So this is what they want to paywall

I took a look at the front page of the NZ Herald online this morning:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.50.51 AM

Those were the top stories just after 0800.

This is what the “Ferald” wants you to pay for when they implement their paywall.

I really hope they deploy that. I really truly hope they do.

Media is stuffed, it is time for a new approach.



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  • Woody

    I don’t even want that information for free so having it behind a paywall is a plus, I won’t inadvertently stumble upon it.

    As recently as yesterday, I pulled some advertising from a member of the stable. They are losing at both ends.

  • metalnwood

    Even this afternoon, probably now, the herald was stuffed full of the bachelor and has been for a long time.

    It is ‘reality’ though so worth reporting on……

    What we have is the media creating these programs and then the rest of the media reporting ad nauseam about it.

    All the while, nothing in the real world has happened, it’s all been created and reported by the media.

    • OneTrack

      No, nothing is happening in the US, nothing is happening in the UK, nothing is happening in Europe and nothing is happening in Turkey.

      Nothing to see here, move along.

      Now here’s another story about Jordan and Fleur ……

  • Boondecker

    Not paying them a cent for that sort of rubbish. As for actual real news, there’s plenty of other choice for sources out there that are way, way better.

  • Caprice

    At least this answers my question as to who Jordan and Fleur are. I was wondered briefly after reading a comment this morning blaming John Key.

    • MaryLou

      Yep, me too. But just as I don’t buy “womens” magazines, I’m no more likely to subscribe for the Herld online OR offline to learn this stuff! Oooh – maybe that’s actually the game plan? They want to take on Womans Weekly! There is a market there I’m told, although they must be suffering internet-itis as well.

      They’d need a bit of a rebrand too, methinks.

      • kereru

        Every woman I’ve come across who buys these mags insists they only get them for the crosswords! ;-)

  • Whitey

    Perhaps the paywall isn’t such a silly idea. People stupid enough to want to read this content may well be stupid enough to pay for it.

    • Murray Pratt

      I tend to agree. Maybe they should pay their journalists a commission per click. That should drive up unemployment and keep Labour happy too.

      • Whitey

        It wouldn’t surprise me if they already pay some of their contractors on a per-click basis.

  • cows4me

    Can we pay them to go away ?

  • James M

    Are you sure you didn’t screenshot the Womans Day website by mistake?

  • Catriona

    I’ve just sat in a Cafe enjoying a late lunch and browsing through the latest Womans’ Day. There is absolutely nothing in this magazine of substance. We get a story of Kim Kardashian donning swimming togs, with a plunging neckline almost to the bellybutton and boobs spilling out and taking a dip in Iceland (complete with photos), some family with newborn quintuplets, who is going to win the Bachelor’s heart and how the runner-up slept with the Bachelor 3 times etc. etc. Oh my god. Apart from the crossword I enjoy doing, the rest of the content is pure rubbish. Thank goodness I rarely buy it. Happy to dabble away at the crossword in a Cafe though I might add. So my point is, if the Herald thinks this is the way to go, I certainly won’t be paying for it – don’t get the Herald either.

  • Mikex

    Main Stream Media is dead !!!!!! Long live the King !

  • rexabus

    Just absolute garbage. I’ll fritter my time on all sorts of rubbish (and some pretty decent sites too) but without any trouble at all I turn my nose up at the crud the herald serves up these days