The Tinder candidate is independent no longer

Vic Crone

Vic Crone has long claimed she was an independent candidate, but no longer.

She never was anyway. Linked with Michelle Boag, Nikki Kaye and Paul Goldsmith she has now got the backing of Peter Goodfellow and Andrew Hunt.

Richard Harman at Politik wrote in his email yesterday:

National Party President Peter Goodfellow and Northern Region chair, Andrew Hunt, both yesterday endorsed Victoria Crone for the Auckland Mayoralty.

The endorsement came shortly after the party’s Northern Regional conference ended. Ms Crone did not attend but another centre-right candidate, Mark Thomas did. National is officially not involved in the local government campaign in Auckland though a new centre-right organisation called  Auckland Future involves some National Party personalities.  

Their pamphlets were available at the conference and Prime Minister John Key is to front a $200 a head fundraiser for them later this month.

Party officials have been anxious to try and promote a unified centre-right ticket for the elections later this year but attempts to try and get a voluntary agreement between Auckland Future and other centre-right candidates largely failed. Clearly the move yesterday is to try and force that agreement.

It is hard to understand these endorsements. Peter Goodfellow is the husband of Desley Simpson who is having a donnybrook with Auckland Future and Andrew Hunt is usually smarter than this.

The Tinder Candidate can’t claim she is independent, just like Phil Goff can no longer claim he is independent.

When you are taxied around Auckland in the President’s ex-ministerial BMW then it is pretty hard to claim independence.


– Politik


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  • Steve

    The only concern I have with what is beginning to develop is that you could end up with a centre right split vote between Crone and Palino, giving people like Goff on the left a free run to the mayoralty. At some point there needs to be a meeting of the right minds to put forward one centre right candidate and put some muscle behind that decision.

    • Mark

      I have voted for Palino before,if Nationals ham fisted plan results in Palino pulling out instead of Crone I will not vote. National are going to hand this to Goff.

    • Rebecca

      Steve it seems that decision has been made clear the National power brokers are getting behind Vic Crone and distancing themselves from the historical Palino mess

      • A media fabricated mess..and you have fallen for it.

      • Rebecca

        What am I missing
        She worked for a major monopolies = no difference to the council so one would expect her to do a good job in that culture
        She will get her policies out = first with a policy does not make them the best
        I agree – yes she sells phones and John can make a good cup of coffee
        He did get 100K in votes but so could Donald Duck running against pants down Brown
        All I know is it will be very interesting to watch – seems clear to me National want Vic or anyone but Palino – rightly or wrongly I cant see National wanting to dip their toe into the post match mess of the last election
        What we need is Donald Trump – now that is someone who will create change and energy

  • Rebecca

    With a bit of luck Palino and Thomas will step aside
    I agree whoever you support on the right we need just one candidate to get behind
    They all have pros and cons some more than others – regardless if you are right leaning and want a change then a clear message has been sent by National – cut the crap and support Vic Crone

    • Why should Palino step aside. He’s got a fuiler policy programme than Vic Crone and scored over 100k votes last time. All Vic Crone has ever done is sell phones and software.

    • Phooey

      Seriously why Palino? I had high hopes for her but now I think Crone should step aside, her campaign is poor and she has no policy. Very little presence as well.

  • Keeping Stock

    Since when has Phil Goff EVER been able to claim he is “independent”. He has been a Labour MP for 32 of the last 35 years. He is tribal Labour, and anyone who believes his “I will be an independent Mayor” weasel words is very naive indeed.

    • biscuit barrel

      You dont understand what ‘independent’ means. John banks was twice an ‘Independent’ mayor of Auckland, despite being a previous national cabinet minister, same goes for Christine Fletcher, was a national minister and an ‘independent’ mayor.
      What it really means is that they have to raise their own money and write their own policies.
      You surely cant be saying John Banks, who was a very capable mayor, was using weasel words to win elections as national, independent and then ACT?

  • sheppy

    So the choices so far are between:
    the National “on the quiet” endorsed centre right candidate, who worked with Labour on the future of work, and who has no policies apart from trying to make the stalinist beast a bit more efficient,
    someone nobbled by the above with a detailed, sensible, policy document.setting out what he wants to achieve
    Len V2.0 with his pants done up

    Auckland really is stuffed!

    • Sailor Sam

      This is how I see things –
      I do not think that Vic Crone and National are centre right, they are centre left in the mould of the Helen Clark government, of whch Phil Goff was a high profile member.
      Just like when Rob Muldoon was in charge, National was also very much centre left.
      This forced Labour to move away from that position, but instead of moving further left like Labour today, it jumped over the centre to a very right position, which ultimately led to the formation of ACT and this allowed Helen Clark and Phi Goff, both members of that 1984 government, to move back to the centre left when National itself moved to the right in the 1990s.
      John Palino could do worse than run under the ACT banner, it would raise his profile and that of ACT at the same time.
      Phil Goff is “independent” because he does not fit in the hard left Labour party, he is much more centrist.
      Vic Crone and Phil Goff occupy the same political space and will in fact take votes away from each other, possibly allowing John Palino to win the mayoralty.