Simon Collins now pimping the ‘terrified’

How can anyone be terrified by a budget that delivers millions more to bludgers, keeps entitlements as they are and delivers $640 million more for social investment including $200 million for replacing CYF and $200 million more for housing for 750 more places for those with most pressing housing needs, $42m for 3,000 emergency housing places, a new emergency housing grant and $36 million to continue home insulation. Also $100m to free up land in Auckland for housing?

Well the NZ Herald must have them on speed dial because Simon Collins managed to find a bloke, if you can call him that, who is “terrified” of the budget.

A man who spent 18 years in state care says he is “terrified” by the Budget changes to Child, Youth and Family.

Daryl Brougham, who wrote a book last year about his experiences, said the extra $95 million a year for the new “super-CYF” children’s ministry would go mostly to private contractors through competitive tenders.

Some of the worst experiences in his life in care were when children’s homes closed down because contractors lost their contracts.   

“What I see is that with CYF getting privatised, they all compete for the same funding,” he said.

“So Barnardos, Fostering Kids, Dingwall, House of Hope, the Salvation Army, the whole lot of them, all they do is compete for funding. They undercut each other in order to get it.

“I’m terrified to think that we have more money going to agencies to compete against each other. Why don’t we see how we can use this money so that we all work together?”

He’s terrified? Where does the Herald find these people?

I’ll bet you a dollar to a knob of goat shit that this guy has been whinging for years about how shit CYF is…and now something is being done about it…he’s terrified.

He should change his adult diapers…it appears they are leaking.


– NZ Herald.


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  • shykiwibloke

    Perhaps he was really terrified of the other CYF – Captian Y Fronts.

  • George Carter

    A classic failure of the left! When will they realise that most people immediately switch off to their argument when they start using overly emotive terms such as “terrified”?

  • Karma

    Is this the same guy with a LinkedIn profile that says he’s a “Government Consultant at CYFS”?

    • axeman

      Wouldn’t that be a hoot and a own goal

    • kayaker

      It looks to be the same guy – between the image used for his book publicity and the one on LI, one r/two r’s aside. This blows the credibility of the article somewhat.

      Could this be another one of Labour-sourced MSM feeds?

  • Kerry

    Entitlements every where you look in the western world, one day we will all end up dead broke,its inevitable .Former states bank governor Alan Greenspan was speaking about the same issue on Fox news today,the downfall of western society,via entitlements.

  • Cadwallader

    I suppose the only thing which truly terrifies me is the thought of a Labour/Greens government. I smell a stitch up here. It is a pity the media can’t first evaluate stories before dumping the contents on their shrinking readerships.

    • Dave

      I guarantee they had 5 to 10 pre prepared sob stories ready to go, complete with “poor hard done by person”, just like popcorn, add butter and heat, all they had to do, was do some final wordsmithing to make them fit the budget.

      • Caprice

        That is exactly what I was thinking.
        ‘Fire up the the air scrubbers and turn on the lights in the RNZ bunker, we have work to do! … Go thru the budget and find anyone who didn’t get a handout.. Right! Now get on speed dial to the usuals, and we’ll pick the best bleat to lead at Six.. God I love this job’.

  • sheppy

    Anyone that’s “terrified” at the thought of a government department being reorganised to make it better really has a narrow take on life. I mean seriously “terrified”?
    A quick google suggests he had a rough start courtesy of the department, so assuming it’s the same person, perhaps “Overjoyed at the prospect of better outcomes for future children” would be more on the mark?

  • digby

    Why is a person who has spent 18 years in state care qualified to comment about a budget? Does he understand budgeting? Does he understand macro or micro economics? Does he understand politics? I would expect not if he had to rely on the state for 18 years of his life. Why does the media feed the population this garbage and why do we stand for it.

  • RockinBob625

    “They undercut each other in order to get it.”. Surely this is what we want, a service delivered in a quality manner for the cheapest price. Currently we seem to get a lot of high cost reports and blunders, and not a lot of action.