Surely the solution is soap and water?

I am against circumcision of anyone, male or female. I don’t care if it is a religious tradition or just a family tradition. In a clean, modern, civilised society there is zero health justifications for cutting bits off male and female genitals.

In an effort to modernise female genital mutilation a facebook page has been created to promote what they call Islamic Female circumcision. They consider themselves progressive because they are promoting a cut that doesn’t mutilate the woman as much. They lie about its medical benefits but give themselves away when they refer to the skin that protects the clitoris ( the hood ) as a ” dirty piece of skin.”


Very cleverly they have linked husband’s pleasuring their wives with oral sex to throat cancer. If we were to believe their lies a woman who refuses to be cut is putting her husband at risk of developing throat cancer if he is a good lover. The clear message on this website is if you want your partner to go down on you you need to cut the hood off your clitoris.

A Facebook community called “Islamic Female Circumcision” was launched earlier this month with the stated goal of clarifying “misconceptions” around the Muslim faith’s practice of female genital mutilation or FGM.

The page already has more than a dozen posts, including articles and infographics advocating for the practice of what they call “female circumcision,” instead of referring to the practice as ‘mutilation.’

“Our aim is to clear misconceptions of the Islamic practice of female circumcision and counter misinformation against it,” the page states in the ‘About’ section.

At the center of the page is an article by a Sri Lankan author Asiff Hussein entitled, “Female Circumcision – The Hidden Truth: How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women.”

In the piece, Hussein claims that studies that show the benefits of female circumcision have been “conveniently overlooked to conform to Islamophobic sentiments expressed by a largely Jewish controlled media,” who are are critical of the female procedure but not male circumcision “because male circumcision is a Jewish practice and female circumcision is not.”

There are also infographics all bearing a “Muslimahs for circumcision” banner, listing the benefits of the procedure from prevention of urinary tract infections to preventing transmission of a ‘cancer causing HPV virus’ for “partners who engage in oral sex.”

The infographic also states that female circumcision helps women achieve sexual fulfillment and cites the Hadith, an anecdotal reference to the experiences of Prophet Muhammad, in which he told Umm Atiyyah, “for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband.”

A meme posted May 15 depicting a Muslim couple in traditional attire says in bold “If you love your spouse..”

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.01.37 AM


…Another post contains a link to a downloadable e-book  “Safe female circumcision” by an OBGYN based in Sudan.

According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines issued in 2007, FGM has “no known health benefits,” and that the procedure is “harmful to girls and women in many ways.”

In 2008 the WHO issued a global strategy calling on the U.S. and international organizations to “support specific and concrete actions directed towards ending female genital mutilation.”

The WHO estimates that there are over 200 million girls who are victims of FGM, living in over 30 countries mostly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, defining the practice as “a violation of the human rights of girls and women.”

“Defenders of FGM must be held accountable for perpetuating and supporting what is perhaps one of the worst human rights violations in the world. Community and religious leaders that foster and encourage this practice must be held accountable,” clinical therapist Zainab Zeb Khan told The Foreign Desk.

Khan, who typically works with survivors of domestic violence has worked to end female genital mutilation and honor-based violence. Khan was featured in the documentary “Honor Diaries.”

“If there are no consequences, then women and girls will continue to be violated by FGM, which is often tied to other forms of violence, oppression, and subjugation of women and girls. It not only carries severe physiological repercussions, but a lifetime of emotional, psychological, sexual, and interpersonal relationship impairments. This abhorrent crime has no place in any corner of our world,” Khan said.

In Somalia, an estimated 95% of girls between the ages of 4 and 11 have undergone FGM, according to a UNICEF report.

A recent petition to Somalia’s president urging him and the Somali government to outlaw the practice has garnered over 1.3 million signatures.

If you want your husband to go down on you or your wife to give you a blow job there is no need to chop any of your tender bits off. I have the solution right here.



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  • And mouthwash (so I’ve heard)

  • andrewo

    Medieval superstition

  • Somnambulist

    I don’t think a bar of soap is much use to a male with severe phimosis. Balanitis is another affliction which isn’t caused by bad hygiene and which can be a misery for some men.

    I think that male circumcision and FGM are two totally different issues and shouldn’t be confused.

    There are many significant benefits to male circumcision such that the medical profession in the US, after years of sitting on the fence, has now said that the positives for circumcising boys outweighs the negatives (although they fall short of advocating it for all boy babies, preferring to leave it down to parental choice).

    Cancer of the penis, although rare, is virtually confined to uncircumcised men. Male circumcision also drastically reduces the risks of cervical cancer in females.

    Male circumcision is also thought to provide some protection against a range of STDs, including HIV and Herpes.

    • rua kenana

      Just for information:
      From US National Library of Medicine

      Balanitis is swelling of the foreskin and head of the penis.
      Balanitis is most often caused by poor hygiene in uncircumcised men.
      Other possible causes include:
      Diseases such as reactive arthritis and lichen sclerosis atrophicus
      Harsh soaps
      Not rinsing soap off properly while bathing
      Uncontrolled diabetes

      • Somnambulist

        BXO, or Balanitis xerotica obliterans, which is a severe form of Balanitis appears to have little to do with hygiene, and is considerably less prevalent in those circumcised early in life.


        • Mighty1

          I think I would go with the US National Library of medicine advice rather than Wikipedia. Oops I read the article and find you have somewhat simplified it. What about the complications of male circumcision. Haemorrage, Fistula, Death, Bleeding, Meatal Stenosis, and Psychological effects.

          “According to Freudian theory, by the fourth
          or fifth year of like the genital concentration of all sexual
          excitement is achieved and the boy’s interest in the genitals
          attains a dominant significance, the phallic stage.”

          See Scientific Paper

          • Somnambulist

            CIRP is a vehemently anti circumcision organisation which uses scare tactics and selective use of information to try to dissuade parents from having their boys circumcised. In terms of credibility they’re very much akin to the climate changers – lots of noise but little substance.

            As I understand it most of the horror stories they publicise result from circumcisions that are performed by unqualified people – the equivalent of ‘backstreet abortions’ if you will. These are often done for cultural reasons where the parents can’t afford the hospital/clinic alternative and it isn’t available via the public health system.

            In the US, where they’re based, circumcision is still very much the norm, but this organisation plays a similar noisy role to the anti-vaxers in agitating against a procedure that most parents are happy to provide for their sons.

          • Mighty1

            The circ. link is to a paper published in
            BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY, Volume 80, 1231-1236,
            October 1993.
            I just think we need to sit down and have a cup of tea and leave the little boys dicks alone no matter how entertaining they might be. If there is a problem then deal with it then. Sorry my article link was of the typical pressure group variety but there are others.


            etc. In any case you have made your opinion clear, I just think an open mind is a good idea.

          • Somnambulist

            I was thinking the same myself!

    • Mighty1

      If someone had cut mine off I would be very disappointed, I could not live without it.

      • Somnambulist

        If you’d been born in NZ or Australia or the US in the 1950s you’d almost certainly have parted company with your foreskin very soon after birth. Men from these countries, born in these eras, seem to have managed to get along quite well without this small piece of skin.

        The process is still undertaken for the majority of boys born in the US, and I don’t believe than many of the males so treated lack a sex life.

        There’s a lot of noise made by a few people who were ‘done’ as babies and who have issues in later life. They’ve chosen to identify their circumcision as the reason for their issues. If they’d been left intact they’d still have the same issues, and would just have to put them down to something else…

        • Mighty1

          Mmm, you are correct, I am lucky, I was born in the 50’s and my parents had to make quite a stink to prevent my circumcision. I would expect that people lacking something would not complain of their lack of it since they never had it to compare. I mean one can do things that are impossible without it. So whichever way you are I guess if you are happy then that’s cool. I just do not agree that people who have had the chop should say one way or the other. I’d say leave it on and then if there is a problem then have it removed. Following your argument we should remove all tonsils, appendix’s, gall bladders, from newborns, then put grommets in their ears, just because they might have an issue. I am not sure circ is done on Newborns in New Zealand now anyway.

          • Somnambulist

            I think it is done, but far less frequently than in previous decades, and privately rather than via the state health service. Pacific Islanders still have a strong cultural tradition of circumcision, though, and I believe that by adulthood a majority are done.

            Perhaps a better comparison would be with vaccination – preventative action that’s simple, relatively painless and cheap which might save someone (and his partners) from significant issues down the track.

            It’s a touchy subject, and one that many people get unreasonably worked up about – almost taking a defensive stance that they must argue the case for whatever their own status is! Yet most men around the world, regardless of whether they were done or not, seem happy with what they’ve got. Which could be used as an argument either way, I suppose!

          • Mighty1

            I tell you what, I would have all males vaccinated with the HPV vaccine, not just females, its spread by males. These days contact between males and females is akin to rabbits. Also all kids should have the chicken pox vaccine, they will avoid the often disfiguring and painful pox and then they will not get shingles in later life.

          • Somnambulist

            I am by no means whatsoever an anti-vaxer, and both of my children had every vaccination that was available to them.

            But as a student I worked with mentally handicapped people, a number of whom had been vaccine damaged as babies. That would have been in the 1960s, and the vaccines used will have moved on significantly since that time. But it remains that parents, believing to be doing the best for their kids, ended up harming them. That doesn’t mean that for the vast majority of children, and for society as a whole, vaccination wasn’t hugely positive. I’m sure there are similar situations which exist today which we don’t yet know about.

            My personal belief (and I accept other people’s rights to differ) is that circumcision is a similar thing to vaccinating your children. Yes, your’re making a decision on behalf of your baby. Yes, there may be a tiny chance that something goes wrong. But the benefits of it far outweigh the potential downside. Far fewer people have died as a result of a properly carried out circumcision than from cancer of the penis (from which they would have been protected by this simple procedure). And that’s just one of the things circumcision protects against.

            Provide this procedure for all boys and you don’t have to extend the HPV vaccine to them!

            Doctors in the US are now saying that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the costs, but do not advocate routine neo-natal circumcision. I’m sure this is to remove the potential for being sued at a later date by someone who considers their life ruined by a procedure many billions across the world have benefited from.

  • quantummechanics66

    Hopefully the soap is not made from pig tallow! Just another example of Islamic creep in the western world. One day a journo & witch doctor will take this on board and try to’educate’ us that this is the way forward as our friend the Prophet says it should be the norm.

  • XCIA

    Christians are given to the belief that God created Adam in his own image. It seems the Qur’aan makes mention of it too. I can’t recall from my theology classes at college that there was an appendices to that were it is mentioned “except that god forgot to circumcise Adam”.

    • SlightlyStrange

      Although it is also an old testament activity to circumcise at the end of the first week.

      • XCIA

        That’s man for you – always trying to improve on gods image………….

        • Dan

          Not really. Genesis 17:10-14. God commanded it for Abraham and his descendents So that basically means Jews (via Isaac lineage) and most Arabs (via Ishmael lineage).

          • XCIA

            If god is perfection and he made Adam in his image, then why would he after the fact instruct someone to cut bits off his creation………..

  • pisces8284

    A male friend needed to be circumcised at 50 due to urination problems. Not a pleasant op at that age

    • rua kenana

      At least he did have the choice.

  • Catriona

    Can’t believe what I’ve just read! I’ve never read such hogwash in all my life. Now these eager to please horny young Muslims think that circumcision is the way to go in this day and age.

    • RG52

      Just being Muslim proves they are gullible, so of course they’ll believe anything the self proclaimed prophet is reported to have said. The trouble is that they expect us to respect their views!

  • rua kenana

    Circumcision shortly after birth is a primitive and barbaric mutilation of the genitals of innocent and non-consenting children.
    Banning FGM while encouraging it for males is outright discrimination on sex grounds and I understood we have a human rights commissioner who should prevent baby males from discriminated against in a way nobody else in society is.
    I suspect most adult males in favour of male genital mutilation have themselves been mutilated and have an envy problem of those who can achieve much greater sexual pleasure than themselves.
    The procedure also provides a nice little income for those doing the carving up. Not a good motivation in my view.

    • Somnambulist

      Neo-natal circumcision is a simple and very cheap procedure – approx $300 in NZ I believe.

      I think the medical profession makes far more over a man’s lifetime by treating the array of infections and diseases that could be prevented by circumcision.

      • rua kenana

        I conjecture you’re a circumcised male who has never had the opportunity to experience it both ways.
        Sad for you about that. There is a big difference.
        Or if you’re as a few million years of evolution made you, or God in 7 days if you like, you can always have the courage of your convictions and consent, which most unfortunate males don’t have the opportunity, to get youself chopped.
        Anyway, good luck!

        • Somnambulist

          Actually I was done as an adult, so have actually experienced it both ways. Have you?

          • rua kenana

            I wouldn’t be able to fairly comment if I hadn’t had it both ways.
            So, yes, at age 39 with my full consent, on what I later found was bad medical advice. A bit of antifungal cream at the right time would have fixed the problem nicely.
            I’ve had more problems, none serious, with that part of my anatomy after than I did before. The continued rubbing on cloth, combined perhaps with after effects of the operation reduced the natural sensitivity of the glans and thus reduced sexual enjoyment significantly.
            I repeat my view that it’s a primitive and barbaric mutilation of innocent, helpless and non-consenting children.
            I strongly disagree, with reasons, about your attempted medical justification for a primarily religious based procedure, but see little purpose in expanding on that here.

          • Somnambulist

            Sorry to hear that things didn’t go well for you. It’s not a good part of the body to have issues with.

  • Charley jones

    This Stone Age ideology would have no traction whatever if it were not for the petro dollars paying for it. I heard a saying that ” whenever injustice becomes law, backlash is inevitable” so revolution is going to happen at some point. So we need to ensure that this crazy thinking (shariah law) never gets traction in the free world. Londonstan needs to start making a stand NOW!

  • Daniel

    FB closed…..

  • KatB

    Questions that stand out to me after reading this. Are Muslims allowed to have premarital sex and multiple sexual partners outside of marriage? If one of you have infected the other with the HPV virus, does that suggest that one of you has had previous sexual partners? Depending on the answers to my questions, I wonder if the HPV virus should be a threat to any devout Muslim that is saving themselves for their wife/husband.

  • TheRobberDog

    Hi SB, With all due respect, just a wee correction to your opening statement (given that I agree with every other statement you make) on this post – my son as a 2 year old suffered horrific Phimosis (tighted foreskin) and medically required surgery to remove the foreskin. His father was not circumcised and we had no intention of doing that to our boy, but as he grew, the foreskin ended up completely unable to be pulled back – resulting in infection and terrible pain – it happens. We tried a number of other options, but in the end it had to go. Every day I wish we could have avoided it – he was most certainly not dirty, so… the upshot being that rather than “zero health justifications” – maybe “very few health justifications”?

    • Somnambulist

      As a result of your experience would you now ensure any future sons were circumcised (or if you’re past that stage of life, recommend to your children that they had your grandsons done)?

      • TheRobberDog

        There were no other sons and would still leave them as nature intended if there were. I still feel quite sad that we had to do it to him – the condition was horrific but so was the surgery – at least the surgery ensured the condition wouldn’t be on-going as it would have been. I am very conscious that getting undressed for swimming at school that he might know that he is different and be self-conscious about it, but he has never mentioned it – he is 12 now.

    • Mighty1

      Did this happen despite your pulling it back each day during the bathing ritual and washing with soapy water?

      • TheRobberDog

        Seriously?!!?? Are you really asking me that??? Of course we tried manually manipulating it!!! He grew and the foreskin didn’t. For crying out loud we were in and out of specialists rooms trying to avoid the surgery. It wasn’t stuck, it was too tight. Maybe reread and think before you ask a stupid question like that. and I am NOT easily offended BTW.