Sharnae Helena McLoone is our Idiot of the Week

A Blenheim woman was “carrying on like a gangster” when she fired a BB gun at a group of young people in a Burger King car park, a judge has said.

Judge Tony Zohrab said he almost laughed reading the summary of facts, until he realised the defendant Sharnan Helena McLoone had a child.

McLoone, 21, admitted unlawfully possessing an imitation firearm and driving while disqualified at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

Police said McLoone drove into a Burger King car park on Halifax Rd, in Nelson, about 9pm on February 12.

She stared at the group of young people as she passed and when she left the drive-through, she parked beside them and spoke to them through the car window.

She asked what they said as she drove past, told them they were being smart, and shouted abuse at them.

McLoone pointed a BB gun at them.

She told them again they were being smart, and shot the gun four or five times, hitting one person in the back twice.

The group told her to go away, the summary said.

“Do you want me to pull out the real gun?” McLoone said.

She got out of the car and walked towards the group.

“What are you looking at, red-head? I’ll rag-doll you under my wheel,” she said.

McLoone pointed the gun at another person and let off five shots, hitting him in the head.

She then got back in her car and started to drive away.

One person shouted that they had filmed her actions.

McLoone stopped and drove across the car park towards them at speed, and the group split up and ran in different directions, hiding and calling police.

Police pulled over a silver Volkswagen Passat saloon matching the description given by the young people about 10.15pm on Washington Rd.

McLoone was in the front passenger seat.

When police asked where the gun was, she took it from under her seat and handed it over, along with a magazine containing six ball bearings.

Police asked if she was driving the car when she spoke to the group.

“Yeah, and I don’t care,” she said.

She was disqualified from driving for six months on January 18.

They asked why McLoone had the gun.

“I just have, who cares? I got it in Christchurch. I swapped it for a fifty bag. I just do, it’s not an offence.”

“McLoone”, I thought. That rings a bell. As such a name would…



She’s clearly from the smarter side of town. This won’t be the last time we read about this paragon of good decision-making.

Sadly, as the judge discovered, these people breed, and sometimes even vote.


– Stuff


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  • Dave

    “She’s clearly from the smarter side of town” Yes, have to agree, it is Blenheim, hardly the place with the lowest feral population (Sorry Nige)

    • Dog Breath

      It’s called over the tracks.

  • Keeping Stock

    Never has a person’s surname been so apt, although the Mc bit is a bit tough on those of us with Scottish heritage.

    • Carl

      McLoone in a Burger King car park. She didn’t want to insult her heritage by doing it at a Mcdonald’s.

    • KatB

      Maybe it’s her onstage DJ name, MC Loon. Goes with the whole gangster theme.

  • Mark

    The Judge would not have been laughing at me when he sentenced me because I have a plan to protect myself against the likes of McLoone,that would have not protected my bank balance or my freedom.

  • Oh Please

    This is when pussy-footing judges let us all down. This feral is too ignorant and arrogant to ever change her ways. Giving her community service or suspended sentences or home detention is never going to work. This is the type of waste genetic material that needs to be kept under sedation in a lunatic asylum – and have her tubes tied.

  • Genevieve

    The tragedy is that this woman has a child. She obviously has low intelligence, a filthy temper and a lack of self-control. These factors must endanger any child that is living with her and I sincerely hope that Social Services have her and the child clearly on their radar. Unfortunately the threshold is set so high to remove children from people like this.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Bit of an escalation here, going from punching someone in the face to shooting someone in the back and head. What’s next?

  • rexabus

    “50 bag”? Drug lingo I suppose. I thought it was supposed to make you peaceful and mellow. That’s what a lot of potheads say anyway when they compare it with the aggro alcohol is supposed to bring with it

    • Uncle Bully

      She might actually be peddling weed to fund her meth habit. That would explain the aggressive, irrational behaviour….

      • rexabus

        Yes, point that. It doesn’t really seem like weed behaviour but meth definitely