Tamati Coffey doesn’t even know his electorate boundaries

Tamati Coffey just can’t put a foot right these days.

One of the most basic requirements of being a candidate is knowing where your electorate is, and by default, where it is not.

Mr Coffey can’t even get this right.

In a recent post he bemoans the loss of “an icon of the Rotorua Electorate”.

It is sad to hear that Kiwi360 – an icon of the Rotorua Electorate, one so famous it even had its own stamp – has been brought and closed for good, with the site set to become the corporate offices of a kiwifruit company.


Unfortunately for Tamati Coffey, Kiwi360 is not in the Rotorua Electorate. According to the Electoral Commission the company is in the East Coast Electorate.


Oh dear.

This is the sort of basic fact checking he should do before making these remarks.

It isn’t even all bad news either. Kiwi360 is relocating to a better position and will operate under a new name.

After 30 years of operating from the same site, Kiwi360 tourism businesses will begin to shift off the property after closing the doors on Monday.

Kiwifruit Country Tours director Graeme Crossman said preparations were under way to relocate to a new destination, and on an interim basis tours would continue to operate on a private exclusive booking basis from an orchard in Paengaroa.

Mr Crossman said the move followed a decision by the business owning leases not to exercise a right of renewal of the lease which expired in February.

The property, known as Kiwi360 from which the businesses operated, had been purchased by Seeka which intends making the site its new corporate head office.

Mr Crossman said the growing popularity of the Tauranga Eastern Link was a motivating factor in the decision not to renew, and the potential future ‘by-pass effect’ had been a real concern.

“With cruise [passengers] being our biggest client, and continuing to grow strongly, there was also a compelling reason to relocate, to be on the direct route to Rotorua.

“It was a sad decision to make, but the venue and product is 30 years old, and a renewal and refresh of the tourism product is a great opportunity.”

Meanwhile the current site in the East Coast Electorate will become a head office for Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Limited. Quoting from their press release:

Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Ltd [NZX:SEK] has announced a series of property transactions.

These include the acquisition of land currently leased by Te Puke kiwifruit tour operator Kiwi360, which will be used as the site of Seeka’s new corporate head office, and the sale and sublease of properties no longer meeting the company’s requirements.

Seeka has confirmed the purchase of a 7.44 hectare property and a 5.44 hectare kiwifruit orchard adjacent to the property, with the purchase to be completed on 20 January 2016.

Sounds good to me.

Shame Tamati Coffey has yet again engaged the mouth before the brain.


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  • Scotty

    He might also want to proof read any releases as well..

    “brought and closed for good”

    I shake my head.

  • Mark

    Once again WO informs & enlightens.
    So what appears to be a positive outcome all round is turned by Labor into a negative,so biz as usual then!

  • George Carter

    A classic Labour issue, pick a target and make the news sound 10 times worse than it is.

  • Wayne Hodge

    A schoolfriend of my then wife started this venture. It has been through several owners, but it survives and many have enjoyed the place.

  • pirate vs ninja

    Kiwi360 was well past its use by date, run down with few staff. Seeka are one of the largest employers in the industry. There’s no down side here at all.

  • kayaker

    Tamati is just plain dumb. He also doesn’t know the difference between brought and bought.

  • Davo42

    Ha – you would expect a former weather man to know his geography at the least!

    • biscuit barrel

      He doesnt have any special weather knowledge- his degree was in political science.

  • CheesyEarWax

    No wonder why Tamiti didn’t get many votes, he was campaigning in the wrong electorate.

    • Urbanviper

      Now it is in the Waiariki electorate so maybe this is a Freudian slip as an indication that rumors are true and he might abandon Rotorua and jump to Waiariki.

  • venator

    Made for dancing, not for thinking.

  • Woody

    My wife was talking to one of the Crossman family last week (we have known them since the earl 80’s) and although this is a bit of a speedbump plans are afoot for a restructuring and relocation of the business concept.

    I am one who wonders why I am in the East Coast electorate, we are geographically far removed. We seem to be moved with alarming regularity, have been in the area for yonks and have been in Kaimai, Te Puke, Rotorua and now East Coast.

    • biscuit barrel

      Gerrymandering is the answer.
      You are in East Coast, but Napier runs up to outskirts of Gisborne- yes really
      King Country runs from Inglewood just out of New Plymouth to outskirts of Hamiliton
      Port Waikato runs from outskirts of Waiuku to the road that climbs the kaimais to Tauranga
      The Rangitiki goes from Shannon just out from levin to just past taumaranui.

      Its absurd, with compactness and similar areas nearby chopped into long areas that run all over

  • Big_Al

    Ahhh! Another Labour candidate with the same complaint as the rest of his team.
    “All the lights are on but no one at home”

  • digby

    This is what the public gets when it confuses popularity over capability. Tamati was a good host of children’s television. This does not make him a good public representative.

  • Urbanviper

    Don’t worry guys they knew this all along and outsmarted us all.

  • papagaya

    Tamati tosses off these mistruths with gay abandon.