Space X – some people aren’t easy to convince


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  • AL357

    I love it! It might be garbage but it’s great!!

  • zotaccore

    The fault with his conclusion is that he didn’t support it with any propositions – constant use of the word garbage or rubbish doesn’t support factual conclusion.

  • WBC

    That’s awesome. Not quite on the level of those who see underwater cities as a result of JPEG compression on Google Earth but still great. Of course Google Earth made an appearance at the end just to put a little cherry on the top.

  • Red

    The comments on that clip…. The seriously unhinged are out there

  • geoff

    Why does this man sound like Archie Bunker?

  • andrewo

    It’s rather like my (religious) friend’s argument against evolution: It can’t be true because I don’t understand it.

  • Up North

    Has anyone considered that they are playing the footage in reverse and that its actually of a rocket taking off.

    • Rick H

      It may be, but the rocket’s flame is so tiny, it’s about as much flame as a fire-eater spouts when igniting the lighter fluid.
      Nothing about that video tells me “it’s real”.