All over for Ted Cruz as Trump cleans out Indiana

Ted Cruz’s campaign is over as the funders tell him “enough”. Kasich’s plan to hang in for a contested convention is also in tatters.

Donald Trump, the amateur politician, has handed the professionals their arse and boy are they upset. The same fools who loathe and underestimate the skills of John key are likewise dissing Donald Trump.

The pundits are silenced.

Donald Trump, mocked and minimized by the media for months, dismissed by the pundits as a fringe character, is now the de facto Republican nominee.

While I took him seriously from the beginning, I have to pause and remind myself that a non-politician, a billionaire real estate guy, just beat all these senators and governors and took control of the GOP.

In the end, Indiana was an anticlimax. The only surprise was that Ted Cruz, who vowed to fight on to the convention, abruptly dropped out.

Cruz didn’t mention Trump in his passionate withdrawal speech. Trump called him a hell of a competitor.  

Trump spoke in an unusually soft voice, as if the gravity of what he had just accomplished was suddenly weighing on him. He said we are going to love and cherish each other. The street fighting New Yorker disappeared, at least for an evening.

In retrospect, since Cruz was obviously weighing a withdrawal, it’s hard to understand why he went so thermonuclear in the final 48 hours.

Trump’s victory in a state that the prognosticators once said was fertile ground for Cruz was forecast by media polling, but the loss of drama was more profound than that. The Hoosier state, famous for what Cruz called its basketball rings, was no longer deemed a must-win for Trump.

In fact, news organizations had concluded that Trump had a clear path to the magic 1,237 even if he lost Indiana.

It would be easy to attribute Trump’s win to momentum, and the way he rolled through New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island clearly gave him a winner’s aura.

Trump will now cruise through with momentum and win the nomination handsomely.

He will also now have the space to start attacking Hillary Clinton and eroding her support. Rasmussen already has Trump in front of Clinton.

I still think Clinton has the upper hand against Trump, but everyone thought Trump’s campaign would be long gone by now.

This election is going to be awesome for its nastiness.

Thankfully a reader sent me a Trump t-shirt so I can at least look the part.



– FoxNews



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  • Justme

    This is going to be one enjoyable election. It is going to be a pig wrestling match in mud, and Trump just loves wrestling in mud.

    • SaggyNaggy

      Yes, watching just HOW the United States gets flushed down the toilet will be fascinating. It will be like a Shakespearian tragedy where you know how it ends, you just want to see how they get there….

  • sandalwood789

    Go the Donald!

    Hillary Clinton has so much “dirty laundry” that it’d keep a battalion of laundromats busy for *years*. It’s about to see the light of day.

    She is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. As I said last night, she makes Nixon look like a saint in comparison.

    • CD

      Yes, and the only reason she is still in politics is that no-one has really had a serious go at her. Too respectful and polite. Not the Don. He’s going to go feral. I cannot see Sanders voters – who are deluded but genuine in their delusion (a la Sue Bradford) – ever voting for a proven liar, cheat and scum bag who comes from the establishment anyway. Sanders obviously doesn’t like her at all because he will not concede.
      Nixon WAS a saint in comparison.He believed what he was doing was OK because everyone else was doing it. He just got caught. Hillary damn well knows she’s crooked. It’s a lifetime’s work.
      And finally, Trump cannot possibly be worse than either Obama or Carter so absolute worst case is he’ll only be the 3rd worst POTUS since Nixon.
      He’ll at least put Putin back in his box.

      • biscuit barrel

        And the Don doesnt have any problems ?
        Trump had an easy ride as Cruz didnt attack him till the last day !

        The democrats will be working on their anti Trump stuff full speed from now.

      • RealKiwi

        Since when is exposing fact Feral?
        I think concealment from MSM is feral.

  • gonzo

    On past voting Hillary will clean-up – with only a couple of states she needs to pick up to take it home (e.g good old Florida again).

    So the battle will be for the US version of NZ’s “missing “million”

    Except in the US it’s about a missing 100,000,000 – (2012 – US eligible voting population 235,000,000 – Turnout 130,00,000)!!

    Which team can get the biggest relative share of the missing 100,000,000 out to vote – Hillary or the Don.

    I suspect the former – but as all commenters are saying – who really knows?

    • biscuit barrel

      I expect the turnout to be 150 million, but the election day voting will be chaotic.
      Theres a lot more Trump haters then there are Trump lovers. Simple aritmetic
      he allready 10% behind, and they will widen that gap in key states.

    • RealKiwi

      Being bonafide non establishment Trump could flush out the (excuse the pun) ” missing millions” to his side

      • biscuit barrel

        Poor white trash dont number that many.

        • RealKiwi

          Have you lived and traveled through the US?
          I’m interested how you draw your conclusions

    • SaggyNaggy

      I’m bewildered by these sort of discussions. To crib a quote from Clinton herself, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

      Enjoy your New York Democratic Party President, America. Whichever of them gets voted in…

  • Boondecker

    Great t-shirt. I want one too.

    It’s interesting that Clinton starts so far ahead but that probably got a lot to do with two primary (excuse the pun) reasons; the fact people see her as a seasoned politician and the GOP Primary Race where Trump used a specific tactic to attack and defeat all opposition (it was nasty, personal and vicious). People have short memories of course, as Obama utilised the very much same tactics in his elections. I predict, due to a ‘new’ Trump perception, the polls will change.

    What the GOP Primary Race experienced was a thoroughly successful strategy for Trump because the right people kept on seriously badly underestimating him – the politico media were right there amongst those who fell into his misconception trap – and they are still very much dazed and confused by Trump. They are rightfully angry (with themselves), but they appear still not sure how to handle it going by what i’m reading.

    Now that he can turn his full attention to “crooked Hilary”, watch for Trump to utilise a completely new strategy that is already starting to throw her off balance. Then there is the FBI/DoJ investigations into her past. How that impacts on her campaign will in itself be fascinating (a game changer?) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama steps in the near future somehow ‘pardon’ her for any previous criminal action and stop the DoJ from being able to prosecute her.

  • cows4me

    And best of all it will drive the dribbling lefty wonders who infest our airways nuts. They’ve been looking down the noses at Trump like he’s something the cat spewed up on the carpet.

    • JohnO

      Some of them are talking about an armed insurrection if Trump gets elected president. They forget all the gun owners and the NRA are very closely tied to the Republican party and their ongoing support for unfettered gun ownership in the USA.

      • Boondecker

        I wonder who will lead them. Rosie o’Donnell or Whoopie Goldberg?

      • Mark

        Now you are just teasing me! I really really need to sort my passport renewal!

    • Bombastic

      Yes indeed, I’m hoping that the ones who have threatened to flee to Canada if Trump wins are good for their word. Although I’m not sure whether Canada deserves an American liberal leftist infestation though. Perhaps they’ll need a wall too.

      • Mark

        “They” have never kept their word in the past with that threat,can’t see that changing Left=Hypocrisy.

  • Seriously?

    I heard an “expert” on the radio this morning saying that everyone had written off the prospects of Trump winning the nomination. The punters never did. He has been their firm favorite to win that race the entire time I have been following the odds (since January this year).

    Equally though, and perhaps as a knee-jerk to being wrong thus far, they are now talking up Trump’s prospects of winning the presidency. But he still has a hill to climb according to the punters – he has never been their favorite in a race against Clinton.

    Today’s odds for the next president:
    Clinton 1.42
    Trump 3.65

    Even if the punters have judged it right (as it presently stands), Trump is not a massive underdog. It could turn into a tight race, and will certainly be fun to follow.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Looking at the odds, it could be worth sticking a lazy hundy on Trump.
      Whatever happens it will be fun to watch the election campaign.

    • JohnO

      Trump is a grand-master at manipulating and using the media to his own advantage. He is the great communicator. He is up against other savvy media people and excellent political advisers who will be employed by Clinton but none of them are as good as Trump himself.
      I love these 2 campaign statements of Trump.
      1 ” Islam hates us”
      2 “I am not a Christian but the war against Christianity stops the day after I become president”.
      No doubt Trump will have his own team of experienced and excellent political strategists. with Trump himself at the helm…. they should be awesome !

      • Seriously?

        What about those of “us” that are Muslim? Does Islam hate them as well?

        But he claimed to be a member of a Christian church? Does he just go for the singing?

        Personally, I don’t see how you can rely on what he says. But you might say the same about Clinton – except she is perhaps more subtle about it.

        • JohnO

          No Islam does not hate other Muslims. Only Kaffirs (non muslims)
          He says he is not a Christian …I don’t know about any church he belongs to but there are some non-Christians who go to church.
          Those who know him best in New York and the eastern states gave him massive support. They rely on what he says.

          • Seriously?

            In a recent interview:

            “I believe in God. I am Christian. I think The Bible is certainly, it is THE book..First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica Queens is where I went to church. I’m a Protestant, I’m a Presbyterian. And you know I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.”


          • biscuit barrel

            I thought he was raised a catholic ?

            “He’s extremely complicated, both religiously and politically. He’s been reported to have been a Catholic, a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, a Presbyterian and he married his third wife in an Episcopalian church.”

            Its not really a Christian in the american sense of the word, hes more of a Christian in name only

          • spanishbride

            Actually Islam does hate other Muslims and in fact labels many of them unbelievers. The Ahmadiyya Muslims I visited with Pete are not recognised as Muslims by the Sunni and Shia Muslims. Sadly despite this the Ahmadiyya still want to be recognised as Muslims even though they get slaughtered in Pakistan by other Muslims.

          • Seriously?

            I think you mean that some sects of Islam hate some other sects of Islam. Usually those doing the hating will tell you that those they hate are not real Muslims at all.

            I agree though, that from the outside some Muslims hate other Muslims, but no Muslim hates all Muslims – which Trump’s “us” requires (unless he is meaning “us” as other than all Americans which might be context dependent).

          • JohnO

            I agree with the Muslims on this one. the Ahmadiyya are too nice to be Muslims.

          • biscuit barrel

            Mormons arent seen by many as Christians either. Most people dont care.
            But theologically, Mormons with their ‘prophet’ takes them out of mainstream Christianity.

      • RealKiwi

        In the end I hope the truth will prevail and Hillary will be destroyed

      • SaggyNaggy

        Calling Trump a great communicator is like complimenting Ted Bundy on his seduction skills.

        Trump will do to the American Republic what Bundy did to all those women.

    • Boondecker

      Especially once the DoJ and FBI start moving in on her. They can’t let that slide indefinitely. She will have to testify in front of the investigators in person very soon anyway. To appear in front of even that level of criminal investigative committee during your own election for POTUS cannot be a good look to the voting public. Trump might be reaching for the popcorn when that happens… like the rest of us.

      • Seriously?

        Yep, if it happens that might at least even things up.

        But the punters have no doubt factored that into their thinking (the risk it will happen and the possible fall-out). That is what I like about following the odds. The “experts” tend to be more black and white, and have their opinions colored by their own conscious or unconscious bias. The punters tend to be more practical and less ideological.

      • Ross15

        What happens under the Democrat’s rules if she is their nominee and she is then hauled into Court ? Obviously she would have to stand down but how do they get a new candidate? Does sanders automatically step up to the plate ?

        • biscuit barrel

          No. Two certainties.
          It wouldnt be Sanders ( More likely a ring in like Biden)
          Clinton wont be indicted.

          They weren’t secrets on her server. They were what are called ‘public domain’ confidential.
          eg Minutes of secret meeting Israel and Palestinian Authority held in Qatar about 4 -5 years ago.
          Minutes came from al Jazzera doco on the meetings.

          US has crazy system of ‘Top secret’ l
          Like drone strikes on Pakistan – Top Secret
          Israel has nuclear weapons- Top Secret.
          Drone strikes are even higher than top secret, they are special access, yet its public knowledge

          • bristol

            It won’t only be the emails – it’ll be Benghazi, Whitewater, Travelgate, the Clinton Foundation, and numerous other scandals. No doubt the Clinton camp will right now be searching furiously for anti-Trump material, because they must know that Trump will be gunning for her big time from now on.

          • Seriously?

            Those issues are in a different category to me. The bones of them have already been picked over by Fox and I don’t know if any meat is left on them. Trump might bring a new level of vitriol, but the substance of the accusations is well know to voters already.

            Some form of legal action based on the emails stuff… well it might not come to much, but at least it might be new material – something he may try to cast as “the final straw” that breaks the back of her credibility.

        • Boondecker

          Your guess is as good as mine on that one. I do however suggest they won’t go near Sanders… a dyed-in-the-wool socialist against the likes of Trump in a US general election? It would be an ugly massacre.

          No, they would more likely pick some other insider that’s popular with the great unwashed but also easy for the party establishment to manipulate. This 2015 article gives a few ideas as to who…

    • biscuit barrel

      He only won in a crowded field, its one on one now. Cant win on 30% of vote that way

    • Metricman

      I would take that bet right now, the odds are never going to be better for DT.

  • Sailor Sam

    Overseas media is reporting that the other republican candidate John Kasich, will announce later today that he is also pulling out of the race.
    Assuming that the republican party does not white-ant Trump at its convention, the contest between Trump and Clinton will be fascinating to watch.
    The lefties world wide and their asociated media parties will be in a frenzy at the prospect of Trump becoming president, they will not be able to cope.
    I think a Trump presidency will be very interesting.

  • localnews

    The thing that surprises me about Trump is that he can be bothered. If he wins he will slash his income and quadruple his workload. It is a great achievement but I wonder if he will enjoy it.
    I am however looking forward to the next series of the apprentice where the winner becomes Vice President.
    Alternatively we could see the first president who gets his children to run the country for him.

    • BR

      Perhaps he will resign the day after his inauguration, proclaiming that he only did it to win a bet.


      • localnews

        Maybe he just had a resource consent he was trying to get through!

        • biscuit barrel

          Or his court case over his phony Trump University hes trying to evade.
          Everyone with a grievance will come out of woodwork

    • Ghost

      Slash his income and increase his workload?, this seems to have worked well for the leader of a small south pacific nation, well, so far at least.

  • bristol

    I’m sticking with my original prediction, Trump will win the Presidency. On the 28th January, here on Whaleoil, I wrote: “…my personal opinion is that should Trump win the nomination, he’ll wipe the floor with Hillary and expose her for what she is; a fraud, a liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. Whatever we may think of Trump’s style, one thing is for sure, he’s no political weasel – he tells it like it is. I think, with the right team around him, he’ll make a good President.”

    • Builder

      Here are my top two picks for VP.
      1. Newt Gingrich
      2. Chris Christie
      Gingrich is well connected, well known and has the political experience Trump needs. Chris Christie has been a friend of Trump for a long time, is trusted and loyal. He also has some proven experience.

      • He will go with a southern white man. Wont be Cruz, he’s more right wing than the Westboro Church.

    • CheesyEarWax

      I am sticking with mine, which was Trump winning the primary but lose the presidency.

    • BR

      Perhaps Trump could expose the Democrat party as the party that takes bribes, and then mention the money he donated to them as an example.


      • RealKiwi

        Trump said just that and as a businessman that’s what you do
        Helen Clark did similar things with China

    • Kevin

      I don’t think Trump expected to get this far. He started off as a protest candidate for those Americans tired of all the political correctness and perceptions of America as being weak. Then momentum took over and we’re where we are now.

      I don’t know if Trump will make a good or bad president but I see him as potentially the next Reagan. If I was ISIS I would be very worried.

    • Ghost

      This maybe from left field, but I am sort of hoping it will be Cruz as VP, cant begin to imagine the proverbial rocking of boats, with a combination of firebrand non politician and a constitutionalist at the helm, it would be an interesting four, maybe eight years.

    • Jman

      I think Trump is just what America and the world needs right now. Getting the wall built on the Mexican border is very much needed if America is going to stop its decline into becoming like another Latin American basket case. Putting a halt to Muslim immigration is also what we need to see from a major Western power to stop the Islamization of the West.

      I think he will probably go with Chris Christie for VP. Christie will help calm the nerves of those in the GOP who wanted a regular politician rather than a political outsider. Christie has also proved very effective at putting unions in their place which is a good thing. He also has shown himself to be rather chummy with Obama in the past so that may help bring a lot of more left-leaning voters over.

      A more left-field choice would be Ben Carson. That may help get more African American voters on his side who tend to vote almost exclusively Democrat.

      • biscuit barrel

        It will be a woman, as thats where hes weakest amoung voters, maybe even a black woman.

        • Mark

          Condi! Though my pick would be Ben.

      • M C Chinaman

        I struggle a bit with the last point. Bush Jr had two black Secretaries of State and I don’t think he got any great black support, and that is a higher profile role than VP. The role may be important in the event of a death but did the likes of Biden, Quayle, Cheney really have any great influence on voters’ choice?

    • M C Chinaman

      Best choice would be Bloomberg; proven winner, appeals to both sides, and would stop him running as an independent.

      • Mark

        Gun grabbing SOB,not going to happen. NRA would end up with even more of a War Chest!

        • M C Chinaman

          Trump has the ‘redneck’/NRA vote sown up anyway (will they vote for Clinton, nah?). Voters can be sure both Trump and the legislature will protect gun rights. Actually I’ll take that back; this ticket could win where Obama failed and bring in legislation to take guns from terrorists and criminals without being seen to breach the whatever amendment.

    • Richard McGrath

      I would love to see Bernie Sanders as Trump’s running mate in a “grand coalition” ticket – they would wipe the floor with Hillary as the Dem vote would be undermined. Or, as someone else has suggested, Condoleeza Rice.

  • twittertit

    Hmmmm may have to re-consider my move to the USA at the end of 2017 if the Don goes all the way……….

    • Oh Please

      Should make you hurry there sooner. He’ll be the best thing since Reagan.

  • Toby

    This email scandal is going to come back and bite hilliary.
    its Trumps trump card and if he plays his cards right he will hose her.

    I’m still on the fence about this, I’m not sure Trump would be good for the world.
    Even though to most americans, Hilliary is a bleeding liberal, to me, she is still more right wing then John Key so its not like she would be a disaster.

    • RealKiwi

      Hillary is hard left by any measure, when you look at what is true hard left – big government, centralisation of power, UN and EU worship, elitist, a communist at heart and to the left of Key for sure.

  • Rebecca

    Let’s not forget the FED’s may in fact lay charges against Hillary – we can only but hope they do
    The American people are coming together on both sides for change – Sanders will hopefully keep Hillary busy for some time yet
    Trump will select a great running mate that will help ensure the establishment gets behind him hard – the last thing they need is Hillary in for 4 – 8 years
    Go Trump

    • Observer

      There’s also a movie coming out based on the book ‘Clinton Cash’. It will premiere at Cannes.

      • Boondecker

        And, it is a Clinton-killer expose going by the trailer. It lays bare some of what her and Bill’s Clinton Foundation gets up to. It will be interesting to see if it affects anything in the general election though – the timing has shades of Hagar’s Dirty Politics book release.

  • colin herbertson

    a Clinton victory would be a disaster.
    Trump,politically inexperienced as he is, may be an unknown quantity but he’s almost unique in that he is self funded,he would enter the White house in nobodies pocket. another reason why the establishment don’t like him.
    Hillary,a corrupt, compulsive liar, just another member of the same political class who will continue treating the people like mushrooms. biggest donor is George Soros, enough said.

  • Builder

    I find it interesting that people call for Trump’s VP to be a woman or black to pick up votes. At the same time many of his critics call him racist and anti-woman. I hope he just pick the best person for the job, based on talent and experience not gender or skin colour.

    • biscuit barrel

      Well thats rules out Sarah Palin then , as she never had any experience or ability, but wow could she grab headlines

      • Ross

        Whilst Donald can be abrasive, he’s not what I would called stupid.

    • Seriously?

      Agreed, but in the world of politics as a game to win or lose the “best person” for the job of your running mate is the one that will give you the best chance of being elected. As such, gender, race, and religious beliefs are important considerations in the US. They ought not be, and would not be if it were here (not as much anyway), but it matters a lot over there.

      • JLS

        I think Donald Trump might be proving that the voters are enjoying seeing the PC rule book being thrown out of the window, and I think he’ll opt to chose the most demonstrably effective person for the job, as he would in his businesses. Effecting change for the better is why he has gone to the trouble in the first place.

    • M C Chinaman

      And Geraldine Ferraro must have been a big help to Mondale’s campaign- maybe even secured him Minnesota.

    • Mark

      Yep,America voted for a person to lead them,based on the color of their skin & now will do so again based on their sex.

      There was a time pre Obama when I thought the words of the Great, Martin Luther King Jnr might actually come true,sadly that hope is about to be dashed again.

    • RealKiwi

      They play the gender and race card off the bottom of the deck, it’s called desperation
      I mean Trump is sending shock waves through the crooked EU and UN cabal, people are wise to their crap and now these elites see their fiefdom coming to an end

  • Clinton will win in a landslide and rightly so. She is by far the better candidate, ya know Trumpy wont be able to help himself during the debates, he will bring up Monica, thinking he’s made a brilliant point. The US is about to have it’s first woman President, and wont that beep off Fox news, when they see her, hand in hand with the big sdog walking back into the White House.

    • biscuit barrel

      Bill sitting on the porch… for a while anyway. That would interesting

    • Metricman

      Great prediction, just wrong in my opinion.

      Hillary wont see Trump coming, Just as all the kings horses and all the kings men, all said Trumpy would never be a serious contender, they continue to read him wrong. And as long as they do they will lose.

      Please check back here in November just to remind yourself that i was right.

    • RealKiwi

      Better at what?

    • KatB

      I wouldn’t be fixated about having the first woman president, I’d just want the best president.

    • WeaselKiss

      No matter how I stack it up, I just cannot escape the notion the Hillary Clinton simply does NOT deserve to be the POTUS.
      There are too many skeletons in her closet and too many unanswered questions surrounding her.
      Heck, if even half of the ‘talk’ is true – and aside from any inevitable swirling conspiracies – it would surely preclude such a person holding such an office.

    • Ravan

      Hitlery. I don’t want any femiNAZI as the ‘leader’ in any country in the world. Of course Trump will be ‘trumped’ at the post–even astrologers say he will ‘fall ill’ at the end and pull out allowing Hitlery’s ‘sudden win’.

    • SaggyNaggy

      Do you prefer malaria or ebola? That is the question being asked of the American voter.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    You all must see different news feeds than we do. Cruz turned on Trump in a speech after he faded out. Even more bitter and twisted than we have become accustomed to from him with a blast of pure vitriol.
    The Republican Party are starting to sing a different song too as they are finally starting to see the numbers through their jaundiced outlook.
    Meanwhile the tide is turning for Clinton as more supporters are seeing more of her not so pleasant attributes consolidated with a ham fisted attempt to apologise for one of her many verbal blunders.
    It is a drawn out spectacle but will soon advance to being spectacular as the real election looms.

  • SaggyNaggy

    I like it when people wear Trump gear, because then I know who to punch in the mouth.

    • Oh Please

      Socialism in action. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Deborah Lancaster

      Tolerant lefty eh? Do it my state and you might eat a bullet.

  • Trump reminds me a lot of Don Brash and his Orewa speech. Brash simply said what the vast majority of NZ’ers believed. It gave a boost to Nationals fortunes (who until then were absolutely dead in the water) that has never been seen in my lifetime.

    It’s odd. Reading some of the comments below, it seems a very similar situation between now and back then as described by Michael Bassett. He observed the increasing annoyance shown by the politically correct minority from the backlash against their smug agendas.

  • Brian Dingwall

    And now Hillary is going to have to deal with the fall out from Guccifer (Romania’s Rawshark) holding, he claims 30GB of her stuff in the cloud. He may have a short shelf-life……