Sledge of the Day

John Key sledged out Andrew Little at the start of this budget speech.

Weapons grade sledging:

That was poor old Andrew Little, was it not, who has achieved only one thing in 2016, and that is to make David Cunliffe look popular and confident. That is it for 2016.

They do not call him “Angry Andrew” for nothing. But not without good reason, because half of his caucus wants to leave and the other half of the caucus wants him to leave.

You cannot say that he does not have a vision, like all of the great left-wing leaders around the world. I mean, just take a look at it: Bernie Sanders wants to rid the world of poverty; Jeremy Corbyn wants to rid the world of conflict, and Andrew Little, he wants to rid the phonebook of Chinese-sounding surnames. He has got a vision for all of those Chinese and Indian chefs. He wants them to be called Bruce or Trevor—that is his idea of a Chinese chef.

Then you have Andrew Little’s staffer contractor Rob Salmond begging NewstalkZB to have him on Larry Williams show.


Perhaps if Rob hadn’t been in the budget lock up quickly writing Andrew Little’s speech for him so it would be better than last year’s effort then he might have been able to arrange some proper media instead of whining on Twitter.

Andrew Little and his little band of helpers still dish up union hustings stuff.  They don’t realise Andrew Little is supposed to talk to Mr and Mrs Middle NZ.


– In the House


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  • Keeping Stock

    Key was certainly enjoying himself yesterday. He and English know that elections are won and lost on the economy, and right at the moment, Bill English has the economy in pretty tidy shape, with big improvements on the horizon.

    And kudos to whoever wrote the Sanders/Corbyn/Little line; that was a little piece of genius.

  • JEL51

    I missed coverage yesterday and having only listened to half that tape so far, how different the picture the msm paint, compared to the facts relayed by JK.
    Those key personnel in the media, Sofa & co, do an appalling job and deserve every bit of derision we throw at them.

  • Dave of the West Bank

    One great big buzzing, egg-laying, maggot-producing fly in the ointment of Mr Key’s speech:

    “We’ve got some big issues, blah blah, CLIMATE CHANGE, blah blah…”


    He’s sucking on the Kool Aid, too! Unless he’s thinking of sliding into the next ice age.

    God help us.

  • Doc45

    When I see Key like that my annoyance that he and the Nats fail to take any big, steps of corrective action does dissipate a little. He is rather good at his role.

  • Toby

    I’ve searched everywhere on the Labour web site but I can’t find their alternative budget that explains how they would fix everything.

    • Taser

      They don’t need an alternative budget as their philosophy is just spend, spend, spend & tax, tax, tax. End of story.

      • rangitoto

        Spend until they run out of other people money. Hello Greece.

    • OneTrack

      The “expert committee” assembled AFTER they win the election will work out the details – Like what they are actually going to do and whether they will tax more, borrow more or, their old favourite, both.

    • XCIA

      You would need to cut the bottoms out of those two beer bottles Mr A and Robbo are drinking from and fashion them into spectacles. Then look at their web site and everything will become clear. ;- )

    • WBC

      The most extraordinary thing is that they actually admitted they don’t even plan to have one before the election and will only decide what policies they might want to deliver after they have been voted in.

      Though I’ve said it before, I am surprised at how real a tongue in cheek comment may turn out to be. Snowball Little will create Animal Farm if given half a chance.

  • anniem

    They sure do, especially when ZB lumbers us with with Rachel Smalley as they did a couple of weeks ago.