This is the guy inquiring into anti-Semitism in the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has initiated an inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

He has his own anti-Semitism problems.  

In the last week the UK’s Labour Party has been slammed for antisemitism from multiple prominent members of the party. In response, party leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched an investigation into the antisemitism within the Labour Party. Yet see here how Corbyn responded to explicit antisemitism (calling the only Jewish country a “disease in the Middle East,” claiming the BBC are “Zionist liars”) while filling in for notorious anti-Israel bigot George Galloway on Iranian Press TV, prior to becoming party leader. In addition to “thanking” antisemites for their “good points,” Corbyn has also backed organizations that support terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas. THIS is who is investigating antisemitism?

Labour in the UK have problems, and I would bet you a dollar to a knob of goat poo that the problems exists here in New Zealand too.


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  • not surprised…very many who claim to be free Palestine protagonists are so often antisemitic. Its apparently ‘ok’ to accuse Israel of genocide when Arabs and Jews are genetically very closely related and only divided be their Abrahamic religions. But not ok to to attack Hamas because they were democratically elected.

    • kereru

      Except that Islam can only trace its origins back to Abraham through the many pagan tribes descended from his illegitimate son Ishmael, born through Hagar the Egyptian, his wife’s handmaiden. It’s a very long stretch indeed to claim that the lineage goes back to Abraham directly – as does the Jewish line through Isaac. Their entire genealogy is listed in the Bible. Where is the genealogy of Mohammed listed?

      • bristol

        All we have are hand-me-down stories. With zero factual evidence to back up the existence of ‘Abraham’, the whole religious edifice is without foundations, and unfortunately, the source of so much bloodshed.

        • kereru

          Accounts from 5000 years ago in great detail have more credibility than a Mohammed-come-lately with no background history whatsoever. A man who made no imprint, except that of fear and murder, and a ‘prophet’ who did not prophesy. Other sources of ‘so much bloodshed’ has been through non-theistic characters such as Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Ceausescu, Stalin and Hitler.

    • Kevin

      Another smear they like to use is to call Israel an apartheid state – a smear that can be easily refuted by pointing out that Israeli Arabs have a higher standard of living than those in the Palestinian controlled areas and that there are Arabs in the Israeli government.

  • I remember reading one toxic young lady’s comments (I can’t remember her name) where she said that her [rather extreme] comments about Jews could not be considered anti-semitic because being Arab, she is of semitic descent. So therefore she should be allowed to call for the death of jews with impunity.

    This is the level of logic (or rather lack thereof) that is displayed by these people.

    • Oh Please

      Yeah, saw a black orator at London’s Speakers Corner many moons ago who said because he was black by definition he couldn’t be racist. These clowns live in a different world.

  • Isherman

    It has about as much credibility as an ISIS investigation into the persecution of gays.
    And speaking of Labour enquiries into these sorts of problems, recently there was also one conducted into anti-Semitism among University Labour groups…wonder why Corbyn refused to make the findings of that enquiry public?
    Oh well, never mind, rumours exist that Corbyn is on borrowed time, especially if Labour lose as many local seats in the upcoming local body elections as some are projecting.

  • Kiwi Jew

    Thank you for bringing topics like this to our attention. The increasing levels of anti-semitism from the left-wing is of great concern to jews like myself.

    • Aucky

      I would hope that it’s of concern to an overwhelming number of Kiwis KJ.

  • Kevin

    “Yet see here how Corbyn responded to explicit antisemitism (calling the only Jewish country a “disease in the Middle East,” claiming the BBC are “Zionist liars”)”

    Zionist, as we know, is code for “Jew”, similar to “international banker”.

    Fact is you can’t be knowingly against Zionism and not be anti-semitic because to deny a group their homeland, especially a group that has been for centuries the target of bigotry and hatred, is to be against the group.

    And the reason Israel exists is so that if another holocaust should start to happen, jews, wherever they be in the world, will have a haven to go to.

  • Eddie

    Of course it exists in NZ. Goff was mates with Arafat and Shearer has said that Palestine can’t function with any Jews in it. The comments that Andrew Little got on his Facebook page are just the tip of an iceberg that his party is frozen to. The Greens are worse but antisemitism is expected from hardcore national socialists. It would be easier if the Media Party were to help but they dont seem to want to even acknowledge there is a problem in the UK.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Many in NZ do not understand what anti-semitism is> The MSM do, but are blinded by their adherence to so called progressive values, which are in fact not progressive, but oppressive and nasty.