The Genocide of the Hindus, a story you haven’t heard about

I know very little about Pakistan. I recently learned during my visit to New Zealand’s largest mosque that many Ahmadiyya Muslims have been killed there and their worldly goods stolen without repercussions but other than that I knew nothing about the country.

Pakistan was carved out of India to create a Muslim country. In 1971, Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women but in the West very few of us know about this attempted genocide.So why is it that we are so ignorant of these historical facts?

…The Israeli’s and Hindus are the largest victims of perpetual Islamic invasions and violence lasting for more than 1,000 years. Muhammad Ali Jinna, a member of the Indian National Congress and later of the All-India Muslim League (a Khilafat movement that also germinated the Palestine conflict), demanded a two-state partition, creating the Lahore Resolution, which formed the separate creation of Pakistan.

This partition of people created a domino effect of other tensions and problems spreading from Khalistan to Bangladesh, to Kashmir, to Balochistan and to continued terrorism and tension existing even today. The British tried to discourage Muhammad Ali Jinna against rallying for the partition and warned against it many times, which ended in riots, mass exodus, clashes and deaths of millions. The article below covers a poorly exposed incident of Muslim massacres of Hindus that we never hear about.

It’s a pity the article forms a common Hindu anti-Western mindset, and fails to acknowledge any attention to the simple fact that Britain saved India from Muslim rule. India would bend to Mecca today had it not been for the clever rulers of South India who formed an alliance with Britain for exclusive trade agreements which developed into British rule and the expulsion of Muslim rule and Sharia law. You never hear Indian people admit to this fact. Instead they are focused purely on anti-Western rhetorics. It’s not Britain who destroyed India. It’s Islam that looted, massacred and destroyed Indian culture from within. Muslim terrorism, attacks, tensions continue in India to this day.

Understanding Islamic violence; how to defend our freedoms

Interview by People of Shambhala.

In the wake of renewed violence against Hindus in Pakistan, and with more than 100 Hindu families seeking asylum in India, Director of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy group spoke to People of Shambhala. Mr. Banerjee talks about the background to the conflict, and why Pakistan was created in 1947. Why the West should include Hinduism, not just the “Judeo-Christian” tradition. And he also discusses Islam and violence against Hindus and the West, and how we can defend our values and freedoms.

PoS: At the moment about 100 Hindu families are seeking asylum in India, from Pakistan, and are claiming discrimination and violence. There were four doctors murdered on the first day of Eid, and, I think, a Sikh was stabbed as well. Can you tell us a little about that situation?

RB: Sure. The situation is very natural. Most people don’t understand what Pakistan is. Pakistan is a country that was formed for the Muslims. India is a multi-ethnic country for everybody. So Pakistan was formed with the very idea that the only people that should be in Pakistan are Muslims. There is nothing strange about what’s going on in Pakistan today. It’s being going on for a long time.

At independence Pakistan’s population was about ten percent Hindu and Sikh. Now it’s less than one percent. So the question is where did that nine percent go? Well, they were either ethnically cleansed, driven away, or slaughtered in large numbers in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. In East Pakistan an estimated 2.4 million Hindus were slaughtered in just one year, and hundreds of thousands of Hindu women were raped.


There is nothing surprising about any of this because Islam was introduced into the Asian subcontinent with the objective of occupying and exterminating the Hindus. According to the historian William Durant, and other historians, an estimated 80 million Hindus were killed, were slaughtered, and thousands and thousands of Hindu temples were smashed, and mosques were built on top of them. The Muslims of India tried very hard over the period of their 700 years [of occupation] to wipe out the Hindus. But there was resistance from some of the Hindu kingdoms. They never had full control over India so they were unable to achieve that goal. But that’s the eternal goal. According to Islam, Hinduism is the lowest form of life on the planet. Because Hindus, according to them, they’re polytheistic, they believe in multiple gods. They believe we worship idols, and idol worship is a sin in Islam.



PoS: One thing that has struck me is just the extent of the attacks on Hindus, Buddhists, Yezidis, Zoroastrians, Kalash. Yet we don’t hear anything about this. You mentioned the war of 71; 2.4 million dead, 200,000 Hindu women raped, but we don’t hear anything about that in the West.

RB: No you don’t, because there’s a systematic effort by Muslims and petrodollars to cover it up. The reason you don’t hear about it is because they make tremendous effort to silence it.

PoS: In all fairness, some Middle Eastern newspapers that probably cater mostly to Muslims have covered some of it, but you don’t seem to find it in the West, which is even more incredible. Why do you think Western journalists won’t cover something like that? The West always portrays itself as caring about minorities and being the people that always stand up to stop genocide, and that are always campaigning against violence against minorities. But nothing.

RB: This may offend you a little bit.

PoS: It won’t [laughs].

RB: It probably will [laughs]. But, it’s because the West have been hypocrites.

PoS: Yeah.

RB: If you look at Britain, for example, when they went to India they did not stop genocide or massacres, they expedited them. They actually supported the Muslims against the Hindus, helped them to perpetrate massacres. In terms of the establishment of the state of Pakistan, if you read people like William Dalrymple, a British historian, it becomes quite clear that the British encouraged the creation of Pakistan in order to divide the [anti-colonial] independence movement. [*Dalrymple’s theories are inaccurate and merely theories. The Britain discouraged against the partition of India, but the decision was created by Indian-Muslim voters themselves spearheaded by Muhammad Ali Jinna]

PoS: Do you think there is still a kind of colonial residue in the atmosphere. Do you think there is some kind of patronizing attitude in the media? Is that why we don’t see atrocities reported?

I’ve heard this question before. That it’s a form of racism that they don’t condemn Muslims for their human rights violations is because they are non-Western and [therefore] they are expected to be barbaric. There might be some of that, but these days it’s rather more a culture of fear. I mean, if you publish a cartoon of Mohammed, even if you’re in the West, you get threatened, and you possibly get killed, and you have riots going on.


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  • venator

    I think you will find that these events were well documented within NZ at the time and that a lot was known about it. My family discussed the matter and I recall discussions related to these events in social studies and history classes when I was at Rongotai College. Maybe you weren’t born or were too young to know.

    • spanishbride

      Good point as I would have been around four years old at the time it happened. I didn’t learn about it in history class at high school and I was taught nothing that I can remember about Islam at all.

      • kereru

        My father employed many Indians, most of them from Goa, but also one Muslim who I remember for all the right reasons – he was a kindly man interested in collecting stamps, and he happily shared some of them with me. Children used to collect stamps in those days and I still have my album.

        Islam was not on the curriculum when I was at school, but Christianity certainly was. Morning assembly always started off with a hymn and we had RI right up until I left school. I may be speaking out of turn, but the
        upsurge of Islam in our times does seem to have followed the concerted attempt to ban the Christian faith from schools and the public arena in the West. A spiritual vacuum cannot be filled with materialism or secularism – hence the arrival of Islam to fill the void. An unintended consequence, but a consequence nevertheless.

        Edit: fingers faster than brain

        • Jimbob

          True we’re mostly descended from a Christian foundation, well post colonisation of course! However RI probably did more to turn the population off religion. 3.5 hrs of chapel every week for 5 yrs did it for me… I’d wager Islam isn’t increasing here, except by immigration. All religions are going the way of the dodo and as educational levels and access to the internet grows it will only accelerate.

          Secularism is the only way humankind will ever free itself of these conflicts, the christians being responsible for a fair share of them!

  • JC

    We get most of the narrative of Partition from India so we get stories of massacres etc, but we also mainly/only get India’s version of the events as well. The historical truth though muddied is somewhat less flattering to India (and Ghandi and Nehru) and a whole lot less flattering to Perfidious Albion.

    Partition was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century.. it had many authors starting with Britain, Ghandi, Nehru and Jinnah with a side helping from WW2.


  • bristol

    It’s interesting to note that both Pakistan and Israel were created at the same time, 1947 and 1948 respectively. One has gone on to be, more or less, a failed state, yet the other is a thriving democracy, despite the best efforts of its immediate neighbours, and others who are adherents to the same religion as the failed state.

  • Evan

    One thing the article you linked failed to mention was the use, by the Turks, of the Kurds to do the Turkish dirty work, an attempt to keep distance by the Turks and an effort by the Kurds to earn favour with the Turks – not that it did them any good in the long run!

  • Odd Ball

    Most genocides or democides (death caused by their own government) aren’t widely known about with the exception of the Jewish holocaust in the 1940’s.
    In contrast. there are thousands upon thousands of books published about World War one & two.

    Edit -grammar

  • kereru

    Mankind doesn’t seem to either change or learn, does it. I read that Timurlane was inspired by Genghis Khan’s brutal conquests. Apparently his father was the first of his tribesmen to convert to Islam and the young Timurlane,who was a Sunni Muslim, learned how to read the Qur’an. Inspiration from two sources, then.