Say goodbye to Disney Princesses meeting their Prince Charming


Liberal groups are pressuring Disney to transform Queen Elsa from the Disney film Frozen, into a lesbian for the sequel Frozen 2.

A twitter hashtag #CharmingPrinceForElsa has been started as people reacted to the viral twitter hashtag#GiveElsaAGirlFriend

As a purely business decision it doesn’t make sense. Movies need a massive audience in order to be successful so they need to appeal to the majority. The majority of viewers who will pay for their children to watch a Disney film will be heterosexual. While in real life they may be supportive of Gay marriage  they will not necessarily want to see it in a Disney movie unless they have a gay child.

Disney is about the classic fairytale which traditionally is about the Princess finding her Prince. There is nothing stopping the Liberal community from creating their own movie studio to create exclusively LGBT movies. We are already seeing more TV shows with LGBT main characters such as Netflix’s Orange is the new black.Orange-is-the-New-Black-Cast

Instead of trying to change Disney which is a long standing promoter of heterosexual fairy stories it is more appropriate to start a new organisation. We heterosexuals may only be the majority but we have rights too. 

This week, the LGBT lobby and liberal Hollywood stood together demanding Disney create Queen Elsa’s character into a Lesbian. If fact, they claim, based off of her character views in Frozen, she is already a lesbian and now only needs a girlfriend.

In their viral campaign, the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlFriend instantly became a trending topic across twitter and popular on Facebook.

Global media outlets with influence started publishing opinion articles, calling this message “universal… there are women who love women, and that we deserve love stories too.” This unified demand is for Disney to ‘improve its record on representing LGBT people.’

They want Disney to feed our children a political movement.

Frozen is the “highest-grossing animated film” of all time. Its influence reaches into the hearts and minds of children. Girls across the world grow up dreaming of the day they marry their Prince Charming and they want to be like their favorite Disney Princess.

GLAAD, a US gay lobby organization and hate-group against Christians, released a statement criticizing the 11 films released by Disney in 2015, “0 appearances of LGBT people” in these animated films.

This attempt comes in the name of political correctness. We hope that Disney will not give in to the pressures of the liberal agenda. We are asking you to fight back now. Ask Disney for Elsa to fall in love with her Prince Charming. #CharmingPrinceForElsa

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  • Miguel

    Man, homosexuality has gone from being the love that must not be named to being the love that won’t shut up. Minorities are just that – minorities. Most people are straight – deal with it. Also, this is a film franchise for pre-pubescent children, so not an appropriate avenue for socio-political messages about sexual orientation; save that for media targeted at teenagers.

    • Theoneandonly

      Right, it’s ok to show pre-pubescent children a character who pretends to love someone to steal her birthright/inheritance, leave her to die, and then tries to cleave her sister in half with a sword Game of Thrones style but it’s not ok to show pre-pubescent children a character who might be attracted to someone of the same sex?
      I know which one I would find easier to explain to my 4 year old.

  • R&BAvenger

    No more knee jerk reactions to liberal/minority pressure groups, especially via social media. If these people want to fund, and produce such a movie, with LGBT characters, then they can do so themselves and see how commercially successful it is.

  • PhantomsDoc

    Hmmm…just trying to imagine the outrage if they made ‘The Beast’ (in Beauty and the Beast) female.

    • CoNZervative

      How appropriate you illustrated this comment with a picture

    • oldmanNZ

      that would be like the green party co leaders? but not sure which is which.

  • Caprice

    Perhaps it would appease everybody if she just had a steamy fling with the bridesmaid, the night before the wedding..

  • tas


  • PhantomsDoc

    As an aside, my 4 yo boy would be awfully upset if Elsa got a girlfriend, she’s his favourite Disney character. Most tall blonde women he meets instantly become “Elsa’s” and they seem to be quite taken by him (wish his dad was as smooth).

    Why would Disney go out of their way to destroy a heterosexual icon?

    • OneTrack

      Why indeed?

  • KatB

    I thought there already were gay icons in the cartoon world. Weren’t Noddy and Big Ears gay? Weren’t they banned for a while because somebody with too much time on their hands decided they were, simply because they shared a bed? What a brilliant idea, start changing the sexual orientation of Disney characters because if there’s one thing children absolutely need, that is to start worrying about issues they never knew existed before the adults in their lives planted the seed. Of course they’ll have to start banning the books like Franklin the turtle and Thomas the Tank Engine because kids will be confused when they don’t feel like they’re a turtle or they can’t relate to being a train.

  • Old Dig

    SJWs should stay the hell away from children.

  • cows4me

    Disney, it’s got nothing to do with Disney…………it’s about
    Legalizing homosexuality,
    Demand non-discriminatory laws,
    Force gay marriage on society,
    Insist on homosexual adoption of children,
    Push the homosexual agenda in schools,
    Demand public funding to deal with increased homosexual-related social problems,
    Promote the transsexual agenda,
    Impose a large scale loss of free speech ( hate speech ),
    Normalize homosexuality,
    Attack churches

    In short homosexuals are the attack troops for the progressive agenda, they want “special” rights, homosexuality must be accepted, homosexuality is to be promoted in schools and to the young especially, destroy Christian values etc. They seek to break down the family unit and ultimately western civilization. It’s an evil agenda.

    • KatB

      It is possible that Disney has been pulling the wool over our eyes though. I’m starting to suspect that Prince Charming was in fact born a woman but is transgender. I’m not sure if he’s had the full op or not and as we never get to hear about the wedding night, I guess we may never know. This is a matter that definitely needs looking into as I’m sure the little kids will be in a lather over it.

    • CoNZervative

      Federally force States about where to wee under penalty of sanctions

  • Eddie

    Why can’t Elsa be married off as a child bride to a 40 year old Muslim man under Sharia law recently introduced into the land by immigrants claiming to be refugees. That might not be a classic fairy tale ending but it may better reflect real life – and there are more Muslims who want Sharia than there are LGBTs in the world.

  • CoNZervative

    ” a gay child”? Quantify! or is “gay” now (like “gender”) an “expression”?? ‘Gay’ used to be a verb now its a feeling an association or an expression – like Obama being “Black” or being “Maori” so you can get a scholarship or – like Christian Cullen – play for the Maori All Blacks It’s all becoming meaningless (such is the politics of identity)

  • CoNZervative

    I’ve always suspected that big Purple Dinosaur and who is “Mr Blobby” exactly?

  • BR

    This sort of thing is where the normalisation of homosexuality was always going to take us. Now in the US there are calls from the Attorney general, Loretta Lynch, to allow transvestites to use the girls toilets. The federal government wants the power to compel the states to allow perverts wearing dresses to go into the girls toilets and engage in their creepy voyeurism, and possibly worse.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Get real. Many already see homosexual females as some sort of cartoon characters so in that context it might be reasonable. No doubt they would also have to be black to cover all bases.
    Hardly likely even the modern day Disney thinking would extend to the promotion of gender confusion as is tending to be the norm with lesser identified brands.

  • Theoneandonly

    I’m going to go against the grain here and disagree.

    Elsas sexual orientation was never addressed in the film – she might have been lesbian all along. To lament her being ‘changed’ to suit some political agenda is disingenuous since we don’t have any information that she wasn’t. Perhaps Disney intentionally left it ambiguous?

    For those who claim that since a majority of the population is straight we don’t need a gay princess – as it stands 85% of the current line up of Disney Princesses is confirmed straight (Merida and Elsa are the only ones without a romantic storyline). If Elsa were confirmed lesbian, 85% of Disney princesses would be confirmed straight. Seems like an overwhelming majority to me.

    Finally, the pearl clutching over our delicate children’s sensibilities about being shown an adult woman (Elsa is over 21 and a *Queen* for pities sake!) choosing to be in a relationship with another woman is riduculous. The subtext being that it’s inappropriate for young children to see that because there’s something wrong with it. We should be past the ‘homosexuality is a perversion’ mode of thinking by now.

  • Union Jack

    Just the same old hate filled zealots trying to push their twisted ideology on the rest of society.
    Even if you are not a homophobe this constant barrage of nonsense is just about enough to turn you into one.

  • jonno1

    I’m reminded of a real-life story, albeit a bit off topic. My wife was taking her cancer-stricken friend (now deceased) to hospital. The friend asked to stop at a florist, then debated whether she might be deemed a lesbian due to her baldness (no wig on) but thought, so what? They went in and her friend presented the flowers to my wife as a thank-you, who spontaneously hugged her. They got back in the car and both burst into hysterical laughter.

    For the record, my dear wife hugs a lot including those of her friends who happen to be lesbian. Most women seem to be huggers, and even I have succumbed somewhat in my advancing years, including of men if they’re close friends, but I avoid young women other than close relatives!