This week: John Key v The World

John Key

Last week, Key was forced to defend an approach by his personal lawyer Ken Whitney, who was revealed to have lobbied the Government over changes to tax laws.

The week earlier, he had to bat away questions over a Niue resort contract won by National Party donors, but a misfire on the issue also left Little exposed.

He was forced to defend the sting, while trying to deflect threatened legal action for drawing links where there were none.

In a speech to National Party rank file at the party’s central North Island regional conference at the weekend, Key talked up the Government’s “strong relationship” with its support parties.

“By contrast there are the Opposition political parties.

“Let me say just one thing about Labour then I am going to quickly move on to talk about the positive work our government is doing.

“In Labour we have an Opposition that is increasingly turning to the desperate politics of smear and innuendo rather than doing the hard yards of developing an alternative vision for New Zealand.

“But New Zealanders can see through that.”

And let’s not forget the role of the Media party in this as well, which at times reached hysterical overtones as certain “journalists” got ahead of themselves by believing that, after all these years, they finally had the “Key Killer” story in front of them.

Little said Key’s comments were typical of a Prime Minister trying to “deflect attention away” from his own controversies.

“It looks like a deflection from a Prime Minister who has got himself so heavily compromised and conflicted with his personal interests

“But we do have a programme that’s focused on the genuine economic development of New Zealand that is about lifting the interests of all New Zealanders, not just a few,” Little said.

Parliament sits again this week, and it will be interesting to see if the opposition and the media are going to continue their Panama smears. Amusingly, they were all set to keep that alive throughout the weekend but were rather perversely sidetracked by a newsreader’s resignation sucking all the oxygen from the mythical “front page”.

Tuesday will show if Labour think trying to do an extended Panama Papers smear on Key, like they ran the Oravida one on Collins, will still be worth their time. I suspect, in the absence of alternatives and a fair amount of desperation, and while the Media party are behind it, they’ll give it a go to see what sticks.

Thre’s nothing illegal mind you, but it “stinks” and has “perception issues”.

At the same time the Government will be trying to deflect attention with a number of dry budget-related announcements.


– Stacey Kirk, Stuff


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  • Second time around

    “Perception” works both ways. Maybe Key having a family lawyer has created a perception problem for some people, McCully being involved in the Pacific Islands is difficult for Labour to get its head around, another perception problem as they have not had a capable Pacific Island spokesman since Taito Phillip Field resigned. But the Greens create their own perception problems, that they are a group of nimbys, more concerned about their lifestyle choices than for the planet. Labour and Little project differently from the way they see themselves. They should deal with realities, not try to see shadow figures in the moonlight.

  • dumbshit

    “But we do have a programme that’s focused on the genuine economic development of New Zealand that is about lifting the interests of all New Zealanders, not just a few,” Little said.
    Is that the 200 bucks a week each, they are going to tax off the rich dudes? Oh, maybe it’s secret, now that would be a first for Labour.

    • R&BAvenger

      “…genuine economic development…” that’s Labour-speak for tax and spend.

  • shykiwibloke

    Having less than 10 percent in a leadership poll also “stinks” and the public have “perception issues” – it looks like a deflection from a leader of the opposition who has got himself so heavily compromised…… Well Andy + MSM – the words you use would appear in reality to fit your own situation far more accurately.

  • Cadwallader

    I see JK as New Zealand’s first PM who could legitimately claim to be a world statesman. I see Little Angry as the first Leader of the Opposition to be….? He behaves like an enraged gossip columnist who survives only through his habit of slagging off rather than contributing. He scours the nether regions of NZ society seeking out sad, pathetic nothings to spit at the government while being paid by we, the taxpayers.

  • Jude

    I did think seeing John Key last night, how much he has aged.
    He is doing a remarkable job as our Prime Minister, but it is a thankless role.
    I just hope he stays with us for another term.

    • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

      It is not a thankless job. I am very grateful that we have such an astute leader who is the envy of the political world.

      • Jude

        I agree , but it must seem thankless at times to John Key, the way the MSM report and attack him!

        • Michelle

          and his family at least Steffi is off shore so doesn’t have to put up with the Media Party but l feel for Max as there is always one sleazy reporter trying to have a go at him
          l think well after JK has gone they will still have a snipe at Max, the jealous fools

    • R&BAvenger

      We are very fortunate to have this man as our PM. He has furthered our nation’s cause internationally and in the trade environment significantly during his tenure. The talent pool across the other side of the house is totally bereft of any talent of equal measure, including the supposed support partner NZ First.
      If National MPs knife’ Key next year in order to get a deal from the corrupt NZF leader, then they will be ‘knifed’ by me in return at the ballot box and the donation box as well. I haven’t donated to them since the last election and will be weighing things up very carefully in 2017. A vote for ACT and my local National MP is definitely on the table.

  • sheppy

    As usual Key is busy trying to further NZ’s trade opportunities, in this case with the EU and India, whereas Labour / the rest of those not in power are only worried about trying to throw mud.
    Watching JK on Paul Henry, it was very obvious which side the departing auto queue reader is on – Saint Hillary will fit in well on the bleeding hearts breakfast show.

  • sonovaMin

    What’s all this ‘personal lawyer’ nonsense. It implies deliberately that his lawyer works for John Key on a full time basis like a personal secretary or body guard. Smear tactics.

    • Sailor Sam

      We have a lawyer, he has worked on our family trust and other things for us.
      Who else he works for, we have not got the faintest idea, nor does that concern us.
      So what if the PM has a lawyer who also works for other people, is that a crime?
      Not in my book.

  • R&BAvenger

    Little, Labour and co, plus the Media Party have nothing left but to smear the PM. It worked so well for them back during the 2014 general Election, right? The NZ public at large and those who vote saw through it then, they will see through it now.
    The bottom line is, as far as an alternative government goes, the opposition have nothing.
    This government’s policies, while not pleasing to all if purely ‘left’ or ‘right’ on the politics spectrum, they are benefiting the country as a whole. Special interest groups can take a hike.

  • Wheninrome

    The difference between John Key and Andrew Little –
    one has worked on the world stage dealing with top level business people, who, whether you like it or not, have influence on what happens financially,
    the other hasn’t.
    Some people of a particular persuasion may not like this fact, but deep down if they really were honest with themselves they would have to agree that N Z is a better place because of it.
    It would take a long time for A Little to come up to speed, indeed most of the other political parties would struggle, maybe date I say it, with the exception of Winston.

    • Keeping Stock

      Winston struggles with Government too. He is the consummate Opposition politician, where he can say what he likes but he can’t actually do anything he can be held accountable for.

      However he has the perfect record when in government; three times a Minister, and three times he has failed to complete even a single three-year term. People need to remember that before even considering voting for him to change the government, because he has proven that he cannot go the distance.

      • Wheninrome

        Yes, but he was able to mix on the foreign stage when he was with Labour. He seemed to get along okay with the likes of Condoleezza Rice!!

        • Keeping Stock

          Helen Clark made Peters Foreign Minister because that meant he would be away from Parliament most of the time. It was a shrewd decision by her, but even then he still got into strife and had to be stood down before completing his term, and the experiment ended with Parliament censuring him for knowingly filing a false pecuniary interest return.

          Dodgy is as dodgy does..

  • RogerB

    The Media party have simply “lost the plot over John Key” . I have followed New Zealand politics for many years and I don’t ever recall another Prime Minister having been subjected to what John Key has had to put up with . In this mornings Christchurch Press , Jane Bowron has written another appalling diatribe railing on about John Key being the cause of every ill under the sun – the venom literally drips off the page . The Press has no balance what so ever and every “commentator” is a left of centre John Key hater . The problem with the Media party is that they hate success and John Key personifies success , particularly as he grew up in a state house and through is own abilities succeeded – the ultimate sin in the eyes of the Media party . The Labour party and the Green /Marxist party are stuck in a time warp where they want to go back to 1920’s Soviet Russia and to hell what the general population wants and in order to get there the only strategy they have is to continually smear John Key through their willing little enablers in the Media party .

  • johnnyB

    One of John Keys strength is more often than not he knows the pulse of the Nation.The lefts great failing is they have a distorted view of how the majority of people in the present environment consider the country to be tracking. In real life the majority of us steer clear of negative thinkers and serial complainers as they drain us. Andrew Little continually tells us how bad things are in NZ and falls into this category – I once heard some one described as so miserable ‘he would complain about the food at a funeral’ mr Little is heading in this direction. I just hope in the end John Key keeps his head above this and continues to focus on the positive and ultimately what is important for us as a country.

  • Michelle

    John Key always focuses on the positives and hardly ever goes down the negative path which is one of his strengths and the public like someone who is positive
    Unlike the opposition and Media party who are so negative it is depressing hearing or reading anything from them, they suck the light out of the sun with their negativity