So, where is your alternative Robbo?

Yesterday Grant Robertson wrote an opinion piece for the NZ Herald criticising the government for their budget.

It is full of bumper sticker slogans  and broad brush statements. Take this one by way of example:

You can bet Bill English’s bottom dollar that in the lead up to next year’s Budget the Herald will be running stories about skyrocketing house prices, locked out first home buyers and people living in cars and garages because they can’t afford the rent for proper accommodation.

Well of course the Herald will be doing that, because like this year you will have run a campaign soliciting whingers and bludgers to tell their half of the story and pimped them to the Herald. Surely you can’t believe that we don’t know what you are doing?  

He then proceeds to whinge about the housing issue himself:

It is astonishing that nothing has been introduced to tackle demand in the housing market and that there’s nothing for first home buyers locked out of the Kiwi dream of home ownership.

On supply it’s a reheat of last year’s failed attempt to free up Crown land in Auckland. Nick Smith only found twelve hectares with $50m. An extra $100m won’t make much difference at all given his rate of progress. Labour has a comprehensive plan for housing, including Kiwibuild, to build thousands of affordable homes, and will crack down on speculators, here and offshore.

Bill English’s Budget will keep the Reserve Bank Governor awake at night – Graeme Wheeler is a man who knows we need to tackle the structural challenges facing the economy of a housing crisis, over-reliance on the dairy industry, struggling regions and creaking infrastructure.

The failure to tackle demand for housing or seriously add supply won’t fix the housing crisis and its threat to financial stability. The forecasts for the dairy sector are dire and will see farmers facing misery through to 2018.

Yesterday we got nothing more than a sticking plaster on a compound fracture.

And your solutions? That’s lots of complaining but no solutions…other than “vote Labour…trust us”. Kiwibuild is not a comprehensive plan and it is less than what National is already doing.

There is precious little in the Budget to create more jobs, deliver a real increase in wages and diversify the economy through encouraging new and emerging businesses to grow and export.

And precious little from labour to tell us how they could magic up jobs. Labour’s plan won’t deliver higher wages either, because they are going to have tax increases…which will reduce take home pay. Their answer to everything seems to be increase taxes, then give those increased taxes back out as subsidies.

Then Robbo resorts to outright lying:

Health and education are big losers in this year’s Budget.

The health sector has endured $1.7 billion of cuts over six years and this Budget won’t make up for that. Labour would fund health to meet the increasing and ageing population and restore confidence and morale to our health sector.

The Health sector has had its budgets increased each and every year under John Key and Bill English and these fools just lie because they call those increases cuts simply because the increases weren’t as high as they wanted them to be. Moreover they think that every dollar spent in health is a sacred necessary dollar…they are wrong.

After eight years National has produced a Budget without the vision and courage needed to meet the challenges facing New Zealand today or to provide the hope and opportunity our people need.

After eight years Labour has failed to provide an answer the electorate are willing to listen to. After God knows how many years as opposition finance spokesman Robbo hasn’t got enough energy to write an alternate budget. He thinks that sipping craft beer, and sniping from the sidelines is how you win elections. Sadly he is mistaken.

Voters want to see an alternative to the budget, sadly due to laziness or incompetence Grant Robertson hasn’t produced one.


– NZ Herald


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  • niggly

    Roberston wasn’t just lying when he talked about the health and education budget – his whole opinion piece were lies.

    Which is typically Robertson.

    Which is why I cannot wait for him to become the next Labour leader because the MSM aren’t calling out his continual lying (and lack of actual solutions), so it will be left to the voters of NZ (again) to call out his lies and that will mean Labour will tank even further come election 2017 or 2020 whenever he gets his chance.

    No matter how much the MSM protect Robertson (and Labour and the Green’s lack of understanding of how the NZ economy works in a globalised world economy), the majority of NZ’ers aren’t stupid and will punish them for that.

  • XCIA

    Of course the unscrupulous Muppet can’t offer any alternative until he takes into account all the wish lists of all the other party’s they will need to sell their souls to if they want to even get a sniff of the treasury benches. Imagine the tax hikes to pay for that lot.

  • Nige.

    The last line sums up this era of the labour party, started by the nastiest leader they’ve had and the second to lose to John Key, Phil Goff.

    If I may rephrase it:

    “Voters want to see an alternative to the [government] sadly due tot laziness or incompetence [Labour] hasn’t produced one.”

    This bunch are reactive. Not proactive.

    • Wheninrome

      In HR terms operational not strategic.

  • taxpayer

    Their answer to everything seems to be increase taxes, then give those increased taxes back out as subsidies.
    Yeah that’s always the plan for Labour isn’t it.
    They know better how to spend your hard earned cash than you do.
    So trust them, hand over all your money and let them decide which bunch of drop kicks are deserving of free cash this week.
    Commies, no wonder red represents the Labour party, reds under the bed.
    If only they would stay under the bed instead of spouting garbage at every turn.

  • Edward M Blake

    Had to briefly load this you tube video so I could dislike it and take some screenshots. How is that ground swell of public opinion Andy?

  • rua kenana

    Well, Bill English has several times used ‘population pressures’ as an excuse for not lowering taxes. Won’t be any different next year.
    Means he’s deliberately keeping our taxes higher than needs be to prop up this govt’s immigration policy, which is certainly causing very substantial population pressures.
    Good scope for Robbo there. He could spend the money on some of Labour’s wild schemes, although for some reason nobody thinks it should go back to the taxpayers.

  • localnews

    I’m really looking forward to kiwi build. The government competing to attract a few thousand or so tradesmen will push up prices for everything in the building industry. The resulting inflation will push up the price of everyone’s houses while the government entertains themselves creating slums of the future.
    Sir Robert jones always says labour governments are the best for hiking the value of your investments

  • WBC

    Labour have actually said they don’t have solutions and won’t bother working on them until after the election.

    Apparently we are to trust them, vote them into power and then they’ll form an ‘experts working group’ or some such thing to figure out what their policies will be.

    What on Earth are they smoking?!

  • Zanyzane

    Andrew Little says no CGT and Grant Robertson says let’s just tax everyone and let’s have a CGT. This is clear disrespect for the leader. Back stabbing again and again. Nothing new here.