The anti-semitic virus that’s rampant in the left of politics

We’ve seen Andrew Little getting death threats for visiting a Jewish community centre in Auckland.  But the left and Jew hatred go hand in hand.  This, from the UK:

Tories can feel proud that this anti-Semitism has all but vanished from the Conservative Party.

Unfortunately, it has not vanished from British politics. Indeed, it has emerged as a noxious problem inside Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. How has Labour acquired this anti-Semitic virus, just as it was eliminated by the Conservatives?

A large part of the answer lies in the politics of the Middle East. Many Labour MPs and activists support the Palestinian cause, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t criticise the policies of the Israeli State. Indeed, it is essential they should be allowed to do so, just as they should be allowed to criticise the policies of any other state.

However, too many Labour politicians have allowed their antagonisms to Israel to spill over into very unpleasant attacks on Jews themselves. We saw this last week, with the emergence of remarks from Naz Shah (made before she became MP for Bradford West, and for which she has now apologised to Parliament) calling for ‘the transportation of Jews from Israel to the United States of America’.

This is a political party that will get stuck into UK Jews for being Jewish, but are quite comfortable with UK Muslims in a general sense.  

Ken Livingstone then weighed in with his own unacceptable comments, linking Zionism, the political movement which gave rise to the modern Israeli state, to Adolf Hitler.

This is false and unforgivable, and unfortunately there are a number of other examples.

There is a famous political saying: ‘Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.’ Shah, Livingstone and others have forgotten — or made a travesty of — centuries of history. Anti-Semitism is foul. Again and again, it has been used to validate repulsive policies, as we know from the terrifying chain of events that led up to the Holocaust during World War II.

Yet it is essential to understand that the Holocaust, though uniquely terrible, was part of a pattern. Many British Jews came to Britain to escape pogroms — violent episodes of organised mob violence against Jews — in Russia and Eastern Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. The Jews who came here as a result of these and other persecutions have added immeasurably to the brilliance and creativity and dynamism of modern Britain.

The Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is not an anti-Semite. I have no trouble believing him when he says he is opposed to racism of every kind.

However, the same cannot be said of those who surround him. They include a number of self-righteous, sectarian, hard-Left thinkers, who have never examined their beliefs in the context of the real world.

Isn’t it remarkable how the British and New Zealand Labour parties continue to mirror each other’s troubles and mistakes?


– Peter Osborne, Daily Mail


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  • rua kenana

    The parties of the left can’t lift their noses out of their obsession with “Islamophobia” long enough to have a good look around the rest of the world.
    They’re also so very hung up on trying to shut down others who disagree with their views. Couple of examples in the world news very recently, where leftist protestors in USA tried to stop Donald Trump speaking, and likewise in Germany to stop the AFD (right-wing party) from having their say.
    These increasing attempts to suppress freedom of speech are so disappointing, especially coming from those who insist on saying whatever they want.
    Both Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone are somewhat amusing has-beens (or perhaps never-weres) and hard to see why anyone would bother taking either of them seriously.

    • James Hawthorne

      freedom of speech? are we allowed to discuss the holocaust yet? or is that one still off limits?

      • Doug

        What is stopping us discussing the proven facts of the Holocaust? The only issues in discussing it is that it doesn’t make good jokes (at least in the wrong company), and people take issue when new facts are made up

        • James Hawthorne

          haha- enjoyed that. is Cameron off at Burger King or something? I don’t know much about the holocaust really- because I wasn’t there. All I have to go on is hearsay, most often repeated every week at least via Rothschild owned media. I do know around 23 million Russians died in the same war- yet somehow that is far less important. I also struggle with that word “Holocaust”. I could be accused of being a little dyslexic, but I somehow see two words- Holy-Cause. With a cross at the end of it.

          • Doug

            Holocaust is from the Greek holos kaustos, with a literal meaning of whole burnt, referring to the fact I suppose that many bodies were burnt after they either died or were killed.
            You do not just hearsay to go on, there are eyewitness accounts that tell of the state that people were in when the Allies reached the camps. We have evidence of people that were of Jewish origin that were one day picked up by the Nazis, and from there we have no evidence of their continued existence.
            Of the 23 million Russians that died, how many were rounded into camps because they were Russian? And how many died because they were involved in the fight to defend their homeland?
            And finally, isn’t the Rothschild dynasty supposed to be the secret owners of the world’s banks? When did they buy the media?

          • James Hawthorne

            Interesting that you go back to “the Greek” for the meaning of ‘holocaust’. We can in fact go way further back than that to find true meanings. Whole, hole, horos, helios, holy. The Sun of God. Thus holo means holy means whole – all the same thing. The One God- complete/ holy. The Cause, as it is also known. Holy-cause. If you wanted to debate this intellectually, you would need to lift your game.
            There were around 300 video taped interviews of ‘holocaust survivors’ – only around 5 of them were ever used. Most of those witnesses went on to run brothels and died young from heroin overdoses. The other 295 odd interviews are now available on Youtube- but you have to search for them of course.
            Who was involved in a fight for their homeland? Faithful Jews claim they do not have a homeland. You may need to check that.
            And your last statement, you see banking and media as two different industries. That is probably what they taught you at school right?
            The worlds leading researcher on the holy-cause, or holy-caustianity as it is sometimes known – has been banned from NZ for the past 40 years, as are his books. So I guess we could be forgiven for still being a little unsure as to all of the facts.

          • Doug

            Your comprehension skills have reminded me of an old saying… Cheers

          • James Hawthorne

            Doug- to think the word “Whole” has nothing to do with the word “hole” or “holy” or “helios” or “horus” is a level of ignorance I can not seriously debate with. Cheers.

          • James Hawthorne

            you are clearly a Linguistics Denier.

          • James Hawthorne

            everyone in wwii was fighting for their homeland. not just the jews. again you display this mentality that the jews are somehow more important than anyone else. chosen by god, as you claim? the master race? same thing really isnt it.

  • Hard1

    Jewish people are successful. The Left hates success, because they cannot be successful on their own. Hence troughing jobs are full of lefty’s. The left enjoy the fruits of success without making a contribution. They will attack your efforts to make money, while wanting more of your money to build their pedestals. They are true freeloaders.
    They are inveterate rule and regulation makers, where interference is the default position.

    • James Hawthorne

      tell me- whats the trick to being “successful” in a Nation with record inequality, record debt, record meth addiction, and record child poverty and homelessness? is it some kind of special skill the jews have?

      • Hard1

        EDIT:Post removed. This guy’s trolling.

      • Aucky

        Sure…..and Syria’s doing really well right now too.

      • Isherman

        Debt, drug addiction, poverty, homlessness etc all exist in virtually any country you could name, so the difficulty with the comment is that it is without contextualisation, so record against what? No corroboration has been provided either so its difficult to respond in any meaningful way to an essentially empty statement that would appear to have very little connection to the topic of the thread.

        • James Hawthorne

          you could sum up all of the nouns and adjectives you use with “Money Lending” and “Usury” I think. When there is interest on money lent, there will always be a shortfall in the economy.

  • Eddie

    NZ Labour are a little behind UK in this sense. Sure Goff shook Arafat’s hand and Shearer is mates with the PA and a few of them support the racist BDS but they have the sense not to say Hitler was a Zionist or to suggest removing Jews from Israel is a solution. Little visited with Jewish leaders and his Facebook post was positive so there is some hope it won’t get much worse. However, the Media Party is where the problem lies. Smalley, McRoberts, Forbes, Jackson, Campbell, Penfold, Chapman, just to name a few, seem as anti-Semitic as Livingstone and Shah and Roger Fowler. There is a rot in NZ and it’s mainly in the Media.

  • [MOD] just to let people know we’re here watching. Take care.

  • Doug

    I suspect that the anti Semitism shown by many is an extension of the anti American sentiment that is around. Many see Israel as almost a satellite nation to USA, so to hate one you hate the other.
    There are other reasons of course, many have experienced media manipulation that has told us how evil the Israelis are, and some have never questioned that story

  • Mick Ie

    ‘Both UK and NZ Labour Parties are mirroring eachothers mistakes’?
    Didn’t I read on here sometime ago they are, or were using the same advisors? It appears to be very successful plan. For their opposition.

  • Edward M Blake

    I think there are 3 different groups that we are dealing with here when talking rampant anti semitism.

    1: The sell out’s.
    Politicians or individual’s who seek personal advantage by promoting Islam and agendas of Islam. Knowingly or unknowingly they are doing the bidding of islamification. Taking a pro Palestine anti Israel stance is just a publicly acceptable way of indicating what side you are on.

    2: The idiots.
    A bunch mindless wonders who will go along with any stupid idea to prove they belong. While not quite empty enough to be talked in to taking arms for Isis they will spout all sorts of wrong headed ideas to prove that they are one with the mob and sometimes lead the mob. Basically lonley souls seeking love from all the wrong places.

    3: The Islamists.
    And sometime the Catholics but not to such an extent.
    Now I must be careful here and say that not all Muslims are Islamists but all Islamists demand that all Muslims must be Islamists. Non Islamist Muslims hold lower regard than infidels. The term used to define them is apostates.
    Have a read of these comforting words from the leader of Turkey.
    These people do not get assimilated, they assimilate.

    As for the left wing movement. Out of sheer desperation for relevance they have let them selves become puppets to Islam. And being anti Semitic is just a way to show you have the correct values.
    Though mass migration they see more votes. They happily do deals for donations. The activists happily let them selves be bussed around to protest anything. Sadly through all this they think they are winning. They think that Twitter Facebook and main stream media holds some sort power over the average voter.

    • James Hawthorne

      In regards “The Islamists” – if you do a little more research, you would discover that Saudi Arabia and Mecca were built with the help of the British Crown. Mecca being a large black cube, the ancient symbol of the planet Saturn, and the same as the black cube worn on the heads of some Jewish leaders. Black being the colour of Saturn, and 3 dimensions and 6 sides being 666 – also found in the Bible. Isis-lamb and the lamb of God- both the same thing. Allah is God, God is Good, All is Goog, God is Light etc. all the same story, just divided into regions and cultures to help divide and rule. By the so called Crown, from the Roman God Cronus = Saturn. = Satan=the 666. Anyone using those various names and titles to form a debate is sadly misinformed, or deliberately spreading division and lies- something the rulers of this earth are very fond of and apt at.

      • kereru

        Please cite your sources for your claims.

        • James Hawthorne

          sure thing. just google “jews black cube” for hundreds of images of jewish priests(?) wearing black cubes on their heads. then google “black cube saturn” for references that the black cube is an ancient (and current) symbol for the planet saturn. then google a picture of Mecca- a black cube. then google “british saudi arabia history” for wiki entry on how the british crown set up the saudi crown, and mecca. or – you could just watch this 18 min piece from youtube, which combines all of these facts. cheers ;) ps: your cell phone, laptop and tv are all black cubes also. google “space odyssey 2001 apes black cube” for holywoods prophecy on this. black cube, 3 dimensions, 6 sides = 666. without that mark (the black cube) in your right hand, you cannot buy or sell;, or use google maps ;) as written over 1600 years ago- history repeats :)

  • William of Norwich

    Actually it is not false, Livingstone is correct “some” (emphasis on the word) Zionists did reach out to Germany, there is documentation that proves Yitzhak Shamir who later became Israeli PM offered to fight with Germany against England. Zionists of the time fought the British who were in control of then Israel, this is Historical fact.

    In 1934 SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and German Jewish Zionist Federation official, Kurt Tuchler, toured Palestine together for six months in order to assess the progress of the Jewish colonization efforts. Von Mildenstein wrote a series of twelve illustrated articles for Der Angriff, which appeared in late 1934 under the heading “A Nazi Travels to Palestine.”

    There is much Jewish documentation on the wars against the British – the hanging and booby trapping of 2 British officers by Jewish terrorists lehi, the King David hotel bombing by 6th Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

    To constantly cry “anti-Semitism” on Jewish history which is actually documented by Jews themselves.. without being Jewish is a tragedy and causes more anti-Semitism. The Daily Mail should be ashamed at the horrendous reporting with no investigation.

    • Isherman

      You are correct regarding Mildenstein & Tuchler, however the statement of Livingstone that A.H was a ‘Zionist’ is not correct. A.H at no point, was a Zionist in the sense that he actively supported the creation of a Jewish State for the same reasons as those advanced by Theodor Herzl,at best he was not opposed to Labour Zionism, which had no intention to push for a politically independent sovereign state. The early Labour Zionists were quite happily resigned to living under the former Ottoman rule, though things changed in 1920 with the British mandate. He simply wanted rid of the Jews from Germany, and by extension Europe, and at that particular point in time, he was indeed happy enough to entertain the idea that they all leave or get sent to British Palestine. As for Shamir’s ideas, they were largely rubbished by the other leading figures of the time, which is why it never happened, and certainly not taken seriously as a course of action.

      • William of Norwich

        Yes Hitler was not a ‘Zionist” but calling someone a “Zionist” does not make a strong case for anti-Semitism…in fact it’s pretty weak.