Shhh…don’t tell anyone but Gerry Brownlee is in Israel

Gerry Brownlee in Israel

Gerry Brownlee travelled to Israel after his visit to Iraq. He’s also tried to keep it very quiet, with it not even being reported in NZ media.

Pity, he went for a visit with ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon though and the Israelis know how to use Facebook.  

Defence Minister of New Zealand , Gerry Brownlee , today in my office . Despite the great distance between the two countries , have quite a lot in common , especially security cooperation . During the meeting, the defense minister asked me for a picture hanging in my office , the Israeli Air Force flyover over Auschwitz . I explained to him that for me , as a Holocaust survivor and a fighter and commander of the army , it is an event that has moral significance and proof of the importance of Israel’s ability to defend itself and its citizens on its own.

It’s a pity Andrew Little didn’t go along instead of grandstanding in Jordan. He might have learned something about regional security and why our troops in the region are useful.

I haven’t seen any reference in the NZ press to the visit.

Perhaps the government feels that press coverage wouldn’t help Helen Clark’s run for the UN top job?


– Facebook


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  • biscuit barrel

    maybe it wouldnt hurt Jerry to issue a press release, as we know the media party only write stories that are given to them on a plate.
    has he been given instructions from the PMs media minders, that his visit is a Dont ask, Dont tell event.

    • biscuit barrel

      Is Andrew Little there as well ? After all he was in Jordan a few days ago

      • Isherman

        Both good points. As for Andrew Little, not sure how popular a visit to Israel would be with his lot though, the grassroots wouldn’t be too happy I would imagine.

        • Sailor Sam

          Question time in parliament is tomorrow, so the leader of a little party will want to be there to try and crucify John Key for employing a good lawyer for some real estate business.

  • Isherman

    Oh dear, wait till Wrongly Wrongson and his bunch of happy’s get wind of this, he’s busy frothing at the mouth now over a possible visit by a US warship in November for the Navy’s 75th celebrations, this will send the left into fits of rage.
    But you have to question the Media silence. Very suspect.

  • cows4me

    ISIS will not be amused, Gerry enjoying the protection of the Israelis. It’s like watching a large snapper jump the hook, imagine the suicide vest they could fit Gerry out for.

  • PsychoKea

    We have spent quite a bit of money over the years on Israeli weapons systems so makes sense to drop in.

  • JC

    Iraq’s govt is in tatters at the moment and a state of emergency has been declared. It will be interesting to see how Labour handles this tomorrow.