Susan Devoy on the Media party

Susan Devoy recently made a speech at the Ethnic, Migrant and Refugees Community Engagement Summit.

“What some of us do not already realise is that our media is neither neutral nor objective, the media reflects the society we live in.”

Devoy doesn’t think society is objective and can see why the Media are so mistrusted in NZ.

“Ironically while we were taking media calls over this Christmas issue – we were also attending interfaith peace vigils.”

Where everyone was bending over backwards not to offend the other by using phrases like “Merry Christmas”. That’s not ironic, that’s proof positive of the issue.

 “It was not lost on us that the article’s timing was strategic and cynical: It had only been 7 days since terrorists had murdered 130 people in coordinated attacks across Paris.”

Should the media have waited until after Christmas to report on Christmas? There have been Muslim terror attacks every month since so maybe there is no good time to draw attention to the fact our refugee centres think saying “Merry Christmas” will offend newcomers.

“Maori New Zealanders have endured biased treatment by the media in this country since the time the first newspapers were printed. Maori are viewed as different whereas Pakeha things are viewed as normal.”

Does Devoy not support a separate TV station for Maori, then?

“We support open discussion about national identity but…”

There’s always a “but”, isn’t there?

“Our journalists have names like Ali Ikram, Ruwani Perera, Mihingarangi Forbes, Chris Chang and Mohamed Hassan.”

Just like Labour, Devoy identifies identity by name alone.

 – Scoop


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  • R&BAvenger

    She is right, media is biased, but there should be no punches pulled in reporting what is happening worldwide, simply so as not to offend certain groups in our society. She mistakes a lack of objectivity in society with political correctness.

  • Rebecca

    I read the speech. Oh, Susan. One moment she uncritically reports that ethnic groups complain about media bias. Ignoring the fact that old white men also have reason to complain of media bias.

    The next moment she identifies ethnic sporting heroes and reporters and says this is the NZ she knows and wants. Actually it’s the NZ everybody knows and wants. Media always has reported positively on the likes of Lydia Ko while also reporting negatively if a particular ethnic group keeps dominating feral and thuggery statistics. If this is bias then it’s bias towards success and achievement, not ethnicity.

    Perhaps Susan actually is saying that facts involve speaking positively about everybody. Just as medals should be dished out to every player irrespective of performance. But this is not a recipe for the success of the sporting heroes she nominates. If she cannot remember, perhaps she should ask these heroes she nominates.

    Finally, the meeting at which she gave her speech confirms that interest groups can and do form their own vehicles to deliver their own perspectives. There’s no compulsion to hang on the every word of the MSM- especially
    in 2016 when ever-increasing numbers seek their news and opinions
    elsewhere. Even before blogs came into being, ethnic arrivals always formed clubs and associations to deliver their own messages. Just ask the Irish and the Dalmatians who were another example she gave.

    Seems to me this speech is all over the place, full of banalities and sound bites with no evidence of ways to bring people together. Whining and criticizing others never succeeded at that.

  • Vutekno

    Susan Devoy gave a speech! Well who cares! Nothing this person has said in her time in this waste of time office has had any impact, any relevance or any logical connection to the real world we live in IMO. She is a complete joke and should go!

    • JustTinkering

      Would it be her speech or just something assembled by one of her team? Do we really think she has the ability to structure a speech like this even given its conflicts and ‘buts’?

  • Eiselmann

    We support open discussion about national identity but……..

    Always told that when someone uses ‘but’ in a sentence they don’t actually believe what they stated just prior to the ‘but’.

    I would suggest , based on Devoy’s selective outrage that while she may indeed want a discussion on National Identity ,however the last thing she would want is an actual open discussion because that would allow those who haven’t attended sensitivity courses to have a say.

    • Roland

      Correct, we were instructed when giving evidence for the prosecution and being badgered by the defence to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, to always finish with ‘but’ and nothing else if we somewhat disagreed with the short version

  • Greg M

    Sorry Susan, but the country you want is a country where ethnic or religious minorities have more rights and more say than the majority. That is not a secular democracy as we know it.

  • biscuit barrel

    I just wondered what her ‘mission statement’ was so I looked up the Race Relations website.
    This is the choice bit.
    “In this section you’ll learn about the Human Rights Commission’s work to promote positive race relations and celebrate cultural diversity.”

    So its goodbye race relations and hello cultural diversity- which of course means one thing only.
    promoting the views and cultural practices of minorities. Which is Susans job one as we see. Interesting to know when the ‘cultural diversity’ crept in?

  • lyall

    has she ever actually followed Te karere or Maori Tv news and political shows – the bias presented isnt even vaguely subtle and at times they are downright racist, makes any MSM bias against Maori look very tame!

  • Observer

    Is there a term for a self-hating Pakeha person? Does Devoy have anything to say about why the media generally downplay any negative stories concerning refugees, but trumpet sob stories and only seem to show photos of children when over 70% are young men?

    • Doug

      White guilt, a person of European origin that feels guilty for the deeds of people that may not have even been their ancestors.

  • jsb1685

    Donald Trump, in his election night remarks just a second ago on winning Indiana, has just said “We’re going to start saying Merry Christmas again”.

  • Left Right Out

    I’ve on’t hear too much criticism when the term Ramadan is banded about yet, there is movement to move away from calling it Christmas ……. why is this

  • Paul Marsden

    I use to admire her in her sporting hey day, where she excelled herself, now I can’t stand the wretched woman. Clearly contributing nothing or, doing anything to earn the $200,000 + you and I pay her. God, I wish she would just go and stop embarrassing herself