The Krauts are revolting

The Krauts are revolting against Angela Merkel’s continued support for the wog invasion.

A pig’s head bearing a written insult against German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been found outside her constituency office.

Police declined to provide further details about the insult when contacted by Reuters, saying an investigation had been launched in the northeastern town of Stralsund on Saturday.

Ms Merkel’s popularity has waned due to her liberal migrant policy.  

More than a million migrants arrived in Germany last year, many of them fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, and concerns about how Europe’s largest economy will be able to integrate them are now rife.

An INSA poll published on Wednesday showed that almost half of Germans did not want her to stay in office for a fourth term after an election next year.

This is what happens when you open your borders to mass illegal immigration that supplants local populations with foreigners who don’t respect your way of life.

Merkel will be in trouble come elections next year.

After propping the waste from communism over half of the country it has taken decades for Germans to forget that terrible past, but now they are spending 20b Euros a year to keep paying these freeloaders money and give them housing when German citizens are missing out.

When the backlash occurs it will be brutal. Germans aren’t known for their subtlety. Captain Edmund Blackadder put it most accurately:

The Teutonic reputation for brutality is well-founded. Their operas last three or four days. And they have no word for “fluffy”.

Protests will be just the beginning. The Krauts are over it.

 – Newhub


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  • Usaywot

    What’s taken them so long? I mean, seriously? They’ve shown a high level of stoicism up to this point. Last night TV 1 showed the rescue of a boat load of people from African countries, all economic migrants. The report said that now that summer is coming this will become a flood. For heaven’s sake. What is wrong with these European countries? Surely they can turn them all back. Imagine if the whole of Africa flooded Europe…it’s possible.

    • kereru

      If Australia can do it, why can’t European nations? Presumably they’ve all signed the same UN protocols.

      • sandalwood789

        I’m convinced that the UN (and EU) are controlling things there.
        “Everyone has his price” and it wouldn’t surprise me if a few leaders have had a few million dollars slipped into their bank accounts to “look the other way”.

        That seems to be the only explanation. Stupidity of leaders doesn’t explain it for me – I don’t think **anyone** could be that stupid.
        Could they…?

        • MaryLou

          No, I agree. At the risk of sounding like a tinfoil wearer, I don’t think they can be that stupid. Merkel in particular. In Britain it has happened a bit more incrementally. But Merkel… in videos of her I can’t help thinking she almost looks fatalistic.

      • taurangaruru

        Just wait, if Shorten & co get elected mass migration will be on the cards again. He, his party & a compliant media are portraying themselves as being tough on illegal migrants but there are obvious fissures within the Labor party. We are in a hiatus rather than having the problem solved. BTW Turnbull is also soft in the head when it comes to this issue.

    • JLS

      Woolly liberalism has dulled their survival instinct and so the infestation has had no resistance from the helpful idiots. 200 years ago they would have been repelled absolutely at the borders. But for us thankfully being so naturally isolated we’d be in the same boat.

      • Davydz

        dont be so smug as there are always leftist idiots in this country saying we should be doing more, allow more refugees in but no you cant say which ones best suit your country as that would be racist.

  • Greg

    The German government will allocate nearly €94 billion for incoming refugees over the next five years. To put this into perspective, Germany’s 2015 military budget was €36.6 billion.

  • Odd Ball

    It’s only a matter of time before the more tolerant culture gets pushed too far by the more intolerant culture, at which point, things will get nasty real quick.
    It will take a few years to get to that break point, but it’s a matter of ‘when’, rather than ‘if’ it happens.

  • rexabus

    I suspect they’ll go the way of Belgium and Sweden etc. Just quietly roll over until it’s too late. I hope I’m wrong

    • sandalwood789

      I think you’re right on the button. Europe (and the UK) will submit to Islam without even a whimper.
      The sheer number of Muslims there now means that demographics will ensure that Islam wins.

  • sandalwood789

    45 arson attacks on “refugee” centres in five months –

    Meanwhile, in Sweden –

    Quote – “An Eritrean migrant in Sweden, posing as a “child refugee”, has been found guilty of molesting a 10-year-old girl after her family agreed to house him.

    He was given just ten hours’ therapy and a fine, and will be allowed to stay in the country.

    It was also reported today that another migrant in Sweden, a 42-year-old Syrian, had abused his position as a child minder and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old in his care.

    The mother of the first victim, from Skåne Höör in southern Sweden, had “opened her heart” to two “child refugees” last summer, and brought them into her home alongside her two adult children and the 10-year-old.

    One of the migrants, known as Isaac according to Avpixlat, did not reciprocate the kindness.”

    Sigh……. fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
    Forrest Gump had it right – “stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The silly part is the Media party want the rest of the world should accept responsibility for these so called refugees by hitting all the emotive buttons. Luckily they can never find the “care” button so it largely falls on deaf ears.
    The figures being touted for the anticipated medium term costs for Germany are simply mind boggling. Wonder where it is all coming from?

  • ross

    I can only hope that the German citizens have an uprising against the refugees before it’s too late.