Little says more selfies is an indicator of popularity, I’ve worked out why

The other day Andrew Little was ebullient about his prospects in the coming election next year.

His rationale was because more people were wanting selfies with him.

I’m not kidding, that’s his proof, here’s what he said.

After a trough in the polls, Little believed Labour was bouncing back and said that was shown by the response to him out and about New Zealand. People were stopping him in the street, shaking hands and taking “selfies”.

“There is a mood shift, there’s a changing expectation.”

I’ve been scratching my head over that, but yesterday I worked it out.

The influx of people wanting selfies with Andrew Little are actually children.

They think the leader of the opposition is actually Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.


It isn’t actually an upsurge in popularity, it is simply a case of mistaken identity.

I think Andrew Little is going to have to find another critical success factor.




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  • johcar

    I suspect he thinks this way because John Key was wildly popular last election (still is) and had requests for lots of selfies with the “missing million” and other supporters.

    Therefore, if John Key had lots of selfie requests and won the election, the same holds true for Angry Angry.

    Faulty Labour logic strikes, yet again.

  • YankeeManu

    I watched Wallace and Gromits ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ at the weekend and you are bang on with the likeness. It does beg the question who’s Gromit in the political scene?

    • Tiger

      Gromit has to be Robbo?

      • Chris EM

        That’s what I thought as well, then I remembered that Gromit is the intelligent one, so…I can’t think of anyone!

    • Christie

      The Were Rabbit

    • Dan

      The ghost of Michael Joseph Savage?

  • Keeping Stock

    I think you’re being very, very unfair Cameron; to Wallace.

    I actually reckon there’s a different reason. People are taking selfies with Little because they know he is living on borrowed time. It won’t be dead snapper this time, but stay tuned for the Labour leader to get white-anted any day now, maybe even as early as his speech in reply to the Budget on Thursday.

    • Christie

      Do you think? I was under the impression that everyone in Labour was resigned to being stuck with him until the next election.

  • shykiwibloke

    There is a difference – Wallace is looked after by a smart practical dog that knows how the real world works working tirelessly in the background.

    • yoyoyo


      • shykiwibloke

        Disqualified by ‘knows how the real world works’ in my carefully crafted statement to exclude the little socialist behind Little.

  • RoboRob

    I wonder how many of those ‘selfies’ have people making funny faces / hand symbols in the background.

    People don’t just get selfies with people they like !

  • Korau

    Wallace was produced with claymation, that meant he had feet of clay all the way up to the top of his head. Andrew, on the other hand…..

    • adam

      .exactly, Angry Andy’s foot stops when it reaches his mouth

  • stephen2d

    Bill Shorten is currently using a similar “tactic” across the ditch, where cameras are following him and suddenly women come to kiss him on the cheeks, people suddenly smile – which more looks like a set up to show “how he is caring and approachable”, whereas as a bully unionist, he is all the opposite.

    Watch this space when campaigning starts in NZ and we suddenly see this sort of fake heartwarming stuff.

  • Karma

    At least Wallace is likeable, and watchable.

  • James M

    Awww bless. Has anybody got the heart to explain to Andy the difference between a selfie and a photo bomb?

  • Tiberius

    I think he is wearing the WRONG TROUSERS!

  • metalnwood

    We must differ on this. I think he looks more like Beaker, wearing bunsen’s glasses. He’s always talking about me me me me me so sounds like him too.

  • Oh Please

    The increase in the number of selfies is due to most people knowing this clutz’s days are numbered. It’s the rarity value of possibly being the last to get a selfie with the ex-leader.

  • Toby

    Andy hasn’t figured out the difference between getting a selfie with the PM which is generally pretty cool and then walking along the street and going, hey isn’t that the guy from TV, was he on shortland street? shall we ask him for a photo?

  • James M

    This pretty much sums it up. Another of his videos has been posted by the WO team before.

  • Alfred12

    Selfie what selfie, I watched angry at womad this year, zero selfies and no one talking to him let alone wanting a photo. The man is deluded.

    • Dan

      Well, if zero at woman and later on, one at a cafe then that shows a huge improvement. Relativity my dear friend, Relativity.

  • Rick H

    It’s even better with the muppet facing the same direction as the puppet

    • Doug

      Look, they even got the teeth right!!

  • Zanyzane

    Wow that is incredible likeness. His eyes does exactly that all the time.