.

They complain that Charter schools could aim to make a profit (despite them all being “not for profit’).

Then when some provide all of those things for no extra cost they then accuse them of bribery.

The person making the “bribery” call is Iain Taylor – the Principal of Manurewa Intermediate who is bitter as families are flooding into South Auckland Middle School which is just down the road from his school.  

The message is clear. Parents are listening to it as well.

If you want a very high quality academic education and you want it to be genuinely free (i.e. without all of the costs the State schools slap on top) – then go to a school like Middle School West Auckland and South Auckland Middle School or Vanguard or any other charter schools out there.

Legacy and union controlled schools are failing their students, and charter schools are providing much needed competition to them.

Parents are voting with their feet and leaving the state schools. They are seeking better results for their kids, it’s just a shame that some principals, like Iain Taylor, and the teacher unions along with their patsy MPs like Chris Hipkins don’t want the same results for those kids. Instead they want the competition shut down and disestablished.

Bring on more charter schools…let’s get competition humming.



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  • JLS

    The market is beginning to do its work. Just like the PC disrupted IBMs world, and the Internet is disrupting the telco dinosaurs, charter schools will disrupt inferior,union dominated, so called free education. Change or become extinct. Keep at it David- you are a doer.

  • sandalwood789

    I would say to Taylor “stop whining – get your head down and get into it. Give the children a *real* education. Teach them about world history – ancient Egypt, the Battle of Tours (and the Reconquista that followed it), the American Civil War and so on.
    Teach them about the magnificent science history of the West. If you can do all that you’ll have no time left for whining and the achievement in doing all this will be much more satisfying.”

    • Aucky

      Compulsory Te Reo, rewritten NZ history and TOW studies are far more relevant than that trivia.

  • spanishbride

    The Teachers’ Union cry is always, give us more money and we will do better. Stop giving OUR money to charter schools we need it to help us help students struggling in our system.

    No matter how much money schools have been given, none of them to my knowledge use it to take away the common barriers to an education for disadvantaged students in the way Vanguard Military School and South Auckland Middle school do.

    The Union cannot have it both ways. Charter schools cannot be profit driven, corporate ,heartless entities AND the providers of free uniforms, breakfast, stationery and travel costs. If profit was the motive rather than helping students succeed what corporate in their right mind would spend so much money on its customers?

    Accusations of a bribe annoy me as it ignores the academic success that both these schools have had. Taking away the financial burden on families is a hand up not a hand out as once in the schools a high standard is expected and encouraged. These students have a lot more to gain than a few freebies.

    • Left Right Out

      Thats the thing with Unions… they want a monopoly, they don’t want to be held accountable and they ALWAYS want more money

  • Wayne Hodge

    I was in brief succession last night amazed and then appalled by the statements of Taylor when I saw him on the news. How he could utter the rubbish he did simply made me realise how dangerous the teachers unions are to the success of NZ.

  • Michelle

    l think Mr Taylor needs to look at himself and what his school is failing to offer the students if they are leaving for a charter school

    It is just like 2 shops, side by side, selling the same products but one offers better service than the other one

  • johnandali

    We often forget that every other western country has exactly the same problems as we do. Hospitals, medical treatment, legal system, prisons, welfare, defence, and…….. (wait for it)…. education. The only problem is that our media don’t tell us this. They only tell us about NZ problems as if we are the only country in the world with them because of our centre-right National Government policies, and not that every other country has the same problems. I read that in Western Australia, the charter school system has by far the best academic results in the state. Naturally, our media will never tell us that.